Are you an affiliate marketer, small business owner, eCommerce entrepreneur or interested in having an online business that requires a website? Or simply looking for professional website templates?

We sell website templates designed with your needs in mind. Our website templates are built for use by affiliate marketers, small business website owners, eCommerce site owners or developers. If you want to save time and cut costs, using our professional responsive website templates can answer both these issues.

What Are Website Templates?

For clarity our website templates are not WordPress themes or HTML templates in the technical sense! They are ready made WordPress based sites that are installed with plugins already. We have done the crucial inevitable steps of WordPress installation for you. We have already selected the right plugins as well as included some generic pages.

Let us explain it this way; when you build a WordPress site, whether as an affiliate website, local business website or for eCommerce website you normally have to install plugins to enhance the functionality of WordPress. This process takes time because after installing the platform you have to look for appropriate plugins that are suitable for your market.

At the same time if you do not know which plugins are suitable for your line of business you run the risk of choosing or using not so good plugins or leaving them out altogether.

You also have to create generic pages like Policy, Terms & Conditions, Disclaimer, etc. This also takes time.

So based on these 3 issues i.e. time to install plugins, choosing the right plugins (or leaving out) and installing and lastly creating generic pages, we have created website templates to address these issues. Basically, these are WordPress website templates and they can save you anything from 30 minutes to 2 hours of installation depending on your skill level.

What Type Of Website Template Do You Sell?

We sell different WordPress website templates covering a wide range of users and markets. These include website templates designed for affiliate marketers who promote physical products like in the case of Amazon Affiliates, CJ, ShareASale, or informational sites meant for PPC like Adsense, Infolinks, etc.

These also include those designed for local businesses like local services e.g. plumbing, etc. as well as more specialized or unique businesses like Real Estate, Restaurant, Event Booking, etc. They are also suitable for eCommerce businesses.

Affiliate Marketing Website Template

Local Business Website Template

eCommerce Website Template

These templates are built to have the core and basic fundamentals of a well rounded website. The way they are created can be regarded as standard because each template contains the basic necessary elements any websites needs for that field.

What Is So Special About These Website Templates?

These templates are built to have the core and basic fundamentals of a well rounded website. The way they are created can be regarded as standard because each template contains the basic necessary elements any websites needs for that field. Our templates come standard with the following;

Core SEO – each website template comes installed with the best WordPress plugins for SEO. These include plugins that automatically address or give you the ability to address Meta Tags, Canonical URLs, Schema Markup, etc.

Social Media – it is important to harness the power of social media irregardless of the field you are in. You have to be able to give your website visitors to find you elsewhere in the social media sphere or be able to share your content with their friends in the social media arena. So our template come equipped for both scenarios with the best plugins in the market.

Self-updating – WordPress as a platform together with the plugins and themes are constantly updated and upgraded to improve functionality, security and more. This can be a pain especially when you own more than one websites as is normally the case with affiliate marketers. Our website templates are installed with plugins to have the ability to auto-update whenever an update or newer version is available. This is a real time saver.

Security – Our wordpress website templates come with some of the top plugins for security of the website against spammers and hackers.

Tracking – A website is essentially a marketing tool and it must have sort of tracking or data collection to be able to monitor and measure its marketing ability. These templates come with some of the best tracking tools to help you collect data that can be use to improve the website traction.

Industry Specific – Our website templates are built to suit different industries to give the ability to choose and not have a one-size fit all. A real estate website will need a different set of plugins from a restaurant website.

Important Points To Note

The most important thing to note is that all the plugins used are free plugins though they deliver premium quality. Where each plugin has premium option, you can upgrade if you choose to and is not mandatory (unless the plugin developer has decided to do that, in that case simply notify us and we will provide you with an alternative plugin).

These website templates are WordPress sites which means you can use any WordPress theme without compatibility issues. Where compatibility issues can be experienced, which is not usual, it may be because of one or so plugins which in most cases can be replaced.




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