Niche Selection Strategies

Selecting a niche is a skill that can be learned and is easy. In this article we will try to help you acquire this skill and develop several niche selection strategies to help grow your affiliate marketing online business. We are going to look at the basics of niche selection and expand on them such that you become well equipped in your endeavor.

What Is Niche Selection?

Niche selection, from the perspective of affiliate marketing or dropshipping, is choosing a segment in a market that you feel will appeal to customers such that you can make a profit as you market to them. In choosing this segment you will also have a choice products either to sell or provide information about. In dropshipping, these are physical products, while in affiliate marketing these can be physical and digital.

In terms of marketing to them there are several ways that can be done including using ads that send prospective buyers to offers, etc. However, the base to marketing your niche is creating a website where you can share information regarding everything around your niche. Your strategy should be such that you can write product reviews, share tips, buying guides, etc.

When selecting a niche do not only be concerned about products because there is only so much you can write about products. You should also be concerned about what are people looking for in that niche. You will see examples below of niche products and how you can have an all encompassing informative website. You do not want to cate for buyers only but also information seekers.

Choosing a Niche for Your Affiliate Website

As an affiliate marketer and especially when starting out learning how to start affiliate marketing, you need to have a skill to choose a niche since you will have to choose a number of niches to go after.

It is possible to just choose one niche, stick to it and be successful which means in such a case a skill of choosing a niche is not necessary. However, that is not normally the case with affiliate marketing. Before settling on one niche you would have been involved with different niches.

niche selection

Further, depending on your business goals and intentions developing a skill to select a niche could be handy. As you grow as an affiliate marketer one of your business goals might be create affiliate websites in different niches and sell them in order to increase your revenue. That way you will be growing your online business and not limited to just affiliate marketing…

So let us get back to the basics of choosing a niche. There are so many niches that you can choose from, but you will need to be sure that you have passion for the niche because you’ll need to do research constantly on the topic. If you don’t have a passion for it, it can be quite hard to keep focused.

Passion in this context is multi-faceted. If you have passion on the niche have passion for making money, or have have passion to know about affiliate niche marketing. Look at it this way, you may have passion for your job or hobby but it is not always that you maintain the passion when you carry out your duties or engaged in your hobby.

At times you will be doing what you are doing out of obligation. Say you like singing and when you take singing lessons it will happen that you will feel like skipping a lesson but you go anyways because of obligation. Or when you go to your job of choice, there are times when you feel like not going to work. So it will be when choosing a niche.

Your passion can be multi-faceted such that when you feel the niche is not interesting you think of the money you could be making. That should be enough drive to continue working on that niche. So do not limit passion to just passion towards the niche but everything encompassing your goals. You are going to venture into niches that you know nothing about and passion to grow or make money or learn more about other things will carry you through.

The Basics Of Niche Selection

The basics of niche selection are simply the old school way of how choosing a niche was done. This way of doing it evolved as affiliate marketing also evolved into what it is today and the potential it carries. Affiliate marketing can be a fully fledged online business to make money from home without ever facing the hassles and challenges that come with 8 to 5 job – like traffic and commuting.

So let’s start with the basics before we expand.

Research Your Ideas

Write down a few topics in which you enjoy learning about and find out who, if anyone is already involved in that niche. Now, don’t allow yourself to be discouraged if other people are already doing that niche. In fact, you want other people to be doing that niche. The reason is, if others are involved in it, then it must be profitable.

Bring Your Passion

If you’ve picked a niche that you have passion about, that you love and understand, you’ll be even more likely to stay focused over the long term. Creating a niche blog isn’t something you just throw up today and that’s it. You have to keep blogging, daily if possible, and continuously over a long period of time to become popular. The passion you have will shine through in everything you do.

Know Your Purpose

You can be very passionate about a topic, but lack focus. To have a successful blog your purpose needs to be clear so that you can focus on the specific message that you have. Don’t have a blog about “books” have a blog about a specific type of book. Don’t have a “cooking” blog, have a blog about a particular type of cooking. The more you niche down, the more you’ll be able to understand what your purpose is.

Solve Problems

When you pick a niche, you need to try to understand the audience enough to be able to solve the problems the audience for that particular niche has. If you understand the niche, and the audience, you’ll be able to come up with and find products and services that solve their problems. If you understand your niche you’ll know what problems the audience has.

Bring Your Personality

Don’t try to be someone else. You have competition but you want to be different by being yourself. You can’t copy someone else and expect to be successful. You need to figure out who you are and bring your unique voice to the niche. Your personality is very important in whatever you choose to do.

Then, just do it. I know that sounds like a silly commercial but it’s true. If you set your mind to doing something, do it. Take the steps necessary to get your blog started and then work on it every day. Set aside the time you can to work on it, and you won’t regret it. In one year’s time if you start today, you will have a very successful blog.

How Broad Should Be The Niche

Let’s talk a little bit more about choosing your niche expanding on the above.

It used to be that you could write a skimpy blog on an extremely narrow topic and do very well with it. However, with the last few Google updates, it’s become very important that your site become one of authority. The more high-quality content you have, eventually, the better.

That means you need to choose a niche that is narrow, but not too narrow. You never want to run out of topics. There should be new products released within your niche all the time. There should be news stories about your topic, all the time. There should be lots of blogs and activity in your niche, all the time. It has to be something people really care about—something that has a lot of staying power.

This should not be something too general, like weight loss. But you can choose a very specific niche within the larger weight loss market. In fact, you can do even better if you target very profitable and popular categories like Internet marketing, fitness, and weight loss. You just have to find a unique angle so you can succeed even in a crowded field.

It can’t be stressed enough how important it is to enter into a niche that has buyers. It’s one thing to have a niche that’s popular. It’s another thing altogether to have a niche where people are actively buying products. You are in this to make money as much as you’d also like to help people. Choose a niche where people buy products and buy them often. You want a niche where people don’t just buy one product, they buy many.

Examples Of Niche Selection Strategies

Above we mentioned that niche selection for affiliate marketing starts with researching your ideas or trouble shooting. Let us give you an example of how you can go about doing until the last point where we said you also be mindful of how broad the niche should be.

How Do I Choose My Niche

If you think you do not have any niche websites ideas to start a niche blog think of the last time you wanted to buy something and you had to do a research about before purchase. You might have bought a small household item like a vacuum cleaner. This could be a good niche selection for starters.

What you can ask yourself is the amount of knowlegde you came across in your research. The next thing that you need to realize is that there are other people out there who might be looking for the same information. Now as an affiliate marketer you mind should be raising because you have just noticed how it is as a consumer to be looking for information.

In your research you had your own questions and at the same time you uncovered other bits and pieces of information you did not know about vacuum cleaners. Like we said now think like an affiliate marketer not a consumer. As you were reading on other websites did you feel the information was complete or did you have to look at 10 other websites for the same. Now that should get you thinking.

How Do You Research A Niche Market?

This is not about finding the best niche for Amazon affiliate marketing but rather finding gaps to fill, this is how you research a niche market. Just like you are researching about the best vacuum cleaner for your needs, other people are doing exactly the same. As you visit that many websites what did they lack that you can write about such that the next person after you can find complete information on your website. As an example say you were looking for the best vacuum cleaner for carpet and at the same time you have a pet say dog.

Now we know that a dog has hair and your carpet is likely to have dog hair all over as the dog jumps about playing. So now you have a carpet, as opposed to floor tile or hardwood, and the carpet needs special cleaning because of dog hair.

So say in your research you were coming across topics like best vacuum cleaner buying guide, Vacuum cleaners under a certain price range, etc. And you struggled to find information specific to your situation – so make it easier for the next person, create an informative blog! So this means you can combine all that information about buying guide, price range etc. with being specific about a vacuum cleaner ideal for cleaning a carpet and remove dog hair.

This is one idea that can spring up other ideas. Ideas like what if the next person has a cat and cat hair has short strands, what if you house has a lot of furniture and now a question arises about the type of vacuum cleaner to buy. Would a robotic vacuum cleaner be ok or rather a stick one, etc. Now do you see how new topic begin to emerge and being an affiliate markerter you just have to structure your content strategically such that these many topics and questions can be covered in a mannerly way. So that’s it about researching ideas and trouble shooting.

What Niches Are Most Profitable?

The best niches for affiliate marketing are those niches with a lot of stones unturned, these are the most profitable niches. Where you can answer questions that consumers have. You can also use the strategy taught by Digital Worth where you do not have to narrow yourself dowm to a micro niche but rather a much broader niche. Say you can create a website around cleaning and have a category about vacuum cleaners.

At the same time how narrow or broad a niche is, is very relative. It very much depends on how you plan your site, do your research to uncover untapped areas, and how deep you want to go into the niche. Though Digital Worth has a software that will tell you immediately profitable products to sell under that niche with a breakdown of potential income to make, it also depends on your approach. How deep you dive in your research can easily uncover profitable niches with low competition.

In addition to niche ideas generator, Digital Worth also shows you strategies to follow in order to create winning blog posts and ensure that each blog post must ultimately earn you at least $72 a month. Speaking of at least $72 a month per article, there is your passion, your motivation! If you do not like vacuum cleaners micro niche or the cleaning niche, aiming for $72/month should be enough motivation, for me at least.

After passion I talked about purpose, know your purpose, again how much you can potentially make will refine your purpose and focus. You realize that you will win better when you split your topics and categorize them. Have a category about robotic vacuum cleaners, another about stick ones, etc. At the same time categorize cleaning surfaces into carpet, hardwood floor, tile, etc. Further categorize the vacuum cleaners into brands and list them according to brands.

This way you can see that suddenly you have the best niche for Amazon affiliate marketing because there are some bestseller vacuum cleaners at Amazon so you cannot go wrong. Chances are even when you use Digital Worth software you will be able to start with easy to win vacuum cleaners.

When you think of niche selection for affiliate marketing this way you will notice that you will not stress when looking for a niche to go after even finding best amazon affiliate niches. The next thing we talked about after knowing your purpose and focusing on a particular item was solving problems.

How To Find A Profitable Niche

This goes back to where we started. Remember this niche came about because you were looking for a vacuum cleaner that can vacuum a carpet and the carpet had dog hairs. So now you are expanding this idea into other areas that a consumer may need solving. We said a consumer might, this time around, have a cat, or a lot of furniture around the cleaning area. So what type of vacuum cleaner will be suitable for their needs. As you address all these you will be solving problems. Click here to learn how to find a niche product!

At Income School, they talk about this a lot and they speak about creating your affiliate website starting with 30 blog posts. The first ten or first third answer questions in your niche and should be about 1500 words in length. The next third should be more in depth posts of about 2500 words and the last third should be more of pillar posts of about 3500 words. You can see that with research as you write these posts you will solving someone’s problems.

After solving problems we moved onto bringing out your personality. After doing the research I think by default your personality will come out. Just do not make the mistake of being an expert at the subject or write as if your writing your final year exam paper. Simply write as if you are talking to your neighbor who was looking for your opinion or recommendation. If you like one particular brand over the other just layout your reasons not being an expert at it.

The last thing we talked about above is how broad the niche should be! Though one needs to be careful about this so that they do not limit the website expansion a niche is almost always expandable. As we mentioned above how broad a niche becomes depends on your research. There are times when you might think a niche is narrow, what we call a micro niche, but later realize there is a lot to write or know about this niche.

One of our micro niche PLR sites is about WiFi Sprinkler Controllers. On the surface this looks like a micro niche in the sense of the word but under the surface it is very expandable. One thing it under landscaping, or lawn care or water saving, etc. So in this sense it is expandable and wifi sprinkler controllers being relatively new in the market there are a lot of questions around them.

Consumers ask questions like how they can save water, how they can comply with water ration laws of watering on certain days, etc. When you approach this niche this way it suddently becomes broad and you will realize that you can never run out of affiliate marketing niches. At the time of this writing, this niche had over 150 products at so it certainly is not narrow. Combine the number of products with the number of possible questions that consumers can ask. This way you can create a niche website with well over 300 articles.

Profitable Niche Markets

When applying the above niche selection strategy you will notice that it is easy to find profitable niche markets. This is because profitability is not only on the price tag of the product and how much commission you can make from it. It is also about reach! How many people can you reach and be helpful to them. Augmenting product reviews with educational content that answers very pressing questions from consumers will open more avenues to make money. One simple way is to add ads on your site from platforms like AdSense.

As you answer these questions or offer content that is educating relevant ads will pop up and as your visitors click you will be more money. So profitable niche markets are not just about price and number of products available in that niche but also how much information is there to share with your potential visitors and what they are asking as well.

How Can A Niche Market Increase Sales

This comes down to this, a niche market can increase sales and revenue by incresing content on your website to cover different topics in the niche. You can go narrow on a topic such that it targets long tail keywords, specific questions, sparringly covered topics, etc. There is a saying that a river is fed by streams, so it is not always about high search volumes but rather tiny search volumes that increment each other.

The best way to scale up niche such that it ends up increasing sales is starting with niche market ideas before jumping to looking at whether the niche is low competition. With this strategy of scaling up any niche can suddenly become conquarable.




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