We offer niche research services that uncover products, keywords to target, and more…

We sell niche research packets at 2 levels – Basic Niche Product Research Packets and Advanced Niche Keyword Research Packets. With our niche research services, you have the option to purchase a basic pack or an advanced pack. These two Niche packs are explained below so that you may know exactly what you are ordering and what to expect. First let us explain what niche research is.

What Is Niche Research

As an affiliate marketer, niche research is basically identifying a set of related products that can be promoted targeting a particular market. This “particular market” is the niche! Generally, from affiliate marketing perspective you will be looking for profitable niches with low competition. Key words being profitable and low competition.

When you choose these products in the particular niche, it is important to know if the products are really selling or whether people are buying them. Secondly it would be very advantageous if these products have very minimal competition. Competition meaning there are no or few strong websites that promote the same. The holy grail of affiliate marketing is finding untapped niche markets that are also profitable.

In summary, basically research niche meaning would be what is explained above as niche research, i.e. identifying a set of products (or services) to promote using an affiliate website to target a set of potential buyers (market) of those products. The aim is to find profitable niche markets and the holy grail would be low competition niche markets.

Niche Research Services

The way we do niche research at VirincSolutions.com is unique and it does not require a niche research tool. If anything, we use Amazon.com as our niche research tool. It is manual, fast and effective. As an affiliate marketer you will notice that Amazon.com directly on indirectly tells us a lot of successful niche markets.

These are in the form of Bestsellers in different categories, new releases in different categories, number of reviews for products, etc. If you are looking for profitable niches in 2018 make Amazon your trusted niche research tool. Click here for an Example of How To Choose A Niche For Affiliate Marketing.

Now, let us look at the niche research packets we are offering.

Basic Niche Product Research

This is basically an Amazon niche research for best selling products according to Amazon. It is a basic product niche research pack that identifies at least 10 super selling products. These super selling products could be the best sellers in their category or may have a significant number of customer reviews or they may be new successful releases.

It normally includes at least 10 products from Amazon and three general keywords that could be used to write 3 articles that can interlink the products in one article. This is an SEO technique which we discuss in depth in our WordPress Website Optimization Tips section.

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Advanced Niche Keyword Research

This research is an advanced package of the basic package described above. It goes few steps further in digging deeper into the niche in general. It uncovers more niche keywords (as opposed to products).

It identifies more keywords that are; feature keywords, purpose of use keywords, price keywords, etc. To find these keywords that cover a whole range of areas around the niche we use a keyword tool at https://keywordtool.io/. Wre use the free service.

After harvesting the keywords we categorize them according to as mentioned above; i.e. feature, purpose, price, etc. As we categorize in this manner we identify keywords that can be used as sub headings in a product review article, as tags, as categories, etc.

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