niche research

These Advanced Niche Keyword Research Packets are a notch up with more research done on niche keywords and niche products. If you are not only looking for successful niche markets with profitable products to promote, you will love these packets.

It uncovers more niche keywords (as opposed to products). It identifies more keywords that are; “feature keywords”, purpose of use keywords, “price keywords”, etc. To find these keywords that cover a whole range of areas around the niche we use use several FREE keyword tools including Keyword Tool, UberSuggest, AnswerThePublic, plus more. These offer free services.

After harvesting the keywords we categorize them according to as mentioned above; i.e. feature, purpose, price, etc. As we categorize in this manner we identify keywords that can be used as sub headings in a product review article, as tags, as categories, etc.




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