Are you looking for Media Companies In Botswana? If you want to promote your business or event there are several companies to consider also influenced by what exactly are you looking for.

Here is a sample list of media companies in Botswana
Media In Botswana

  • Alliance Media Botswana
  • Hotwire PRC
  • MultiChoice Botswana
  • VirincSolutions
  • Voodoo
  • Neon Signs Botswana
  • The Botswana Advertiser
  • Quintessential Media
  • Fusionmedia
  • Incepta Communications



Website Design And Development In Botswana

Website Design And Development In Botswana


Based in Gaborone, Botswana, we have been providing professional and affordable website design services at affordable prices since 2013…


Our websites are not just beautiful but also functional. As Web Developers In Botswana, we help local businesses generate more leads and attract more customers with great websites.


As one of the Best Digital Marketing Companies In Botswana, we also provide a wide range of digital marketing services to help your business reach more customers at affordable prices. Contact us today for a free consultation.


Looking for Website Developers In Botswana? We provide super fast Website Design Services that are affordable. Contact us today for a free consultation.

What We Do

Our Services


We provide super fast Website Design In Botswana at affordable rates. websites that will bring customers to the door of your business…


We do local SEO and Online Ads campaign management, this can reduce advertising costs tremendously…


You do not have to guess if our efforts are working for you, we provide maintenance and support, produce reports….

About Us

Creative Web Agency That Focuses On Quality

Website Design In Botswana

Are you in need of a new website for your business, or looking to redesign your current one? Or simply looking for Web Design In Botswana?

Statistics show that potential customers will visit your website before coming to your business. You need  a beautiful, functional, responsive website to be your reception area, public relations face and salesperson on the internet.

Being one of the top Digital Marketing Companies in Botswana, let us help you design a website that actually grows your business!

About Our Websites

Websites That Sell Your Business

Website As A Marketing Tool

In today’s world, an effective internet presence is vital to the survival of your business. Your website is a virtual shop front, where you open the door to welcome customers.

So it needs to look good, with effectively positioned images and the right fonts. It needs to appeal to your target audience and inspire them to come back for more.

But there is no point in having an amazing looking website that people can’t find in the search engines. Or that people cannot simply find their way around. Web Design Botswana – Don’t leave things to chance.

Top Class Service

Hassle FREE Website Service

Responsive & Mobile Friendly

Potential clients can access and read your website on mobile devices…


We can get your website set up and be ready to receive visitors in less than a week..


We offer Affordable Local SEO Services with 90-Day Inclusive Free Trail…

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

For complete satisfaction we also offer Website Support And Maintenance

Why Have A Website

Website Is A 24/7 Virtual Office

Having a profitable website is no longer an option – it’s a MUST if you want to connect with more consumers who are seeking local products and services.

No matter what type of marketing and advertising you’re doing, you cannot maximize your money if you do not have an up-to-date, visually appealing, customer-focused website.

Without one, your potential customers have struggle to find ways to get in touch with your business. Essentially, you’re making it hard for them to do business with you.

If you do have one and it’s simply draining your budget without helping you attract visitors and convert them into paying customers, it may be time for a re-design.

We are one of the top Web Designers In Botswana who can help you with your presence online.

How We Can Help Your Business

Website Design Botswana – We offer a wide range of web design services to fit absolutely any type of business. Every aspect of our service is tailored to fit your own specific requirements with one end goal in mind – to help you increase sales and profits. We also assist with the process of domain name registration in Botswana.

Who We Are

Why Choose VirincSolutions…

Looking to really stand out from your competitors and connect with more local customers? If you are looking for web design companies In Botswana VirincSolutions can help. Based in Gaborone, Botswana, we specialize in creating high quality custom built websites that will help you to expand your customer reach and give your business a prominent, professional online presence.

We have worked with many companies across a wide range of industries. No matter how big or small your business, or what industry you operate in, we can create the perfect website to promote it.

With over 5 years of experience, our website design expertise is well versed in creating websites that will appeal to your target audience. Using the very latest web design technologies, you can be sure your new site will be visually appealing, easy to use and 100% secure.

Contact us today to receive a free quote and find out how we can help with your website design and marketing needs!

Over 5 Years Reputation for Excellence

We have over 5 years experience and one of the Best Web Development Companies In Botswana providing top-quality website design and digital marketing services to local businesses. We grow together with our clients and we’re dedicated to provide the highest design standard in the field


We offer FREE hosting for 12 months… no need to be worried about payments month to month…


Our websites are responsive and mobile friendly. Customers can read them while on their mobile phones…


We design websites that can actually convert your visitors to leads and ultimately sales and revenues…


During a limited time, we’re providing an one-page website for just P3000 with optional FREE Hosting. Contact Us for your new website…

Request A Consultation

Demo Sites

We are an Internet Marketing Company in Gaborone, Botswana offering digital marketing services and digital products at affordable prices. Here is a sample of some of the services we offer to local business companies…


We create websites that are highly converting visitors into customers. See your business grow today with a website we designed for you…

We deliver quickly and on time. We build beautiful, responsive and functional websites. We also help with on-page SEO and PPC management.

We do not only build beautiful and responsive websites, we also do local SEO at affordable prices…

Who We Are

FAQ About Web Design in Botswana

What Do I Need To Have A Website For My Business?

In order to have a website for your business you need to have a domain name and hosting. A Domain name is like a cellphone number, it is unique to you. Hosting is where the files of your website are held and can be accessed through the internet. If a domain name can be likened to a cellphone number, hosting would be the service provider like Mascom, Orange or BTCL.

The only difference between these scenarios is that each service provider can only provide you with service for cellphone numbers purchased from them. A simcard (cell number) purchased from Orange Botswana can only be activated on Orange Botswana Network and in earlier days we used to know that cell numbers starting with 72 are Orange, 73 are Telecoms and 71 are Mascom. With a domain name it can be hosted almost by any hosting company regardless of where it was purchased.

Another thing a domain needs to be renewed every year otherwise it expires and may loose it forever. A renewal fee depends on the TLD used and the registrar. TLD stands for Top Level Domain.

How Do I Get A Domain Name For My Business?

We can help you get a domain name for your business depending on whether you want a Botswana TLD e.g., .bw or a more common TLD like .com or .org. Many other TLDs are available depending on the Domain Registrar.

With a domain name you can choose which name you want as long as it is not claimed anywhere else since it needs to be unique. In most cases businesses choose domain names that are the same as their business names. If the the business name is too long, it can be shortened to your preference.

Where To Do Domain Registration In Botswana?

In Botswana you can buy a domain name from BTCL and other companies like,,, etc. We have so far only used BTCL for local businesses we have helped because for some time BTCL has been the only known popular choice. What is important though is to make sure the company is an accredited registrar before purchase.

The other important thing is that pricing will vary from registrar to registrar and also bear in mind that the domain name is renewable yearly. If you feel this is too much to grasp we can help you with purchasing of your domain name. Whether we help you or another agency like us make sure the domain name is registed in your name. That way you have ownership of the domain name.

A domain name is the identity of your business and it is important that it is registered in your names. However, feel free to host your website with the internet marketing company that is helping you with digital marketing services if they are offering hosting services.

Where Can I Get Web Hosting In Botswana?

There are several hosting companies available in Botswana but we have not had any experience with them. We offer in-house hosting using hosting facilities where this website is hosted. We also prefer to host any business that we perform SEO for or who we have continued service with. This is because it makes easier for us to monitor and give timely support. We will also be able to know when the site is down.

However, hosting your business website is not mandotory that it should be with us, it is only a preference and as an added advantage it is a platform we are used to and we would know what questions to ask in cases where we need assistance.

Another added advantage is that they have a fast response times. In all the cases we have had to ask for help it was immediate with high level of service. In consequence we can transfer this to you as our customer.

Do You Provide Domain Registration and Hosting?

We do not provide domain registration in Botswana but we do help with the process to our customers free of charge. Though there are many Domain Registrars we have helped our customers with registering a domain name with BTCL.

We provide free hosting to our customers for 1 year but it is still free should they decide to continue with us into another year as long as they engage us. Where a website was only without any month to month services the hosting is renewable at a nominal fee.

We prefer to host our customers where we have our website hosted because support becomes a lot easier and we have come to trust our hosting provider. Whenever we have issues like a website being down for any reason, or if there is a malicious threat, etc we have always had splendid correspondence and help from them. So it re-assures that we will be able to transfer the same to our valued customers.

How Much Does A Website Cost In Botswana?

Designing a developing a website depends on a number of factors such that the price varies immensely. However, at VirincSolutions a one page website starts at P5000.00 with basic SEO and free hosting – you need to purchase a domain name separately (and we can assist with the purchase). Depending on your business a one-page would be a good start-up website but not recommended in a market where your competitors already have online presence.

Then the price goes higher as with a 5-page Website where you have your Home, Services, About Us, Contact Us, etc. as separate pages and incorporating Social Media platforms to sync the content. We sit down with you and give you options and accompanying reasons why options differ and from what you will be telling us we can come up with a package that suits you.

We beleive the idea of having a website is to market yourself at mimimal cost as much as possible. An effective website that does a good job of marketing a business should be able to rank on positions 1 to 3 of the search engine results and occupy one of the positions in the 3-pack slot in Google for local searches. This becomes difficult if you have competition in your area of operation.

As an example a real estate company or agent will do badly with a one-page website as compared to a equine massage therapist in Botswana. This is simply because there are a lot of real estate agents with websites (whether well optimized or not) and very few people of massage horses in Botswana. So if your business is highly unique with very low competition we advice a one-page website but where there are other businesses in your market that already have websites a one-page would not be good strategy

Some people would want to have a one-page website because they are using PPC, TV, Radio newspaper ads and other publications as a way to funnel people to the (one-page) website. At VirincSolutions we can reduce this cost siginifcantly if you are already spending thousands on advertising by buying PPC, or any form of traditional advertsiing.

We advice our clients to treat a website as a marketing employee who earns a salary. We also ask them to consider how much one client is worth to them? This way it is easier to give a website the attention it deserves such that it can work for you seamlessly to yield high ROI.

Do I Really Need A Website?

In this digital age, it is absolutely essential for all businesses to have a website. If you’re a local business, you may be wondering why you need to establish an online presence. If you’re purely targeting local customers how will a website help? Well, when you take a look at the statistics, you’ll see that there has been a massive shift in the way consumers search for local businesses.

Rather than flip through local physical directories, it’s now so much easier for a consumer to go online and search for local companies.

The benefits of having a website are staggering. You will reach millions of potential customers, build up a more personal relationship with your existing customers and essentially your company will be able to generate new business 365 days a year, 7 days a week.

Latest Atricles

From Our Blog

Contact Us

If you have any question regarding your website or digital marketing, we encourage you to contact by calling or email. We would be very happy to discuss your business digital marketing needs with you… and offer a solution!

Our Address

We are virtually global with physical location in Gaborone, Botswana

Skype Us



Web Design And Digital Marketing Company In Botswana

Web Design And Digital Marketing Company In Botswana

Your Customers Are Searching Online…
Do They Find You?
This is what we do to help you get found online…

We build professional, fast and affordable websites that will bring customers to the door of your business…


We do local SEO and Online Ads campaign management, this can reduce advertising costs tremendously…


You do not have to guess if our efforts are working for you, we provide maintenance and support, produce reports….

Let’s work together for your online success

First things first…
  • -If your local business does not have a website, it needs a one! Period!
  • -If the business has a website already, the question is how effective is it as a marketing tool? 

Another thing, let’s get this out of the way;

A local business website is not;

  • -a set-n-forget property.
  • -a company brochure. 

We help local business owners with their online visibility

A Website Is A Company Asset…

Treat your business website as;

  • -an employee working full time as a marketing agent
  • -an employee who is paid a salary
  • -property that needs to be updated regularly,
  • -a company asset that should be monitored and tracked
  • -a digital asset that needs to be tweaked here and there to exploit emerging opportunities

We can help you with a website or update and turn your existing website into an effective marketing tool it should be…

What We Do

We are an Internet Marketing Company in Gaborone, Botswana offering digital marketing services and digital products at affordable prices. Here is a sample of some of the services we offer to local business companies…


We create websites that are highly converting visitors into customers. See your business grow today with a website we designed for you…

We deliver quickly and on time. We build beautiful, responsive and functional websites. We also help with on-page SEO and PPC management.

We do not only build beautiful and responsive websites, we also do local SEO at affordable prices…

Marketing your local business can be tough. Without an attractive website that has built-in marketing features, getting appreciable amount of customers would be a difficult road to travel.

As you know, most consumers today go online to find local products and services. And if your website is outdated, slow-loading, or simply just hard on the eyes, you may notice that it’s not doing anything at all to help you increase potential customers and sales.

Or maybe you don’t even have a website at all – which means you virtually have no “virtual home,” which would be an instant turn-off for most of your potential customers.

Instead, many of them are probably going to your close competitors who have taken measures to establish an online home where people can learn more about their business.

Not only that, but this is where they are converting their website visitors into new customers with various marketing features such as lead capture, videos, blogging, and more.

As you can imagine, this puts your company at a major disadvantage and could seriously impact your ability grow.

When looking for website developers in Botswana, give us a call!

Local SEO & Ads Management

As a local business, one of the best ways to draw new customers to your business in being visible online. You can be prominently visible online by taking advantage of Local Search and/or Online Advertising. Some businesses may be looking for Public Relations Companies In Botswana in order to improve their public relations but you should be looking for digital marketing company…

Local SEO Services

With almost everyone who has a smartphone and internet access searching for products and services online, it has never been more important for your company to establish a VISIBLE online presence.

Visible online presence meaning having a website that ranks and occupies the first 3 lucrative spots in search engine results page or at the very list being on the top 10 of the search results.

In fact, 75% of searchers never go past page one of the results – see 40 Unbelievable SEO Statistics You Need to Know.

If you are a local business in Gaborone or anywhere in Botswana, did you know you could be missing out on a huge piece of the pie if you’re not easy to find in the local listings and organic search results?

There are a wide range of factors that determine how highly you rank, but figuring it all out can be confusing for any business owner who is not trained or knowledgeable in this area.

However, it’s something that cannot be ignored if you want to get in front of your target audience online while they’re searching for your type of product or service.

We offer affordable local SEO services in Botswana that can help your business to be visible online…

Online Advertising Services

If you are wondering how to increase your website traffic without SEO, Online Advertising is one of the best ways to do it. Using Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, etc. is how to attract customers online without SEO. However, ignoring SEO is not a smart thing to do!

We can combine online advertising with Local SEO for even better results. A well SEO’d website can reduce online ads budget significantly. Further, online advertising is a great branding tool. More people will get to know about your business even those who were not looking for services or products you offer.

As an example say you are a doctor for children and you have a local office in Gaborone. When people are looking for a children doctor they are likely to search with this search term – pediatrician in Gaborone. And as a pediatrician in Gaborone with a website they are likely to find your website on the search engine results page. And if your website is well designed like this one they are likely to give you a call immediately since everything the need is there i.e. contact number, directions, operating hours, etc.

As one of the best online marketing companies in Botswana, we do not only develop websites and offer local SEO services with option to augment with online advertising, we also provide support, maintenance and reporting.

Website Maintenance

Our Website Maintenance Services refer to making sure that the website is always up and live with minimal interruptions. To be effective at this we offer hosting such that we can immediately react to any situation arising.

Hosting with us also makes it easier to access backup files should there be need to restore the website.

Website Analysis & Reporting

Promoting and marketing a local business online is the holy grail of any form of marketing because almost all efforts can be measured. Starting from who visits your website as in from where, which search term they used, the device used, etc. to knowing which ads bring in the best ROI.

There is nothing more fulfilling to a business owner than knowing that their marketing efforts are bearing fruit and if not knowing exactly where to make the adjustments.

With our reporting we will be able to advise you, the business owner, what to do, where to cut costs, where to focus, etc.

At VirincSolutions, we give you measurability!


Website Support

 We offer sterling support. We love building relationship with our customers and we go that extra mile to help them realize the fruits of their efforts. Almost any form of digital service we offer is not a once off event.

Even building a website, it is not a one-event thing such that is a build’n forget kind of scenario. A website is built to bring in new customers into the business so it is important to monitor its performance.

As a business owner you need to know if the website is converting well, does it rank on search engines, how many people visit it, etc. And these are the kind of scenarios we give support in. A page may need to be adjusted to bump conversions or new content added, etc.


During a limited time, we’re providing an one-page website for just P3000 with FREE Hosting. Call us or fill out the form on this website to reserve your spot.


Why Choose Us

Whether you’re looking to have your first website created, or looking to give your site a complete redesign, we will work with you to create a high quality, easy to manage site that accurately reflects your brand.

One thing that sets apart VirincSolutions in website design in Botswana from other digital marketing companies is our attention to implementing search engine optimization. This means we don’t simply use standard templates and generic content.

We research your market. What search terms do people looking for services and products you offer use? Then we help you write content that will be appealing to your website visitors.

We cover everything from the website’s functionality and appearance, to the user experience will be built in accordance with your requirements.

In this digital age, with millions of websites out there, standing out from the crowd isn’t easy though digital marketing in Botswana is not as fierce as in other parts of the world. But we have you covered.

Our focus is making sure each and every one of our clients have the best website to meet their specific individual needs based on your target audience and what you want to accomplish.

Ready to get started?

If you are looking for Marketing Agencies In Botswana, contact us today for your FREE initial consultation so we can explain exactly what we can do for you!

FAQ About Digital Marketing Services in Botswana

What Is A Digital Marketing Agency?

A digital marketing agency like VirincSolutions is an internet marketing company that offers digital marketing solutions to companies as a way to make them visible online.

However, other digital solutions may not be necessarily purely internet based but rather only digital like sms, email, apps, Whatsapp, etc.

As an example Botswana Post Office has a service called Poso Money and one does not have to have internet to use it but rather any type of cellphone is adequate. Cellphone companies like Orange Botswana, Mascom, BTCL use sms’s to market their prodcuts digitally.

As another example media companies in Botswana provide another form of digital marketing where one can buy advertising space on their websites. Media in Botswana has come a long way and have caught up with the digital wave…

What Services Do Digital Marketing Agencies Offer?

Digital Marketing Agnecies offer services like Web Design and Development, SEO, Content Marketing, eMail Marketing, Social Media Marketing, PPC Management, etc. Some agencies may be a one-stop shop that offer all possible services while others offer specialized services or specialize in one type of service.

Why You Need A Digital Marketing Agency?

To market your business online effectively and at minimal costs you need the services of a digital marketing agency. However, this is not a given because the agency must also be well versed in the subject of online marketing.

One of the reasons you would want a to use a digital marketing agency would be to be noticed online such that you can draw in customers that you would otherwise not if you were not online. That is if you were not doing it already! And if you already doing it the question is effectiveness. How effective is it?

When you engage an agency that is good at what they do, you should see increase in customer base, a reduction in marketing budget (or increase in ROI), and if you were doing it in-house you will also save on time. This will free some of your time to do other important tasks. You will also get rid of guesswork if you were doing digital marketing in-house.

Some companies waste a lot of money on PPC. They do PPC campaigns that are not well optimized and end up using more money than they should. With the help of a digital marketing agency there could be serious budget cuts on advertising and get even more exposure and growing customer base.

A digital presence like a website is not enough and if as a business owner you have a website and thought it will do the work, you need service of a marketing agency in Botswana like VirincSolutions.

What Companies Need Digital Marketing?

Ideally any local business needs digital marketing, as long as they need more customers and more business. This is because consumers of products and services use the internet to find businesses that offer what they want. In the same way that people used to use Yellow pages to find companies, people now use the internet.

If someone wants their tooth removed they used to consult the Yellow pages looking for dentists in their area. The same ideology is used but this time around the person would just type dentist near me (or dentist in Gaborone) in their smartphone and all dentist nearest to their location would be listed. If they have online presence that is. And not only online presence but also if their website or digital platform they are using has been adequately optimized.

Normally, that is why a digital you will need a digital marketing agency that knows what they are doing.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Digital Marketing Agency?

The cost of a digital marketing agency should be comparable to a salary paid marketing employee or money spent on advertising. If you were to hire a marketing person, how much would you pay them? When you buy advertising like on TV, Radio, Newspapers, publications like the Advertiser, billboards, etc. how much do you spend in a month? That should give you an idea of how much a digital marketing agency should cost!

Hiring a digital marketing agency will vary from what you need as a local business to what the agency is offering. Our minimum cost is P5000.00 for a one-page website. We also offer SEO Services which we prefer to be paid monthly instead of one lump sump. This has advantages and is a win-win for you as our customer and us as a service provider

The advantage of paying monthly is that the cost becomes manageable, say instead of paying P24,000.00 once off you can pay it over a period of 6 to 12 months. That can be P2000.00 per month which is way manageable than a lump sum. Further, these payments will not get ahead of the work being done because SEO is not once-off task it is a process and its results are not immediate. Some results may show in 1 month’s time while other may kick in 4 months later.

Normally we tell our customers to treat us as they would their marketing head of department employee, in terms of salary. And also consider the value of a new customer in monetary terms. It is also important to bear in mind that in addition to bringing in new customers, there is branding going on in the background. And branding goes a long way.

I Have A Facebook Page Do I Still Need A Website?

As a local business even when you have a Facebook page, Twitter, Linkedin, etc profiles, you still need to have a business website that you own 100%. You do not own a Facebook page 100% though it may deceivingly seem so. It is not 100% because when Facebook change the rules that directly (and negatively) affect your business you will have no choice but comply if you still want to use the platform. You cannot move your content elsewhere as is.

When you own a website if the hosting company decides to change the rules you have the option of moving it to another hosting platform. With a website, you have 100% ownership and only restricted by global laws. A Facebook page is like you are renting a house and the landlord can come anytime and tell you they have sold the house and you can either move out or follow the rules of the new owner.

A Facebook page or any other social media platform is good to have to augment the business website, it should not form the core of your digital presence. We also offer social media marketing services but only as an add-on to having a business website. Social media is one of the ways of how to drive massive traffic to your website…


From Our Blog

We are a digital marketing company in Botswana, Gaborone. This is where our physical offices are located.

We provide digital marketing agency services to local companies in and around Gaborone as well as the rest of Botswana.

Your Customers Are Searching Online..

Are They Finding You?…

We help our clients get more customers. To increase website traffic conversions and improve ranking positions in search results, here is our digital marketing services list

Keyword & Niche Research
keyword research service

Design & Web Development
services website design

Website Audit Service
website seo audit services

SEO Services
affordable seo services

Local SEO Services
Google My Business Service

Social Media Marketing
social media marketing services
Video Marketing
video marketing service

Content Management
content management services

Online Advertising
Online Advertising Services

Maintenance, Reporting And Support

analytics and reporting

Business We Help
Local Businesses We Help
Areas We Service
Locations We Serve

Are you looking for digital marketing companies in Botswana?

We are a digital marketing services company in Gaborone that can increase website traffic organically to your website, call us or visit us online!


If you have any question regarding your website or digital marketing, we encourage you to contact by calling or email. We would be very happy to discuss your business digital marketing needs with you… and offer a solution!


We are virtually global with physical location in Gaborone, Botswana




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