Are you looking for turnkey websites for sale? If that is the case, then your search ends here because we have some of the best ready made starter websites for sale at very affordable prices. A turnkey website is ideal when it has been well constructed because it will save you a lot of time.

A turnkey live website will save you niche research, product research, website planning and construction. A starter website is a live website that is a newly indexed website that is a day old to 6 months. The main points to focus on about this kind of sites are indexation, site structure, selected products and potential to rank well in the search engines.

Turnkey sites do not necessarily have traffic but they normally show a great potential. If you want websites that have traffic already or making sales, go to websites for sale with traffic or websites for sale that make money

Each of our websites are indexed, properly constructed and show great potential to rank well even before using external links. Each website is constructed following white hat SEO principles and it is uncommon to see our websites rank very high in search engines. High meaning we have seen website after website ranking in page 1 for multiple keywords.




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