We have established websites for sale with revenue! These are websites which have made at least one sale with expected consistency. Some are more advanced such that they make consistent sales month after month. Each website for sale has an in-depth description of its performance, structure, content, etc.

If you are fairly new to affiliate marketing and want to make money quickly, looking for established websites for sale with profits is a good idea. This is because an affiliate website that is already making sales will remove the guesswork and hope. Hope and faith are what one normally needs when starting out. They also save you time in keyword research, product selection, content creation, site structure planning, etc.

However, content creation should be a never ending task because more often than not you will need to update the website with new content. New content could be new products as they crop up or to address other areas that the already existing content does not cover. Buying established websites for sale that make money does not make the affiliate marketing business hands-free. This is a mistake made by most people who buy ready made websites.

This category of sites are established websites for sale with traffic as well as sales and are normally older than our turnkey websites for sale. It is not typical for a website under 2 weeks old to make a sale, though possible!




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