How To Choose A Niche And Products

Welcome. This is part of our Free 7-Day course – 7 Essential Tasks To Overcome Affiliate Marketing Challenges and it is Day 1 of the e-course.

Today we are going to show you how to choose a niche and its products to promote.

How To Choose A Niche For Affiliate Marketing

Choosing a niche for affiliate marketing is not as complex as it may seem. After reading our article on Niche Market Ideas, you will know the types of niches to choose.

This knowledge forms the basis of this article on how to choose a niche and its products. In the article you will have learnt about;

How To Choose A Niche And Products
  • Low Competition Niches
  • Profitable Niches
  • Successful Niches
  • Great Niches
  • Untapped Niches
  • Untouched Niches
  • Weird Niches
  • Emerging Niche Markets
  • Trending Niches
  • Seasonal Niches

You also will have learned the when, how, why of choosing a certain type of niche. So this article continues on that basis to describe or layout the steps you perform to choose a niche using one of the methods of niche selection!

Niche Selection

The best places to find a winning niche are and However, for the scope of this course we will demonstrate the method.

Go to
start at Amazon Best Sellers
Amazon has a section for best sellers and we go to this section and choose one of the niches.

A choice of niche is arbitrary because for as long as there are best sellers it will be difficult to go wrong provided you follow the subsequent tasks that we share with you.

Let us choose the Electronics category. The idea is not to go too broad in a niche but as narrow as possible such that you give yourself room to grow.

So we will need to go further into the Electronics category.

We click on Television & Video but it is also too broad.

Next we narrow down into Televisions.
Choose Televisions Niche

Here we find that the Televisions category has 2 more inner categories being LED & LCD TVs and OLED TVs. We can go further and choose either of the narrower niches called Micro Niches.

You can choose to go with LED TVs, LCD TVs, OLED TVs, 4K TVs, SMART TVs, etc… when you narrow down into a niche like this your affiliate website’s theme will be much easier to maintain and the website can become an authority fast. However, a micro niche can also be too narrow to expand or add more products in the future and still maintain the website theme.

To make things a little more exciting, let us stick with Televisions. This, in affiliate marketing terms, can qualify as or called a Micro Niche. It comes from a broader Electronics Niche.

So our selected niche is Televisions.
In summary, this is how we arrived at it!

  1. We went to best sellers page –
  2. We arbitrarily chose the Electronics Category.
  3. We drilled down from Electronics, Televisions & Video to Televisions.
  4. We chose Televisions category as the Micro Niche to go after.

Product Selection

After choosing this micro niche, now the next step is to choose at least 10 bestselling televisions. again qualifies as a platform to find products. Other popular platforms or online stores can be used but since we will be building Amazon Affiliate websites, it is best we use online store.

You have 3 ways of choosing these products.
Method 1 – go to the page and sort the products by featured. Then choose the first 10 featured TVs, they also qualify as best sellers.
Choose Featured Products
Method 2 – go to Televisions Bestsellers and choose the first 10 best sellers.

Method 3 – combine the 2 methods above, say choose first 20 products from each method and merge the products to come up with 10 to 20 products. At the same time look select first 5 products each from Top Rated, Hot New Releases, Most Wished For and Most Gifted Products.

At times, depending on the niche the best way to choose the first 10-20 products to promote is using Method 3. This is because sometimes Method 1 may miss out some really good bestsellers that are at the top of 100 bestsellers.

Method 2 may have products concentrated in one area, though they will be bestsellers at the top of the 100. You may have a lot of products in the same price range, normally lower priced items… or you may have the same brand products that differ by color or differ slightly… that way this choice of products will not cover a wide spectrum of the niche.

So when you combine Methods 1 and 2 you are unlikely to miss the gems and as well cover a wider spectrum of the products. This will become apparent in Day 3 when we look at planning the site.

The idea is to select the first 10 to 20 products to write content on as review articles.

So in summary;

  1. Select the first 10 to 20 products from
  2. Or Select the first 10 to 20 products from
  3. Or combine 1 and 2 above together with 5 top products each from Top Rated, Hot New Releases, Most Wished For and Most Gifted Products.
  4. At the end have 10 to 20 products.
  5. Depending on your budget (time and money) plan to write content yourself, buy PLR content or outsource content writing.

We will talk more about content on Day 5.

This is the end of the first task. If you followed along you should now have a micro niche and 10 to 20 products to promote. Below is a sample spreadsheet image for the 20 televisions selected using the above methods.

niche product selection

Affiliate Niche And Product Selection Video

Watch the following video that demonstrates the above. It provides more clarity on the concepts discussed above.

Next we will look at Keyword research for this niche.




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