One of the best ways to find micro niche ideas is inside the big niche itself. As an example say you have a niche like air conditioning, this is a big niche because there is so much to write about, it has endless products and can be monetized in many different ways including affiliate marketing, dropshipping, blogging, etc. Inside the air conditioning niche there are air con products and the products themselves can be further divided into subcategories like portable, window, mobile, wall mounted and more. The list is endless. As A Niche Ideas Generator

So when you are in a niche be on the look out for micro niche topics like that. The topic can be so big such that you can even create micro niche blog around it. Say from the above example you look at portable air conditioners, under this topic you can either use a niche ideas generator like the one you find at Digital Worth to pick most profitable air conditioner products or just head over to Amazon and choose under the best sellers section.

niche ideas generator

Clicking on “portable” will reveal the best selling units at Amazon and these are one of the best products you can write about for an affiliate marketing website. There is more… see below to find out how to find micro niche ideas from another page on other than the best sellers page.

Micro Niche Topics

When you look at the screenshot from showing portable air conditioners you will find a number of micro niche blogging topics that you can pick just under the portable air conditioners category.

micro niche ideas

Let us look at the different topics you can use to write content for your blog or affiliate website. Imagine you are creating a micro niche blog (though it will turn out that this might as well be the main niche), so this is how you will approach.

From the screenshot above, likely micro niche topics are about (2) Features, (3) BTU Rating, (4) Coverage Area, (5) Brands, and (6) Price just to pick a few. We will see how to create content from these topics.

1- Portable Air Conditioners

Portable air conditioners are products that one can make money from using affiliate marketing model. At the same time one can make money online simply from blogging and selling ad space on your blog or another way is to use dropshipping model.

In all the cases you will need to have content on your website and finding what to write about can be a challenge. As an affiliate marketer or any of the models it is wise to rely on organic traffic from search engines. This means you need to choose blog topics that have low competition yet with high traffic.

Low competition so that you can rank in top positions in search engines and high traffic so that people can visit your website in numbers. Otherwise there is no point ranking high for a keyword that has low traffic.

So let us do keyword research on portable air conditioners and see if the competition is fierce or not and what search volumes look like. We will be using Ubersuggest keyword tool for keyword research, it is also an excellent tool as a niche ideas generator!

keyword competition check

The keyword research shows that this is a very competitive keyword with an SEO Difficulty rating of 73, yet with very high traffic volume of 368K. 73 is pretty high the best idea would be not be to go after the exact “portable air conditioners” keyword directly but look for low competition keywords still with reasonably high search volumes.

2- Using Features

One of the ways to find micro niche ideas is to realize that some consumers use features of a product they are looking for in a search. From the above screenshot it shows that portable air conditioners have at least 3 features being Dehumidifier, Heater and Remote Control.

This means a searcher may search for a “portable air conditioner with dehumidifier” (or with heater or remote control). Let us look at what the keyword tool say about these search terms.
micro niche blogging topics searches

The above research reveals a lot and all of a sudden this niche is conquerable. Notice how the SEO difficulty has now dropped from 73 to 36! At the same time the Paid Difficulty score averages at 100, which means merchants are paying for ads – with good content you can be a great candidate for ads as a blogger. Search volumes are also good enough to warrant writing topics around the search terms.

To further confirm and look for more micro niche ideas, let us look at what Google’s autosuggest tool says;

micro niche topics from Google Autosuggest

Surely there are so many niche topics and article title ideas you can use to write very informative articles for your blog visitors. There are new ideas like “… with wifi, with hose, with thermostat, etc” and writing just around these topics should bring in traffic.

Micro Niche Blog Case Study

If you want to get an in depth idea of how to create a niche blog that will get you massive traffic and make money, one of the best resources to learn this from is Income School Project 24.

From the webinar you will learn how to plan and write content on your site, income opportunities beyond affiliate marketing and even more way how to find micro niche ideas in 2020.





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