We offer SEO Services. SEO is mainly the act of making a website user-friendly to search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, etc. User-friendly in the sense of search engines understanding it such that they can theme and categorize it accordingly, be able to crawl it with ease, etc. And ultimately improve rankings, get organic traffic to your website from many different search terms that are related, etc.

Are you wondering;

how to increase the number of visitors to your website to get new customers for your business?…

SEO is one of the best routes you can take to increase website traffic. Our SEO Service is in phases and it comprises;

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and its main purpose is to improve or increase the ranking potential of a website on Search Engine Results (SERPs) page. And our SEO Services are designed to do exactly that – to increase your visibility and attract more visitors your website.

A well SEO’d website is the holy grail of a business owner and SEO is the core of all our digital marketing services offered to our clients. SEO is a process and it starts with keyword research. Here is what our SEO service entails;

It starts with SEO Consultancy – During consultation we want to find out if the business has a website already. If not, we start with Website Development, if you already have a website it starts with a Website Audit followed by a report with recommendations.

Our Search Engine Optimization Service In A Nutshell

The SEO Service we offer is our strongest hold and forms the basis of what we do on a website. All other services are bundled with offering this service, except a few.

A full service is more like a local SEO service since it is geared towards a local business but it is equally relevant to an eCommerce or other online business with omission of non-applicable steps like Google My Business, Citations, etc.

Keyword Research Service can be a stand-alone but defaulted in for any service that involves SEO. Keyword research is important from the aspect of knowing what your audience is looking for and crafting relevant content based on the search terms they use.

Web Development Service can be a standalone and it also comes with some basic SEO already incorporated on the website. If you already own a website we have to audit it first and make the necessary changes. It is a prerequisite, just to make sure we start on the right footing.

After carrying out an audit, at your discretion, you can ask us to carry out the recommendations we made on the audit report. This will be a limited service but surely it will make huge improvements. We are saying this because from our experience most websites are not optimally SEO’d as they should so almost always there is a tweaking to be done. This is another way to test our service though we highly recommend that you engage us for at least 6 months to get most of the benefits.

Google My Business with Citations is another service that we offer as a stand-alone but mandotory in a full SEO service.

Having many phases must not overwhelm you, we wanted to make it more understandable and make it clear that SEO is not a one-time process. We do SEO lie we are playing a game of chess, pulling in a piece when necessary and at the right time. That is why we start with a website and use social media later in the plan.

We also advice and support use of paid advertising very much but later in the process. However, if you already have campaigns running you will be able to continue with them and it would be interesting to see before and after.

Depending on whether you are a startup, an existing business (i.e. website) or in a highly competitive market and/or environment, results can start showing within the second month.

Phase 1 – SEO Consulting

Build A Website
First we must establish you online if you do not have presence already. We work with WordPress CMS and that is what we highly recommend.
Website Audit
If you already have a website we will perform an audit on it to see if it has any SEO holes in it. If we find any we will make recommendations.

Phase 2 – Site Architecture

Keyword Research
Keyword research will uncover search terms that your potential audience is searching for. At the same time we use the same keywords to structure the website and create content relevant to what your target audience is looking for.
Website Structure
Website structure is another key factor in SEO because a well structured website should allow search engines spiders easy navigation around the site. At the same time the website must be user friendly to human traffic.
It is important to have some sort of tracking on your website whether for SEO or other purposes. In terms of SEO tracking will inform you a lot about the performance of the website. You will know where and how to improve it.

Phase 3 – Onsite SEO

Technical SEO
When we speak of technical SEO we are referring to issues like site’s mobile friendliness, URL structure, site speed, canonical and duplicate content, etc. All technical things that affect rankings and should be fixed to improve rankings.
Onpage SEO
On page SEO has many elements including but not limited to Title length, meta descriptions, internal links, keyword targeting, etc. These factors contribute to how well a webpage is optimized and if not in order they need to be fixed.

Structured Data
Using structured data on a website and webpages is not yet considered as a ranking factor but it surely improves general SEO of a website. First Schema Markup is a language of the search engines and if your speaks the same language all the better.

Content Optimization
Content optimization is key to SEO because it will not only make sure that you give your consumers the content they want it will also improve your retention rates. Your audience will likely stay longer on page – this will score you points.

Phase 4 – Offsite SEO

Google My Business
As a local business owner and you want to take advantage of digital marketing, making use of Google My Business is important. When you have Google my business you would improve your chances of occupying the prime spots in the SERPs.

Content Distribution
After publishing content on your website it is equally important to distribute it to other online platforms to expand your reach. This is where social marketing comes in as well as use of other marketing methods like video, podcasts, ppc, etc.
Like Google My Business and content distributions, you need to be seen in different areas online and citations creates that opportunity. We will create a few citations around the web so that you can expand your reach and build your brand.

Phase 5 – Leveraging Online Assets

This is a technique that will improve your social signals thus influencing better ranking opportunities. When you encourage subscriptions and funnel your subscribers to other channels you own tend to increase traction.

Social Media Signals
Social media signals influence ranking and the more you get noticed and your content being shared around the web will improve your popularity. With social signals you do not only influence rankings but also reach other audience.
When creating or joining discussion groups like Facebook groups will also increase your social signals and interactions with your audience.

In this phase we leverage website traffic to other free online assets like Youtube, Facebook, etc. We do this by building content funnels to these other marketing channels such that one visitor may be exposed to one or two more of our social media channels.

Phase 6 – Reporting

Google Tagging
With Google tagging you will be able to add snippets of code into your website and be able to track every activity on the website…
Google Analytics
Our custom Google Analytics report will reveal all you need to know about your online campaigns. You will be to see successful ads, etc..

Google Console
Our custom easy to follow Google Console report will show you how the website is improving in rankings, new acquired keywords, etc.

Optionally we can add others like – Bing Webmaster Tools, Yandex Webmaster Tools, StatCounter, etc.

Phase 7 – Reviews Generation

Customer Reviews
Where possible help you get customer reviews on your Google My Business to increase chances of occupying one of the prime spots on SERPs.
Audience Engagements
Not all businesses are easy to engage customers for suggestions and comments, but where possible we put this strategy in place…

Phase 8 – Online Advertising

Google Ads
Bing Ads
Facebook Ads
Online ads are a sure way of increasing website traffic fast the only draw back is as a business owner you might be spending way too much than what you could be paying. With a well optimized website with good retention rates (because of quality content and other SEO factors), it is possible to end up paying way less for a search term that you would have otherwise paid expensively for it without an optimized website.

Phase 9 – Maintenance

Improve Where Necessary
Conversion Funnels
Content Relaunch
Remedial Actions
This maintenance phase is to fix where it is broken, upgrade where is necessary and add more content depending on the report from Google Console. This is the growing stage as new data comes to light more improvements are done maintaining the quality.

Ideally we recommend that we work with you for at least 6 months. This benefits both of us because if you have a tight budget you have a chance to spread the payment over 6 months, you have continued support at no extra cost, you get to learn from such that you can end up doing certain task on your own (if you choose to), you get to see the progress and improvement

As for us, our biggest advantage is that we get to prove ourselves right in front of your eyes, SEO and digital marketing are not a one-time fix, they are a process, we get to monitor and make tweaks where necessary with a one-time cost spread-across over a period of time, we get to enjoy your success with you and this is what makes us happy.

We intend to give you results and we will be with you every step of the way…

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