How to find new customers and increase sales is a puzzle to most online marketers and local business owners alike. They say owning a business is a step in the right direction and taking it online is even better.. but you come across many challenges!

Perhaps the big question is;

Are you getting enough potential customer visits to your business or website?…

We offer the following digital marketing services to local businesses and online marketers;

Do you have the following unanswered questions?

As a business owner there are many questions you ask yourself and are probably wondering;
  • how to improve business performance?
  • how to increase customers to your business?
  • how to get new customers for my business?
  • about marketing strategies to increase customer base…
If you already have a website and is not performing that well you might be wondering;
  • how to increase website traffic?
  • how to rank higher on Google?
  • how to improve Google search ranking or results?
  • if social media presence for business can help…

You are always looking for ideas to attract customers and strategies to improve business performance. Well we believe with our digital marketing services most of your questions will be answered to complete the puzzle.

How Can Our Services Help You

Our digital marketing services can help you grow your business and increase your profits. Apart from owning a website, they are aimed at increasing website visitors, improving website rankings, getting you more phone calls, emails and inquiries. We believe that is what most businesses want and should be aiming for.

Here is what we do;

Design & Web Development

If you want to participate in the digital sphere and have a share of your market you need to have some digital presence. The best way to claim your market share is to have your own business website. If you have any of the popular social media accounts that is fine but you do not own them and this is not ideal – more about this later!

Owning a business website is one of the strategies to improve business performance. A way of how to bring more customers to your business. They go to your website (how? we will discuss…), know about you and buy your services or products.

Local Business Website
As local business with a website you will be able to attract those people that would otherwise not find you if you did not have a website. A social media page like a Facebook Page can only do so much (it is important though)! How often do you see Facebook pages on the first page of Google?

Custom Affiliate Website
If you are an affiliate marketer and starting out we can create an affiliate website in the niche of your choice. Even when you are not starting out but you do not have time to build a website from scratch you can engage us and we will be able to build a well structured website that is appealing to both search engines and human.

Custom eCommerce Website
If you are into eCommerce or want to have a dropshipping website we can assist with a seo’d website. Since an eCommerce website normally has a lot of products, some similar in features, it can suffer duplicate content issues e.g. some of the pages may not be indexed because of similar content. So it needs proper planning…

Website Audit Service

How often do you or have your website audited? We offer website audit services. There are many ways and different reasons for auditing a website. The purpose of website audit we perform is to uncover and rectify those areas of your website that hinder it from being the best marketing tool for your business in your arsenal.

A website audit is more like a medical checkup – where a person walks into a doctor’s office for a medical checkup. In the same way that a medical checkup will check, diagnose and recommend certain things about the health of the person, a website audit will also check, locate and the website auditor will recommend remedial actions.

Keyword & Niche Research

When you have a local business, first have a website. If you do not have one, that would be our starting point. And if you already have a website it is important to know what search terms your potential customers use to find services and products that you offer. Say if you install air conditioners, a potential customer might use “air con installer Sandton” (assuming they are in Sandton, Johannesburg and that is one of the areas you service).

SEO Services

A website should be able to “speak” fluently to both search engines and humans – people visiting your website. At the same time it must be “multi-lingual” such that it can fluently “speak” search engine language and human language! And this is where SEO comes in. We use white-hat SEO techniques to increase traffic to any website.

Our SEO services fine tune your website to be explicitly understood by search engines and humans alike. As an example say you are Restaurant and your website has your menus, open times, dishes, etc. Both search engines and humans can read and understand all the information written on the website.

Local SEO Services

A Local SEO Service is different from the SEO Services described above but similar in many ways. It will not be far from sensible thinking to think that our SEO Services above for a basis for Local SEO.

The main difference between Local SEO Services and SEO Service described above is that in Local SEO local search terms are targeted while for the other SEO general niche keywords are targeted. e.g. For local SEO we will create content targeting say “plumber in Bryston” where Bryston is a suburb in Gauteng, South Africa. For the other SEO, in other circles it is called Global SEO, a more general term like plumber, plumbing with no specific location will be targeted.

Further Local SEO is different from Global SEO in that it local listings may be enhanced by using free resources like Google My Business, Bing Places, citations, customer reviews, etc.

Social Media Marketing

With the advent of internet you cannot run out of ideas to attract customers. Next to having a business website is social media. You can attract a whole lot of visitors to your website using social media platforms.

Below are some of the social media accounts we encourage you to have and if you need them created for you we can help with that. We will also use them for extra marketing efforts.

Video Marketing

If one of your concerns is how to increase the number of visitors to your website and have tried everything or in a tight tough highly competitive market, think video marketing!

If you can help it you have to harness the power of video marketing especially Youtube. If you can have a website or a social media account you can have a Youtube account. And at the bare minimum, if you can’t produce Hollywood style videos, any content can be turned into video and make it a marketing piece.

We can help you in this area to increase your website traffic and sales.

Content Management

When you have a website as a business it is important to keep on updating it with new content or revising the already existing content in order to be more relevant with time and to your potential customers. How often content is added, revised or updated varies from industry to industry but it has to be done.

If you keep stale content you might loose your footing in the search engines. Under rare circumstances where what you are doing is so unique that there ain’t many experts out there yes you can maintain your dominance in that area.

Online Advertising

We highly recommend online advertising. Why? Because that is also how to find new customers and increase sales. We will encourage you to have online advertising especially Google Ads. Online ads do not only increase website traffic fast but also how to find potential customers online.

Do you know that some people will not actively search for services or products not that they do not want them but may be it is not yet in their minds. The moment they see an ad it will trigger that want and if they click on your ad, guess what? You could be having a customer.

Maintenance, Reporting And Support

Our full SEO service includes maintenance, reporting and support. SEO is a process and does not show desired results immediately though some positive changes can start to show within a week or so. To keep a tab on these changes we use – Google Analytics, Google Console, Google Tag Manager, StatCounter, Bing Webmaster Tools, etc.

We use these tracking tools to monitor any changes that occur. These changes could be new search terms cropping up, rise or fall in position, impressions, click through rate, etc. Armed with this information we will be able to make adjustments and take remedial actions where necessary. Further, as a client, you would be interested to see what is happening.

What Is Unique About Our Services?

If you are a local business in your area and you do not have a website for your business, we can help! If you already have a website but it is not performing well in promoting your business we can help! Our service is one of a kind –

  • we will consult with you by email, call, Skype, etc. regarding your business to charter an online marketing strategy.
  • we will highlight areas which need immediate attention e.g. if you do not have a website that is what needs to be done first, if you are running online ads but your website needs some work we attend the website since it will reduce your ads budget.
  • we provide you with a though site audit report, if you have a website already, that will reveal areas that need to be fixed and advice on actions to take…
  • we provide reports (monthly or quarterly) that will inform you of the progress of the website and other marketing efforts.

Who We Help

If you are looking at how to improve business performance, our services are available to any type of business as long as it can have a website. It can be a local business website, an eCommerce website or an affiliate marketing website. Below is just a small sample of businesses that can utilize our service in order to

Medical Professionals
Medical Doctors
Social Workers
Legal Professionals
General Practice
Personal Injury
Estate Planning
Medical Malpractice
Professional Services
Financial Planner
Investment Manager
IT Consultant
Management Consultant
Maintenance Professionals
Security Alarm Systems
Air Conditioning
Appliance Repair
Local Services
Pest Control
Care Of Trees And Shrubbery
Care of Lawns
Cleaning Services
Snow Removal
Car Wash
Real Estate
Real Estate Agent
Mortgage Broker
Foreclosure Specialist
Real estate Manager
Real estate consultant
Real Estate Lawyer
Home Inspector
Leasing Consultant
Pet Services
Pet sitter
Pet Training
Pet Finding
Pet Boarding
Pet Grooming
Pet Bakery
Pet Travel
Dog Daycare
Dog Training
Dog Walker
Equine Massage
Food & Restaurant
Fast Food Restaurant
Home Delivery Restaurant
Mobile Restaurant
Food Truck
Drive-In Restaurant
Drive-Thru Restaurant
Pop-Up Restaurant
Buffet Restaurant

The way we offer our digital marketing services is such that we only offer what we are expert at and blend your expertise in your business with the service. What we mean is we will give recommendations, e.g. we can suggest an article on a a certain topic based on keywords we have discovered. You are to produce that content since it will be your area of expertise. However, if you are cannot write you can always outsource the content and we will freely share with you where to find expert content writers.

You will be supplying us with any type of content we require e.g. article, image, video, etc. What you can’t do we will help with outsourcing resources. Our job is to blend all that together to give you a well oiled outcome that you desire. We are builders with tools, you only supply us with bricks, paint, any material required to build you a beautiful house!

Areas We Serve

If you do not know how to get visitors to your website or simply not have the time to do we can help you. Our services are available globally since the internet is a global village. So virtually we are next door to you simply come and knock on our door with a call, email, Skype, webform submission, etc.

Our affordable digital marketing services are currently available in the following areas and if the location you live in is not included do not hesitate to contact us.

We are a digital marketing company in Botswana, Gaborone. This is where our physical offices are located.

We provide digital marketing agency services to local companies in and around Gaborone as well as the rest of Botswana.

South Africa
Are you looking for digital marketing companies in South Africa? We can help with different types of marketing strategies for small business.

We can reach you anywhere you are. We cover locations including but not limited to;

Johannesburg and surrounding areas.
Pretoria and surrounding areas.

Are you in search of a digital marketing service provider for your local business? Whether you are looking for a web development company in Sydney or a small business digital marketing agency we have the capacity to service like any digital marketing services company in Australia.

We cover several areas including but not limited to;

Darwin NT

If you live in Canada and looking for digital marketing agencies in Canada, VirincSolutions can comfortably offer such services.

We cover several areas including but not limited to;

When looking for digital marketing services in UK, we offer affordable services that can match your budget.

We cover several areas including but not limited to;

We are a top digital marketing agency that knows how to attract customers online. If you are looking for digital marketing services in USA, we are at your service.

We cover several areas including but not limited to;
New York City

In order to address reasons for low website traffic, give us a call and see how we can help you!

FAQ About Our Services & Related Topics

As an online marketer or a local business you might have question about digital marketing services and companies as well as how they can help you grow your business.

About Digital Marketing Services

Whether you have an idea about such services or not the FAQs below will help you. What is also imporant is to understand the advantages of digital marketing to your business?

What are digital marketing services?
What does digital marketing include?
How does digital marketing help small businesses?
What are the options for digital marketing to grow your business?
What is the best marketing tool for a small business?
Why digital marketing is important for small business?
How can I promote my business locally?
What are the best marketing strategies for a small business?
How do I choose a good digital marketing agency for my business?
How is digital marketing important for business?

About How To Increase Traffic

If you are wondering about how to get more customers online or simply looking for marketing techniques to increase sales, the FAQs will help in sharing more information.

How To Increase Customers To Your Business?
The best way to increase customers to your business is to build and have a compelling website with good SEO. A website that takes advantage of structured data Schema markup to be featured in the Google snippet area. You also need to know what search terms your potential customers are using to find your competitors and target those keywords with content marketing. Another to increase customers is to engage in social media marketing and online advertising.
How To Get Customers Online
If you wan to get customers on line learn how to drive massive traffic to your website or hire someone to do it for you. The service providers you engage must be well versed in how to use SEO on website, use different methods and platforms that can drive traffic to your website. At the same time your website must be able to convert such that you can retain most of your visitors as cusotmers.
How To Improve Business Sales
If you want to improve business sales and have been doing it on your own it is high time you hired experts who know how to increase business online. You should know what to look for so that you can make the choice. The best service to get will be a well rounded SEO that concentrates on how to improve organic search. In the long run organic traffic is virtually free and a well SEO’d website with good content will continue to recieve free quality traffic in a long time to come. Of course you can employ other marketing strategies to increase customer base like buying ads, use social media, etc.
How To Increase Organic Traffic
How To Increase Organic Traffic
How To Attract Customers To Your Restaurant
How To Rank For A Keyword Fast
How To Get Better Google Search Results
How To Improve My Small Business
How To Increase Organic Traffic On Ecommerce Website



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