In this article we are going to show you how we do the basic product niche research and explain why we have found this method to be more profitable for us. We will show each step and explain it for more understanding such that you may perform the research by yourself.
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We will leave no stone un-turned. This is how we create our Basic Niche Product Research Packets, and they can save you a whole lot of time especially that they are affordable at less than $10. They are packed with value as you will see…

Basic Niche Product Research Overview

One of the best ways to win at affiliate marketing is targeting a low competition niche with highly sought after products.

Another way is to target best selling products in a niche rather than targeting broad keywords in the niche. This is because normally product keywords have less competition than the broad keywords.

By so there are higher chances of ranking for product keywords faster than with general broad niche keywords.

In other words it is generally easier and faster to rank for Bostitch BTF83WW than for framing nailer (or Bostitch framing nailer). So we if you want to start fast and win with affiliate marketing create your affiliate website starting with best selling products first.

This is to say go after product specific keywords like Bostitch BTF83WW, Dewalt DW325PL, Hitachi NV83A5 instead of keywords like best framing nailers, framing nailer buying guide, cordless framing nailer, etc. You are more likely to win when you start this way and target the general broad niche keywords as you grow the affiliate website.

What You Get In Each Pack

Not all Basic Niche Product Research Packets are the same nor equal so each packet will be different but generally each contains;
find micro niche keywords

Also note that you get a detailed list and explanation for each pack, the above is just to give a general idea of what to expect.

Our Manual Amazon Niche Product Finder Method

This is a basic niche product research with a bit of keyword research. It is the first and the basic start point of identifying top selling products at in a category. These top selling products may be the bestsellers in that category, be new releases that are already experiencing significant sales, be products with a lot of reviews or be products scoring high in ratings, mainly 4/5 or better.

This is what our Basic Niche Research Packs are about and we carry out the following steps;

Typically our niche research services process is manual, fast, accurate and almost all of the time it is able to pick profitable niches with low competition.

Indicators We Use When Picking Amazon Niche Products

As we follow that process we end up identifying profitable and highly sought after products that you can build an affiliate website around. We choose at least 10 products that fit the above criteria mentioned above, i.e.;

How We Do Product Keyword Research

Our method will teach you how to do product niche research that will give you results. Let us look at the above steps in more details individually;

Step 1 – Identifying the Micro Niche

To identify a hot niche we follow the method illustrated here – How To Choose A Niche For Affiliate Marketing. In that illustration you will see an in depth explanation of how to choose good niche markets.

We do not use any Amazon Niche product finder tool or software and you really do not need it especially when you are starting out – or ever!

Step 2 – Identifying and Selecting Best Selling Products

Follow the method we illustrated here – Example Of How To Choose A Great Niche – which shows how to choose the best selling products. Our Basic Niche Research Packs come with at least 10 best selling products to start with on your affiliate marketing website.

Step 3 – Product Keyword Research

After selecting the products to start with we take each product and do an in-depth product keyword research to uncover different product keywords people use when looking for that particular product.

Step 3a – AutoSuggested Keywords
As an example when people want to buy Bostitch BTF83WW one may search with bostitch btf83ww, another may use bostitch btf83ww review, the other may search using bostitch model btf83ww, etc. So we uncover as many as possible such related keywords using Google Suggest and other keyword tools. See image below showing Google Suggest method.

finding auto-suggested keyword

Step 3b – LSI Or Related Keywords
In addition to autosuggested keywords we also harvest LSI or related keywords which normally appear at the bottom or end a Search Engine Results Page (SERP) as in Google search engine (it may be different with other search engines). For the example of Bostitch BTF83WW, see below the LSI keywords that appear at the bottom of the Google SERP.

how to find related keywords

When a product is popular, we notice this by how many different search terms it has, we harvest LSI keywords for each auto-suggested keyword. This means a product may have 10 or so more keywords that can be sprinkled into an article to improve relevance and its chances of ranking higher.

Performing product keyword research this way is necessary and more rewarding because this way you are likely to rank for several keywords (rather than targeting one keyword) and at the same time the resulting product review article will be more relevant and contextual to the product.

Step 4 – Addition Of General Micro Niche Keyword(s)

After identifying and choosing the best selling niche products to start with, we then find a more general or broad niche keyword (1 to 3 depending on the niche). The purpose of this keyword is to write an article that can bring or interlink to all the the 10 products. In most cases such a keyword would be along the lines of using best, buying guide, reviews, etc. Following from the above example you may choose it to be best framing nailers, framing nailer buying guide, framing nailer reviews, etc.

Say as an example we will say choose best product X in 2019, then this keyword will be accompanied by at most 8 LSI keywords that you would normally find at the bottom of the SERPs page – also called searches related to the keyword (already explained above). So you will have 1 to 3 sets of this kind of keywords.

Let’s illustrate this with an example and continuing from the example at Example Of How To Choose A Great Niche where we were looking at Framing Nailers.

Step 4a – Choosing The First General Keyword
We start with entering the keyword “framing nailers” in Google Search and we look at other suggested words.
Finding niche related keyword

Say we choose “best framing nailers”

Step 4b – Looking for LSIs’ Chosen Keyword

After selecting best framing nailers” as the main keyword we look at the bottom of the page for related keywords.
Picking related keywords
From these related keywords we can pick all of them as supporting keywords to use when writing an article. We also choose a second keyword from this list of LSI keywords. The more fitting choice would be “framing nailer buying guide” though also arbitrary and repeat the same process.

So in the end you will have a niche research pack comprising 10x Products, 3 Main keywords with up to 8 related keywords. That is about 12 to 24 keywords and 10 products. We then include a brief write up of how you should use it in accordance with our Search Engine Optimization tips.

This pack costs less than $10. However there could be an option to upgrade depending on the niche! An upgraded pack would be the Advanced Niche Keyword Research Packets and it explained further here… – Click here to read more about Advanced Niche Keyword Research Packets

Further, with some Niche Research Packets there is another option to add an additional $10 to include a ready made WordPress template. This is an option to buy the pack with a ready made wordpress template for $17. This ready made WordPress template comes complete with carefully selected plugins, a good theme, and standard pages like Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Affiliate Disclaimer, etc. It is a great option if you do not have time to create an affiliate WordPress site from scratch.

So each niche research will be unique as to having an option for a pre-made WordPress template or not!

How To Use Basic Niche Product Research Packs

There are several ways one can use these packs. You can use them to;

Our guide is more suited to creating a new website though it is equally applicable to an existing site or any of the ways listed above.

How To Use The Selected Products

If you already know how to write content for affiliate marketing start by writing a product review article for each product, make each a 300 to 500 word article. When writing the article from scratch it may be a good idea to incorporate auto-suggested and LSI keywords provided in the pack. We explain how to use these auto- and LSI keywords below.

If you are pressed for time or have a budget check if we have matching product review PLR articles on these products. We also provide a guide on how to make PLR content unique so that you may not be worried that your are buying content that everybody else has.

Some people disregard PLR content and take it as duplicate content. You simply have to tweak it a bit to make it unique. Any online store like Walmart, Amazon, etc… they sell the same products with almost the same descriptions, if you compare same products from the same manufacturer at different merchants you will notice that the content is not that overly different. Despite these similarities in content you will find that both pages (bearing similar content) rank in the search engines.

For clarity check out these product pages for Sun Joe SPX3000 Pressure Washer from different merchants;

HomeDepot | Walmart | Amazon | SnowJoe

Further search how many more website pages have similar content – start by searching “pressure washer delivers it all to tackle a variety of cleaning tasks” (including the quotes). From what we have searched there are at least 8120 webpages…

plr content for website

How To Use Autosuggested Keywords

Autosuggested keywords are variations potential buyers use when looking for a product. It will be ideal to use this kind of keywords as sub headings, alt text for any images, etc. They can be also sprinkled in the content.

How To Use LSI Keywords

LSI keywords are keywords that are related to the main keyword being used when performing a search. This kind of keywords are identified by the search engine as relevant to the search term being used. To ensure that relevancy is recognized by the search engines, content must have or somehow relate to the LSI keywords.

How to do that…? Like above where relevant sprinkle the LSIs in the content and at the same time there must be incoming links to the content using the LSI keywords as anchor text.

Why Do We Show And Expose Our Niche Research Methods And Yet Sell The Packs

Each Niche Product Research Package has an in-depth method of how and which products were picked. Though it may be surprising why we expose the niches and not make them a mystery package, we do it for 2 reasons. The first is because our Amazon Niche Research Packets are meant to save you time but if you have time (an maybe no budget) you can follow our method to do the research yourself.

The second is for transparency purposes since we do not offer refunds on any of Our Services And Products. So we want you to know exactly what you are buying and that you are buying packs packed with value. You will appreciate the in-depth we took and understand that you will be buying something worthwhile!

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