Are you looking high quality digital products in 2019 meant for internet marketers and online entrepreneurs? Our digital products are well suited for internet marketers and entrepreneurs including affiliate marketers, web design and web development, online service providers, small business owners, eCommerce, etc.

What Is Unique About Our Products?

Our products are one of a kind and packed with quality. Every VirincSolutions digital product has been meticulously crafted to give you the best product of its kind you can ever find in the World Wide Web. Let us look at each product individually.

Keyword Research

We perform keyword research using a combination of top keyword tools. These tools help us uncover the exact search terms that your potential customers or buyers use when searching for products, services or information related to your website. We also include Auto-suggested and LSI keywords.

Basic Niche Product Research
Niche Product Research

These are mainly product oriented keywords. A Basic Niche Product Research pack will contain product buyer keywords that people use when searching for that particular product. This pack will help you write very focused and themed content around a particular product.

Advanced Niche Keyword Research

niche keyword research

The Advanced Niche Keyword Research pack provides a wholesome niche research where generic keywords as well as question type search words are uncovered. These packs will help expand the niche with more informative themed content due to LSI and semantic terms.

We also perform custom keyword research for local businesses, drop-shipping or eCommerce businesses. See our services section…

PLR Articles

PLR content like PLR articles are a head-start to writing content. If you are not a seasoned writer these will help you from staring at a blank screen not knowing what to start writing.

Product Review Articles
Keyword Articles

Every one of our PLR articles should be edited and not used as is. This is because everyone else who bought the PLR would have the exact same copy so you need edit and add your own personalization to make it different. This should not be difficult if combined with our Keyword Research Packets.

Website Templates

Our website templates are built for use by affiliate marketers, small business website owners, eCommerce site owners or developers.

Affiliate Marketing Website Template
Local Business Website Template
eCommerce Website Template

These templates are built to have the core and basic fundamentals of a well rounded website. The way they are created can be regarded as standard because each template contains the basic necessary elements any websites needs for that field.

Ready Made Websites

These are pre made websites and are a time saver and money saver for Affiliate Marketers, Online Sellers (eCommerce), Website Flippers and VRE Entrepreneurs alike. All our pre-made sites are search engine optimized and the though the SEO is basic it is also above average. Each site takes advantage of internal linking, on-page SEO like schema markup, etc. We also provide a guide to help you uphold and strengthen the SEO of the site by showing how to avoid duplicate content, making your site unique (PLR niche blog), etc.

PLR Websites
Starter Websites
Websites With Traffic
Websites With Revenue

We also offer custom website development, especially for Local Businesses in any market, eCommerce marketers like Dropshippers, etc. See our Services Section here…

Here at we offer different services and products. These services and products are focused on fairly new to intermediate affiliate marketers who are struggling somewhat! Let us first elaborate on what we offer is suitable for.

What Do We Offer?

We offer a number of products aimed at helping an affiliate marketer in their business. We offer products that we know will save you time and at the same time improve your chances of making money from affiliate marketing. This is a industry that is struggling and full of hype. Affiliate marketing success rate is wanting in this line of making money on the Internet!

You will find that you buy products, be it software, PLR articles, links, etc. that have promised you the world. The owners of such products will sometimes put up their money screenshots that when you look at them you will comfortable with just making a tenth of what they are making.

This way you will be led to believe that affiliate marketing is easy, just use their products and you will see money flooding in. I hope you will be believe me that, that has never happened for you, but every new product that comes into the market promises better results. The unfortunate thing is you might end up giving up, thinking this was not meant for you.

Guess what? That is just hype! Many of these sellers subtly brainwash you (us) into believing that there is no work or little work (if any) to be done to be successful affiliate marketers. Here at we do not believe in that anymore… there is nothing like click a button and you will see money flowing in… or you just have to work one hour a week. We have bought into this hype and it is enough.

Our products are meant to assist you in saving time, but not take away the need to work on your business. Our products and services do not make affiliate marketing a hands-free-business. You will still need to toil but when you use them the way we suggest your road to success will be chattered and sure.

As an example, we offer niche research packets so that you may not spend time on niche research. Or when you buy our product review article packs, they only save you time to write an review article from scratch. You still need to tweak the article and modify so that you may target the keywords you want.

When you buy ready made affiliate websites from us, it does not mean there is no work to be done on them. That is just a short cut to having a fully functional website, but you still need to add more content, improve its rankings where need be, etc. When you buy ready made niche websites and do nothing on them, you are likely not going to be very successful.

Who Are Our Services And Products Suitable For

What we offer is more suitable for at least 3 types of affiliate marketers;

Fairly New Affiliate Marketers

A person new at affiliate marketing yet with basic skills to construct an affiliate website. If they know how to build an affiliate website using WordPress there would have a shorter the learning curve.

Intermediate Affiliate Marketers

This is a category of affiliate marketers who know almost every thing there is to know about niche research, how to build niche website, etc. They may have made sales from their websites but it may not be as consistent as they had wished.

They also may have no sales yet… Or buying every new course or software to assist them in affiliate marketing

Veteran Affiliate Marketers

This is a group of affiliate marketers who have exceedingly enough knowledge amount affiliate marketing (and internet marketing in general) but have little to write home about.

This includes affiliate marketers who have been in the business for long yet not very successful at it. These are generally internet marketers, who are trying to use the internet make money online. One can be an internet marketer before they even know about affiliate marketing.

By the time they venture into affiliate marketing, they have a wealth of knowledge with them yet very little to show. They make sporadic sales here and there. This is the most frustrated group of all, I know because I have been here as you might have seen from history.

Maybe let me take a few minutes describe this group because I can relate with it so well, I know the frustrations. You feel like you know it all because you would have all the knowledge you need. Either it is SEO, you would! You would have bought quite a number of software that blasts content to build external links, joined membership sites that exchange links, bought article spinners, etc.

When you are in this group, you would be the most frustrated internet marketer there is! Ask me…

So we do not want you to buy into the idea that there is no work or you just use one-click website creators, etc. When you buy any of our products, especially the done for you Amazon affiliate sites, we do not encourage you to sit back and not work on them. Their success will be short lived. They will need your attention, we would have only saved you time from constructing a website from scratch and helping out with white hat SEO.

In most cases affiliate marketers fail because of lack of targeted traffic to their niche websites. Or black hat to grey hat SEO tactics. So here we do not use tactics and chances are the ready made niche websites you would have bought from us are likely to stick during any Google algorithm change. We use white hat SEO, that is why our websites rank highly even without using external backlinks.




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