Niche Market Ideas

As an affiliate marketer you should never run out niche market ideas for continued diversification. A new niche idea is a potential for another income stream into your business. So the many you have the good for you. You should rather be short of time than niche ideas. There are many resources you can use to generate these ideas of markets to go into. We discuss some of them below, the ones we generally use for new ideas and niche products.

Niche Market Ideas 2019

There are many ways you can develop niche market ideas and the list of such resources is endless. For our niche ideas in 2019, we are going to confine ourselves to the resources we use as our niche idea generators.

We will list them and discuss how we use them to come up with profitable niche markets that we can comfortably go after. In most cases we also come across untapped niche markets that do not require that much work to start profiting from.

We do not use a niche ideas generator software, we do it manually and it does not take that long. If you have software for that, like a plugin or something, you might find that this article will not help much.

However if you want a bit of different method or may be you are tight on budget for automatic niche idea generators then you will find our manual method fitting well enough.

Niche Market Ideas List

As an affiliate niche marketer ideally you will want to look for the best niches to make money. Below is a compact list of the type of markets to target in order to be a successful affiliate in 2019. With this list you can

Niche Market Ideas 2019
If you are looking for great niche ideas in 2019 consider the following category of niches and ACT!

  • Low Competition Niches
  • Profitable Niches
  • Successful Niches
  • Great Niches
  • Untapped Niches
  • Untouched Niches
  • Weird Niches
  • Emerging Niche Markets
  • Trending Niches
  • Seasonal Niches

With the above list you will never run out of affiliate niche marketing ideas

Characteristics Of Each Niche Idea

Some of the above categories are easy to spot while some are relative as to how you see them. As an example what you consider as a weird niche may not necessarily be to another marketer. This is because sometimes a product may sound weird simply because you did not know of its existence before and/or because of the sound of it.

Let us illustrate this with an example – cigar box guitar kit! This could be a weird term, to me it is. This is because I have not heard about a cigar box guitar kit. While on the other hand you may know and if you do, you will not find it weird in any way.

On the other hand it not necessarily mean that when you do not know about a niche, that alone qualifies it to be weird. If you have not heard of a pressure washer before and when you come across it in your search for niche ideas, it does really qualify it to be a weird niche.

A weird niche should also be generally less known by most affiliate marketers. How will you know this? There normally would be less affiliate sites around that niche. And when this is the case you might have a winner in your hands. We will continue with this when we explain what to look for or the characteristics of each niche.

Below we will attempt to give you a guide that will help you recognize each. However, note that a niche may fall in several categories and not restricted to one category. But this should not worry you, the idea is to have something to work with.

Low Competition Niches

A low competition is a niche is generally refers to a niche market that does not have a lot affiliates going after it. One of the ways to recognize a low competition niche is by typing a niche keyword or product name on a search engine like in Google and looking at the results that come up.

Continuing with the above example say you type or search for best cigar box guitar kit

If it is a low competition niche you will notice at least 4 things;

  • You will not find a lot of affiliate sites coming up on the search engine results pages (SERPs).
  • If there are affiliates websites they might be the old school type!
  • You might also get comparably very few results when you put the search term in quotes when you do the search.
  • You will find that there are not a lot of search engine pages when you look at the bottom of the pages.

Profitable Niches

One characteristic that shows that a niche is profitable niche is having a lot of niche websites around it. At times a profitable niche is highly competitive but you can also find a profitable niche with low competition.

With the methods that we use we normally discover such profitable niche markets. We will briefly look at these methods at the end of this Niche Market Ideas List!

Successful Niches

A successful niche is the type of niche that you will have ventured into and have and know its results. These could be any of the other 9 niche types listed here. Successful would refer to your experience with it – in other words what do you mean by successful by your won standards?

Say you have made or have an affiliate niche website on products around a certain niche, remember it could be a weird niche, untapped, trending, etc. If you are able to make reasonable commissions from that niche site, then you have a successful niche on your hands.

The good thing about a successful niche once you have identified it is that you can create another affiliate website in the same niche. So it makes your research a whole lot easier. We have a few successful niches that we will share with you.

Great Niches

A great niche is more like a successful niche but with more power to the punch. It could be a niche with so many ways to approach it. Meaning, you would have a wide variety of keywords around it that you could choose to target one keyword and still make significant sales.

Another characteristic could be the amount of commission you get from a single sale. In other words it is a great niche if it has pricey products that yield handsome commissions. An example of such a niche could be luxury baby strollers.

A luxury stroller like Stokke Xplory costs over $1,000 and one sale of such a stroller will give you about $50 commission. If you sell 10 of those in a month you have a $500 niche website.

Untapped Niches

An untapped niche is more like a niche market without a lot of affiliates crowding over it yet with a lot of potential. It normally also bears the characteristic of a low competition niche. Obviously if it untapped by default it should have low competition.

Untapped niches are typically emerging and weird niches. Most Smart Technology products like smart home gadgets, smart devices, etc fall under this niche. One example of such a niche is the Smart Sprinklers niche. It is also an emerging niche, but not weird though!

As an affiliate marketer, it will be in your best interest to tap into these untapped niche markets because you are likely to face little or no competition.

Untouched Niches

Untouched niches bear the same characteristics as the above ones – untapped and may be weird or emerging. However, it may not have the same promising potential as an untapped niche. When you tap into something you expect to win big time. Liken it to tapping into an oil resource.

On the flip side it may not be touched but not necessarily lucrative as you would expect an untapped niche to be. If it is also an emerging niche you might find that it is not yet embraced by the market such that it does not produce enough sales. Take note that you can substitute niche with product.

This is because you might find similar products in the same niche performing differently. As an example, let us look at battery chainsaws. We recently sold a niche website on battery chainsaws that was not performing well until a new chainsaw came into the market. That was a 20V Dewalt chainsaw.

Also Greenworks had to retire their 80V chainsaw and replace it with a different model. This a demonstration that the same can happen within a niche among products.

Weird Niches

A weird niche as explained with the cigar box guitar kit example above, is a niche that is normally less known and a bit “strange”. Something that can surprise you once you become aware of its existence.

Emerging Niche Markets

Emerging niches are generally new or innovative products. Smart technology niche has a lot of these products that fall under the emerging niche. These are the likes of Echo by, Smart Sprinklers, Smart Security Cameras, etc.

Emerging niches may start-off trending then flat off to become normal or common like any other niche. There was a time when robotic vacuum cleaners were emerging, they trended and they flattened off. They behave like any common niche. However, they do tend to trend during Christmas! At the same time most niches do experience an jump during this festive season.

As an affiliate marketer you should have an eye for emerging niches because they could boost your earning potential many fold because of low competition. So if you spot such a niche early on ensure that you attack it to improve your chances of being a successful affiliate marketer.

Trending Niches

A trending niche is a niche that has a lot of buzz and attention in the buying community. It could be a new gadget that has recently hit the market and is welcomed with a lot of publicity. It could also be an old usual niche that has suddenly become popular because of the news, events, etc.

An example that can fit the latter is the survival niche products. The products in the survival niche can suddenly hit an all time high because of a hurricane or certain uncalled for events and happenings.

While an example of a trending niche could be the introduction of the Echo Dot, Amazon Fire TV… Such products can trend for a while before they flatten off like emerging niches.

The major difference between a trending niche and emerging niche is that a trending niche could be an already existing niche that suddenly receives an above normal publicity. An emerging niche would be a relatively new niche that is hitting the market and being well received.

As an affiliate marketer you need to have niches that are likely to trend in their lifetime. This is because when they trend, you will already be in that niche with an affiliate site ready to share in the sales. In a way trending niche can behave somewhat like a seasonal niche except that it is not really predictable like a seasonal niche.

Seasonal Niches

A seasonal niche is a “trending” niche when it is its season. This is a niche that will perform exceptionally well during its season. It can be seasonal as in yearly seasons like spring, winter, etc. Or it can be seasonal in terms of timing like Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, etc.

The nice thing about this niche is that it is predictable. And due to its predictability it would nice to have a few affiliate websites around such niches. Here is an example, if you have one niche site for summer, another for winter, another for spring, etc… you could be doing well the whole year.

The difference is that your niche sites will not perform the same, they will perform according to season. A website on trimmers will do well in spring, while a website on snow throwers will do well in winter, etc.

You can see that if you plan well and have these aligned you can do well. So you need to have a couple of seasonal niches in your virtual real estate empire!

How To Find Niche Products For An Affiliate Website

Having looked at the above niche market ideas, a challenge could be finding niche products that fit into each market segment. That could be a taunting task but the good news is the first hurdle has been handled. Now you have an idea of the kind of niche market to go into.

In case you have not subscribed our FREE 7-Day Course enter your details below to have access to all the lessons in proper order …

Here is a select list of some of resources we use for ideas of markets to go into. Our 2 top methods of uncovering niches or new niche ideas as well as niche products are;

If you are looking for a niche ideas generator you will not go wrong with the two above. In our Free course we discuss and show how to use to find a niche for affiliate marketing.

How To Use As A Niche Ideas Generator is one of the best places to troubleshoot for niche ideas and products. We use one or a combination of the following to pick a niche and/or product.

  • Best Sellers
  • New Releases
  • Upcoming Products
  • Amazon Gold Box Deals
  • Amazon Warehouse Deals
  • Popularity Or Reviews
  • Commission Rate

How To Use As A Niche Ideas Generator is a good resource for what you can call weird niches. At the same time, if you search well, it will show you successful, profitable as well as great niches. You will also be to uncover virtually all other niches like untapped or untouched niche markets.

It is really a great resource for both niche market ideas and products to promote in that market!

Top 10 Profitable Niches In 2019

Having explained and shown the type of niches to go into and why it may be profitable for you, below we continue by suggesting some of the products that fit well the above categories. What we have also done is go a step further and prepared niche packets for you that you can use.

These niche research packets are useful or handy for you if you have the budget yet short on time (each niche research pack starts at a nominal fee of $7). From the methods we have shared, you can completely do the research on your own and create a niche affiliate website.

  1. Smart Sprinklers
  2. Cordless Chainsaws
  3. Sewing Machines
  4. Baby Strollers
  5. Power Tools
  6. Home Security
  7. Instant Pot
  8. Luxury Hair Straighteners
  9. Robotic Vacuum Cleaners
  10. Massage Chairs

It is worth noting that these are the same niches that we have gone into and had sterling results. As we expand further each niche market, we also share screenshots of traffic, earnings, etc depending on which point we want to stress.

The whole idea is to help you as much as possible as you can see that we free show you the niches to go after accompanied with proof from our experience. Not only that we offer short cut for you by offering cheaply priced packets.

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Note that we have two kinds of these niche research packs, i.e.

Basic Niche Product Research – This is basically an Amazon niche research for best selling products according to Amazon. It is a basic product niche research pack that identifies at least 10 super selling products… click here to read more…

Advanced Niche Keyword Research Packets – These Advanced Niche Keyword Research Packets are notch up with more research done on niche keywords and niche products. If you are not only looking for successful niche markets with profitable products to promote, you will love these packets… Click here to read more…



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