Great Niche Ideas For Untapped Niche Markets

If you have been in the affiliate marketing sphere for a while and unfortunately have not been making any money, you would probably be sold to the idea that all good niches are taken. You have been told that the weight loss niche is a great market to go into only to find that competition is fierce. Talk less of the fitness niche… This can be so sad that you do not have anywhere to look!

Take heart and thank God you are here. I am going to share with you some untapped niche markets that will give you great niche ideas. I will also share with you methods and ways you can use to tap into any niche, even seemingly competitive ones and you also become competitive in any niche.

To give you a hint, by methods and ways I am talking about;

  • proper and in-depth keyword research that will uncover these untapped niches,
  • use of auto-suggested and LSI keywords,
  • strategic keyword targeting with content writing and marketing,
  • using whitehat and highly effective SEO techniques for high rankings in search engines – think Schema Markup, strategic internal linking, etc.,
  • starting with one simple affiliate marketing strategy before diversifying into other strategies or affiliate programs – hint: micro niches and amazon affiliate sites,
  • short-cut to reducing labour intensive and time consuming tasks like building a website from scratch, finding products to promote, etc.

A niche can be broad or narrow or even require a certain angle to approach it. This is what I am going to be talking about here. I will show you untapped niche markets in 2019 and also give you great niche ideas to approach each market.

Untouched Niche Markets 2019

Just so that we are on the same wavelength, think untouched to mean low competition, unpopular, no saturation compared to other niches.

If you are looking for niche market ideas in 2019 start with the below mainly for 2 reasons, one reason with a condition – the condition being, the second reason is valid if you are an Amazon affiliate. When you know how to build a successful affiliate website make successful Amazon affiliate websites by choosing niches that have a higher commission rate with a mix of low commission rates but with high traffic volumes.

The niches below attract a commission of 8% which is one of the highest commission rates, some niches will give you a 2% commission which is very low. For a commission this low you will need to be selling huge volumes of the products. This means you will need to be an expert in looking for low competition, high traffic keywords list and that can be hard.


Home Improvement

Home Security Systems

The home security market is wide open for the taking, there is diverse choice of products in this broad niche. And to let you in on another secret, it is also tied to the smart technology discussed above. People want to tune in to their smart phones to see what is happening in the yard. So a smart security device is a good niche market to go after.


Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners have been there since long back and it may seem it does not qualify as an untapped niche market. But I disagree… Have a look at the robotic vacuum cleaner niche especially Smart ones i.e. the ones that are Wi-Fi enabled.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaners is great niche to go after more so that these items are not cheap. You can find units going for $800.00. And as an affiliate market we thank that in terms of commission. How much commission is that when you sell such a unit?!

PLR Blog - Robotic Vacuums
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Buy Ready Made Affiliate Websites One of the best niches to go into in this day and age is the SMART niche and one other doorway of the many is the robotic vacuums micro niche. Grab this Pre Made Website For Sale In Robotic Vacuums Micro Niche and you will tap into this barely touched market for huge profits. Robotic vacuums carry a price tag that every affiliate marketer will salivate over… And with places like the commission rate is such that you can make over $50 per sale with some purchases…… read pre made niche websites


Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances are like consumables, every kitchen must have them. But as a marketer you should look deeper than that… don’t only think pots, cookware, cutlery! Think Smart and new technologies…

Kitchen appliances like Smart Instant Pot, Smart Sous Vide, Slow Cookers, etc… these are kitchen appliances in case you are wondering what Sous Vide is… I know I was when I first saw it. Do you know how to find such weird profitable niches? Go to and play around the categories and go narrow in each category, you will come across things Sous Vide, slow cookers niche, etc…

There is also mention of new technologies… air fryer! That’s another niche I never knew existed until I played around Amazon Kitchen appliances category. You must agree these are some great niche ideas in truly untapped markets. Kitchen Appliances, air fryers in particular, should be on the top of your list of untouched niche markets in 2019 because new products and technologies emerge more often.

Amazon Niche Website - Air Fryers
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PLR Micro Niche Site Increase your profits with this Ready Made Amazon Affiliate Site In Air Fryers Micro Niche. Air fryers are not only a must-have for all food enthusiasts, if you are an affiliate marketer you need to have a niche website to tap into this profitable market. This is a great niche because it is trending up, new products are coming out now and again… and most importantly consumers are searching for this kitchen appliance high and low online… … read amazon turnkey websites for sale
Ready Made Niche Website - Coffee Machines
Amazon Affiliate Websites
PLR Websites For Sale Coffee is a good niche to be in as an affiliate marketer because it is one of those commodities that consumers like. As an affiliate, it is big market worth to be into and all you need is find a micro niche to tap into it. One such micro niche is Coffee Machines. When you Buy Ready Made Affiliate Website In Coffee Machines Micro Niche PLR site you will have an opportunity to profit from this market. This PLR site is well optimized to be competitive in the Internet arena…… read buy affiliate website
Pre Made Niche Website - Rice Cookers
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Pre Made Niche Websites The kitchen appliance niche is huge and profitable. This is because it appeals to all sorts of people. We have a Done For You Niche Website In Rice Cookers Micro Niche which appeals to moms, dads in the kitchen or a whole range of consumers who want a specialized kitchen utensil. When you visit websites like to do a research as an affiliate marketer you will notice that this is a micro niche to be into… our done for you niche site gives you a headstart…… read buy niche websites


PLR Micro Niche Site - Charcoal Grills
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Buy Micro Niche Sites Grilling is such a big broad profitable niche that is worth every effort to go after. We have a Niche Website For Sale In The Charcoal Grills Micro Niche that target a segment of this broad market. People who like grilling with charcoal… if you visit sites like or any website selling grills you will notice how big this market is. Big does not necessarily mean overly competitive and with our search engine friendly micro niche website you will win…… read websites for sale that make money

Personal Care

Ready Made Niche Website - Foil Shavers
Micro Niche Ideas
Done For You Niche Websites Hair care is one of the huge profitable niches but some affiliates shy away from it because of its perceived competitiveness. We have a Niche Blog For Sale In The Foil Shavers Micro Niche that will put you ahead of your competition simply because the website is already search optimized and this is a micro niche meaning very tightly targeted… And best of all it has an infinite number of products to promote from low priced to high priced…… read plr blogs

Power Tools

Outdoor Power Equipment

ope nicheThis is the OPE niche. People want to go green and are do not want to use gas powered equipment where possible. Manufacturers saw a space here and took full advantage of it. You should follow suit. And here are some of the great niche ideas!

Cordless Outdoor Power Equipment like cordless Chainsaws, Trimmers, Nail Guns, etc. You catch the drift…!

Ready Made Affiliate Site - Framing Nailers
Create Micro Niche Blog
Turnkey Niche Websites For Sale This is a sub-niche in the power tools broad niche. As a savvy affiliate marketer grab this Done For You Affiliate Website In Framing Nailers Micro Niche! This is a whole year round niche with huge spikes during gifting seasons like Father’s Day, Christmas, Black Friday, Cyber Monday or any special day that can be likened to gifting a man, especially. As an affiliate you will make money because it is laser focused, framing nailers, and search engine optimized…… read turnkey affiliate websites
Amazon Niche Website - Cordless Chainsaws
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Premade Niche Site One market that is untapped and less know in affiliate marketing circles is the OPE niche. OPE stands for Outdoor Power Equipment and targets go-green enthusiasts. Buy Affiliate Website In The Cordless Chainsaws Micro Niche and tap into this passionate market. Consumers in these market not only buy because they need the equipment, they also buy with passion… with the right strategy, which we have implemented in this PLR website, you can get you piece…… read ready made websites for sale

Smart Technology

Smart technology and smart devices are relatively new in the market and the good thing is everybody wants to go smart. By everybody I mean people who would want to buy the smart gadgets.

You will find smart devices often controlled by voice using Alexa or other technologies out there and these are great to build an affiliate marketing website around them. So what is so great and so untouched about this niche? Here are some great niche ideas.

Think Smart Water Sprinklers

Smart Water sprinklers are the in thing right now even before 2019 for several reasons.
Great Niche IdeasThey are ripe to go after because everyone wants to save water. Not only save water, certain municipalities have water restrictions and a smart sprinkler controller makes it much easier to adhere to water restrictions in those areas.

Further some areas go to the extent of offering rebates on purchase of a smart water sprinkler device. Not only that, they are smart! You can use voice commands to control or operate it, you do not have to go out!

So if you want to win in this market look at smart devices, starting with Smart Water Sprinklers, some other products that incorporate the SMART technology are listed below.


Pre Made Niche Website - Compact Massage Chairs
Free Ready Made Affiliate Websites
Buy Niche Websites Relaxing is one of the self care activities that people would want to do when given time. Time is scarce for most people that is why they are stressed. We have a PLR Website For Sale In The Compact Massage Chairs Niche targeting these people who want to relax yet they “have no time”… These consumers are looking for products that can help them relax while working or doing something else… Compact massage chair fit this category and you will win with this website…… read plr blogs
Done For You Niche Website - Essential Oils
Affiliate Websites Examples
Amazon Niche Website In most cases to be successful at affiliate marketing you need to find a low competition niche. Otherwise you need to go narrow and laser focused on a broader niche. We have a Low Competitive Niche Website For Sale In essential oils niche. Essential oils is a big niche but not yet untapped by affiliate marketers so by itself it is not overly competitive such that you can afford to go broad as long as you post good content on a well planned website…… read buy niche website

Well we could go on and on in our search for untapped profitable niche markets. The above 5 should give you enough to go round especially that they are profitable niches with low competition, so you are bound to make some money. For the whole year you may not run out of great niche ideas within the same markets.

Affiliate Marketing Hurdles

However, I must add, as much as these are great niche ideas and profitable niches with low competition in 2019, there might be a few stumbling blocks especially when you are not yet a seasoned affiliate marketer. I am talking about setting up a review website, writing content and uploading it, getting traffic to your website and making sales.

These I know are some of the worst stumbling blocks an internet marketer can come across in their career. Further if you want to start fast you might have to spend more money than normal – read this article here, How Much Money Do You Need To Start Affiliate Marketing?

That being said, making money on the internet requires some elbow grease contrary to what some people say, the same is true with using the affiliate marketing model. So if you do not have the basics, there will be some learning curve. If you have the basics you will just need to rinse and repeat until setting up a review website, writing content and uploading it, getting traffic, etc. becomes second nature.

At, we can help you with some of these hurdles that you need to overcome. We have some packaged products that can shortcut some of the stumbling blocks experienced by most affiliate marketers. With these products you will be able to use them immediately and at the same time learn instead of learning first (which can take forever) them implementing later (which at times never happens).

Keyword Research That Uncovers Untapped Niche Markets

Keyword research is the first and basic step one has to take when looking for ideas for niches. It can be shallow or very thorough either way at least you must know how to do it and do it properly.

We have Niche Research Packets which are in 2 parts and we call them Basic Niche Product Research and Advanced Niche Research. The former is essentially finding keywords related to products you wish to promote as an affiliate marketer. We have packets that are ideally made for Amazon Affiliate marketing and you can easily build amazon affiliate niche websites from them.

The latter, Advanced Niche Research Packets, are an in-depth general niche research exercise which potentially uncovers untouched niche markets and is capable of giving you more niche ideas for a website.

For clarity, say you want to start an Amazon affiliate website on Pressure Washers, the Basic Niche Product Research Packet will give a list of top selling products (according to Amazon BestSellers at the time of research). Then each product will have a list of keywords that search use when looking for that particular product. Depending on how popular the product is that list may range anywhere from 1 to over 10 different keyword (or, in this case, product name variations).

These product variations are generally auto-suggestions from Google search engine. Read more about our Basic Niche Product Research Packet here

Following the same example, when we come to Niche Research Packets, the research will be on the broader niche – Pressure Washers. As we conduct this research using different keyword research tools, the process will uncover micro niche ideas like say “pressure washers under 200”, “for car wash”, gas, electric, telescoping wands, etc. Basically you can use these packets to expand an affiliate website or create several micro niche sites based on the broad niche.

The other most important use of the Niche Research Packets is that they can be used to categorize your affiliate site. That is, with the uncovered keywords you can create categories on your wordpress affiliate site to group products according to their features, uses, makes, etc. It is important to know how to plan an affiliate marketing website and the best way to start is with a well researched niche.

To learn how to find more affiliate marketing niche ideas read about our Advanced Niche Research Packets here

How To Tame Popular Niche Markets With Auto-Suggested And LLSI Keywords

Our affiliate marketing niche research is thorough in that it includes auto-suggested and LSI keywords. We found the need to include this not only to make these packets complete but to make content articles, when written with these sprinkled in them, very themed around the subject matter.

When you write a themed article, that is an article with relevant auto-suggested and LSI variations, search engines will identify and class it against other content correctly. This will increase the chances of the content to be ranked and show up in SERPs higher for the keywords. This also has the effect of targeting several keywords with one article.

Click to learn how to write content for affiliate marketing

SEO That Gives You Results

As an affiliate marketer you need to know SEO for affiliate sites such that you can be picked by search engines whenever people are searching for products online. Good SEO on a site will improve your chances of being picked by search engines and occupy the top positions in SERPs. This way you website will attract what is called organic traffic.

Organic traffic is the holy grail of any internet marketer or any online business for that matter. With our intensive keyword research, proper website planning, and effective content writing your Amazon affiliate website whether on a popular niche market or untapped niche will potentially win.

That is not all, we also share ideas on whitehat SEO practices like how to do proper internal linking and including Schema Markup on your content. If you want a shortcut to all these, we have pre made websites for sale with the best products to sell online to make money.

With our ready made websites you have options to buy plr websites, or live established affiliate with traffic or profits or as starter sites that are 0-6 months old. Click here to learn more about our ready made websites for sale

Combining Micro Niches 2019 With Amazon Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing you can still win from a popular niche if you strategize well. By performing effective keyword research you can use or find keywords that will turn any popular niche to suddenly have micro niche ideas in 2019. This way you will not run out of untapped blog niches from just one niche.

How Ready-Made Or Done-For-You Products Can Save Time And Laboring

If you want to save time researching products, doing keyword research, planning and creating an affiliate website from scratch consider buying any of PLR products. Our PLR products are unique and of high quality.

Basic Niche Product Research – This niche product research will give you bestseller products (acording to Amazon BestSellers). Each product comes with product name variations that searchers use online. You do not have to guess! You also get LSI keywords as given by search engines. These will assist you in writing themed and relevant content.

Advanced Niche Research Packets – This is niche research at broad level, not product level as above. It provides more website niche ideas as well as uncover more good niche markets to go after. It goes further than that, the niche research can be used to plan-out a whole new Amazon affiliate marketing webesite in terms of categories, tags, navigations, etc.

PLR Articles – Our PLR product review articles will save you time of starting an article from scratch. We do not advice to use these articles as is but improve them with a few touches. Use them in conjunction with feedback you get from Google Console (and our Niche Research Packs, if you purchased them). Otherwise do a bit of your own keyword research to sprinkle a few relevant keywords on the article. To use as is will not be very beneficial for you and might as well be a waste of your money.

PLR Niche Blogs – These PLR websites are on wordpress platform and are constructed using the best plugins for best performance.

Buy Niche Websites From Untapped Markets

We have a number niche blogs for sale as PLR and if you want to save time and/or reduce your learning curve these PLR sites are worth considering. Do not dismiss them as PLR as some people in the affiliate marketing circle would advice.

We differ because how we create our PLR sites is unique and they created with 2 thoughts in mind;

  1. To save you time and help you with initial tasks of SEO covered.
  2. The assumption, and that is what you should do, is you will update, increase and grow the content to make the affiliate website unique from others. Our PLR sites are like chessmen on a chessboard, once you start moving your pieces by the 5th to the 10th move your game will be unique, there would no other game like it. The same with our PLR sites once you start adding your own content and working with Google Console (and the Niche Research Packets if you purchased them as well) to improve content, the site will automatically become unique regardless of whether 100 people purchased the same copy…

To find out how unique and spectacular our PLR amazon sites for sale are constructed read PLR Niche Blogs For Sale.

Popular FAqs About Untapped Niche Markets 2019

What is a micro niche?

A micro niche is a smaller niche inside a bigger niche. Example – say you are an affiliate marketer and you want to create an affiliate site promoting electric shavers. The in your research you realize that within electric shavers there are electric shavers for men, for women, foil shavers, rotary shavers, trimmers, etc. Each of these are micro niches inside the electric shavers niche.

What is micro niche site?

A micro niche site is a website that targets a specific group of similar or related products that they themselves can fall under a broader niche or category. From the example above any affiliate website targeting say rotary shavers would be a micro niche site. However a site on electric shavers can also be classed as a micro niche looking at the fact that shavers can also be manual.

What are the most popular blog topics?

There is a diverse and wide array of blog topics that can be considered popular. Popular will go with context and the market you are after as an affiliate marketer. As an example weight loss can be considered a popular blog topic, as well as fitness, toys, etc. If the question is asked from the point of view of wanting to avoid the niche because it is popular rather find a micro niche inside that popular topic. If we look at fitness you can narrow down to fitness equipment and even go narrower to selecting the type of equipment like rowing machines.

What are the most profitable niches for affiliate marketing?

Any niche can be profitable in affiliate marketing. The profitabilitiness rests heavily on the affiliate marketer depending on their skill level of writing content, attracting traffic and the quality of traffic. However, niches with hefty commissions can be regarded as profitable. A niche may be difficult to penetrate but one sale would be a game changer. For beginners physical product niches where products have part numbers that consumers use to search can be profitable. It will also help if those products are on the high price ticket side such that you get a good commission for each sale. These include niches like massage chairs, OPE, etc.

What are good niches?

Form an affiliate marketer’s point of view, goods niche will be profitable niches with low competition. These may seem difficult to find but one of the best ways is to use a popular niche with a twist on keywords. You can take a high competition niche and target products with the use of words like best, top, guide, etc. This way you a can turn a highly competitive nice into a good niche to go after.

How do I find the best niche marketing ideas?

The best way to find niche marketing ideas is to go to the bestsellers section of will give you great niche website ideas in 2019 because it will show you what is selling on their website by rating it according customer reviews and other factors. These products are reviewed by actual customers who would have used them. So that will be a good place to start if you want to promote physical products.

How do you research a niche market?

To research a niche market you must use niche research products like Ubersuggest,, online merchant stores like Amazon for niche market ideas. You simply go to, preferably the bestsellers section and pick any niche that interests then drill down for a micro niche. After picking the micro niche go to any of your favorite keyword research tools to look for related keywords, search volume, ranking difficulty, competitors, etc.

Can you make money with niche websites?

One can definitely make money with niche websites. This is because a niche websites is very focused on a particular topic and able to use related keywords (semantic keywords) effortlessly to become an authority on the topic. Unlike broader websites like a website on health or fitness a narrower website will require much less resources to start making money.



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