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VirincSolutions is a top website maintenance services company in Gaborone, Botswana, helping local businesses maintain and improve the performance and security of their websites…

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1-on-1 professional website support services to ensure that you website is always accessible and available to your prospects……

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We provide monthly or quarterly reporting that analyses and informs you if your digital marketing efforts are bearing fruit…

Our Website Maintenance, Support and Reporting is mainly a support service for our Local SEO Service. It is everything to do with SEO but if you have your website hosted by us, which is FREE, it includes technical maintenance service, also free. Otherwise the core service is SEO Maintenance!

Does Your Website Bring You Customers?

How Many On Monthly Basis?

If you are a local business and you have a website, it is important to know its performance as you would a regular employee…

A website is an employee, treat it like one…

We offer Website Maintenance, Support and Reporting Service that will allow you to evaluate the performance of your business website;

  1. Does your website show up in search engines like Google, Bing, etc?
  2. If it does, at what position, does it show on the first page of the SERPs?
  3. Does your website receive visitors?
  4. Do you have customers from your website?
  5. Do you know the search terms that bring visitors to your website?
  6. How often do you add new content to your website?
  7.  plus more…

These are pertinent questions that as a business owner or head of marketing, you should have answers to! And this is also how to measure effectiveness of SEO.

Website Maintenance & Support Services In Botswana

The secret sauce to our being able to provide maintenance, support and reporting that is informative, timely and relevant is a combination of the following tools;

Tracking Tools

Have you claimed your Google My Business (GMB) website already? If not, we can help you claim and create your GMB website and drive free traffic to your business. Contact us today to find out more…

Why Local SEO?

Traditional Marketing is Too Expensive…

As a business owner you may or may not have answers to the above questions but clearly they are important and necessary questions. So if you do not have answers to these questions at least your web developer or marketing team must have them. On the contrary these are the questions to ask your marketing team…

A website is not a set and forget property otherwise you will not benefit from most of what it is supposed to do. Nor is a website a brochure or company catalogue! If your company website is more of a set’n forget, or treat it like a brochure or catalogue you are under-utilizing it.

The responsibility of the website starts with the business owner (or a marketing department in the case of bigger companies). Then this responsibility flows down to a digital marketing service provider (or department).

As a digital marketing agency we know our responsibility and we are well positioned to provide you with the informative, timely and relevant reporting system that is a combination of maintenance, support and data analysis reporting.

With this service you will be able to know;

  • How many people visit your website,
  • Which search terms people use to come to your website,
  • Which webpages rank better,
  • Which pages can be improved,
  • How many inquiries and ultimately sales are generated by the website,
  • Be rest assured of very minimal website down times if any can occur,
  • Timely update of information on the website,
  • How much you are spending on any campaign and its ROI,
  • Which marketing effort is working best for you, etc.

And the perfect digital marketing starting point is to use what’s called Local SEO…


One of the best ways to enjoy the benefits of Local SEO is with a Google My Business (GMB) website! Do you have it? If not, we can help you claim and create your GMB website and drive free traffic to your business. Contact us today to find out more…

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We build professional, fast and affordable websites that will bring customers to the door of your business…


We do local SEO and Online Ads campaign management, this can reduce advertising costs tremendously…


You do not have to guess if our efforts are working for you, we provide maintenance and support, produce reports….

About SEO Service

We Will Put You In Front…

affordable maintenance services

Our services are affordable at times appearing cheap…

Quarterly Or Monthly Reports

Informative and easy to read website performance reports…


We can also help with all of your digital marketing needs…

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our work is measurable from month to month…

Why You Need This Service

Put A Constant Tab On The Site And Us

This service is inter-twined with our Local SEO Service. To get the most of our Local SEO Service you need a monthly plan of at least 12 months so that we can optimize your website the best way possible. SEO on its own is not a once off task, it is a process relying on many factors to be effective.

SEO starts off with optimizing different elements on a page like properly tagging page components (headings, images, meta descriptions, etc), implementing schema strucutured data markup, etc. Though this could be regarded as once-off processes they also need tweaking and changing over time as the optimization efforts progress.

Here is an example – at some point we may decide to change the meta description of a page to see if we can improve Click Through Rate (CTR). Or we may decide to add a video or image to existing content, this means we will have to update the schema markup.

What would bring or necessitate these changes, you ask? If say a page is on page 1, position 3 on the search engine results page, at times to bring it to position 1 is simply to change and write a better meta description of the page that will attract clicks. As it gets more clicks it is likely to go to position 1.

Or say in the case of deciding to add a video on the page… at times reducing bounce rate on a page that is to say encouraging website visitors to stay longer on a page could just take adding a video to the page. And as a new video is added it will also help to “schema markup it”.

What Is Included

Understand The Benefits Of Our Service

This Website Maintenance, Support and Reporting Service is not a stand-alone service and includes the following parts;

Website Maintenance

Maintenance is 2-fold. There is technical maintenance and SEO maintenance

Website Technical Maintenance

This will be to safeguard the website from hacks or downtime by performing backups, making sure that the CMS and plugins are up to date.

If the website is down for some reason we can resolve the issue immediately without waiting for a call from the website owner. This is basically dealing with anything that is regarded as technical.

Website Technical Maintenance is basically tecnical support.

It is important to note that it is important to carry out technical maintenance on a website from time to time as you would a car. A car is maintained in different ways. As the owner you may be able to clean and polish such that it looks new, at the same time you need an expert to change oil, check air filters, etc. The technical things that require expertise.

Website SEO Maintenance

This is a constant process of performing SEO related processes that improve the chances of a website to rank better and better in the search engines. It is a never ending process though the intensity and frequency of changes reduce over time.

SEO maintenance is perfomed with the help of tracking tools like Google Console, Bing Webmaster, StatCounter, etc. These tools tell us which search terms people use when looking for services and/or products offered by your businesses. Two things happen when a prospect uses a search term.

First the search engine will pick up the webpage relating to that search term, display its position and show how many times that search term has been used (and every time triggering the impression). Here we know ranking position and impressions (search count).

The second thing is the report will show if the webpage URL was clicked on or not and if it was clicked on, how many times. This is also called Click Through Rate. Here we know the CTR or number of clicks.

Armed with this information we can know what to do on that particular webpage to improve ranking position, impressions and CTR. We come up with recommendations like may be adding additional content either image, text, video, etc. Sometimes we may just have to make a few tweaks like changing some wording, building more internal links, etc.

In a nutshell this is what SEO Maintenance would entail. It is all about improving ranking potential to attract more visitors and ultimately increase sales.


Website Support

Support is basically being available when you need help whether technical or not. At times there are minor changes that need to be done on a webpage lie changing the position of a submission form or changing a logo to a new one.

These changes are minor and we cover them under support. However, new designs or overhaul of certain areas of the website do not fall under support.

Another case of support is, it may happen that you notice that something is broken on the site or the site is unreachable for some reason.

To fix such issues we cover them under support. This is perhaps the technical support we explained above.

Website Analysis & Reporting

This service is part and parcel of our Local SEO Service in Botswana and to get the most out of it we must be providing you with the Local SEO Service. We will provide either monthly or quarterly reports. These reports are easy to read and understand. They will also come with recommendations or what we would have done in the case where no action was required from the website owner.

The recommendations we propose would involve things like requesting additional content in the form of text, image, video, audio, etc. We will specify why we need such content by demonstrating it from the data on the report.

Where we just make tweaks and adjustments we will also explain why that was done based on the data from the report. Some of these tweaks and adjustments do not require your input as the business owner. One of our strengths as SEO experts is being able to know what to adjust to improve performance. We are transparent in what we do and we inform you as our client to know what is hapenning, why we made the change and what to expect from the change.

Also, that way you will be able to tell if our engagement is beneficial to you or not.

 With these reports you will know how many visitors are coming to the website, how they arrived at the website, how the number of visitors is increasing from month to month. Further, if there is any form of PPC marketing like Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Facebook Advertising, etc. you will be able to know which campaigns are profitable and more… 

With Local SEO Service you need a monthly plan of at least 12 months so that we can optimize your website the best way possible. SEO on its own is not a once off process, it relies on many factors to be effective.

SEO starts off with optimizing different elements on a page like properly tagging page components (headings, images, meta descriptions, etc), implementing schema strucutured data markup, etc. Though this could be regarded as once-off processes they also need tweaking and changing over time as the optimization efforts progress.

As an example – at some point we may decide to change the meta description of a page to see if we can improve Click Through Rate (CTR). Or we may decide to add a video or image to existing content, this means we will have to update the schema markup.

What would bring or necessitate these changes, you ask? If say a page is on page 1, position 3 on the search engine results page, at times to bring it to position 1 is simply to change and write a better meta description of the page that will attract clicks. As it gets more clicks it is likely to go to position 1.

Or say in the case of deciding to add a video on the page… at times reducing bounce rate on a page that is to say encouraging website visitors to stay longer on a page could just take adding a video to the page. And as a new video is added it will also help to “schema markup it”.

Sample Reporting

How We Analyze Data…

In order to help you understand the type of reporting we refer to, it is best demonstrating it with an example. Since we walk the talk, we are going to be using this website data to showcase our reporting style. What is important to note, though, is that this is just part of the data we collect on a website and there are many permutations as to how to read and/or give recommendations. Here is how we start; 

Google Console

Google has a free tracking tool called Google Console. Among other things this tracking tool reveals the performance of a website based on Clicks, Impressions, Average CTR and Average Position over a period of selected time.

In the screenshot, it shows in the last 16 months this website received at least 1940 Clicks, 141000 Impressions with an average CTR of 1.4% and average position of 39.

Basically what this means is that at least 1940 people have clicked on one of the URLs of the website and spent a bit of time on the website. How much time they have spent is called Bounce Rate and is measured by another Google Tool called Google Analytics.

Google Analytics measures other parameters like traffic sources, conversions, revenue, etc. We will explain some of these parameters when we talk about Google Analytics Reporting.

This is because GA uncovers or records a different set of data that is not recorded by Google Console (GC). This is good and helps make informed decisions and formulating marketing strategies.

Going back to the Clicks, Google Console will also show which each click came from i.e. it will show which search term produced the click(s). Going further, next to clicks is the Impressions. This is a total number of times individual URLs were displayed on the Google Search Engine Results (SERPs) page for the different search terms used by online searchers. We will show the importance of this as we go along.

Next is the Average CTR. This parameter basically shows the number of clicks against the Impressions expressed in percentage. Then lastly is the average position of the individual webpages as they are impressed!

What is also important to note is the upward trend. This is a sign of a well constructed website. The upward trend is not typical or just comes about because a website has content.

The website must be constructed in a particular manner in order to perform this way. We have constructed websites before or taken over websites that were poorly constructed and displayed dismal results as shown on this other screenshot.

Notice how the two images on the left show very low figures yet over the 16 month period and how the images on the right show very high figures for the same over the same time period or shorter. These are four different websites in different markets.

This is just to show that the upward trend behavior is not typical or by default but rather is because of some skill or technical know-how.

Going back to the previous screenshot that shows the Website Performance Report Summary as displayed on the Google Console Dashboard. This summary can be broken down further depending on a number factors. These factors depend on the objectives that one wish to achieve. Let us look at one of the possible objectives with URL & Keyword Breakdown to illustrate this. 

URL & Keyword Breakdown

As one of our SEO practice and say we want to investigate a URL that has a comparably higher CTR and see if we can improve the webpage to yield even better results. This objective may be fitting because a well performing webpage that has not been optimized before indicates that it has a lot of potential to do even better.

To locate such a page we first download a spreadsheet that displays even more information than the summary above

What is great about this report is that the impressions can be analyzed by breaking them down further. Here is how;

Impressions show the number of times search terms trigger URLs to be displayed on the SERPs page. On the screenshot notice the new parameters i.e. Country, Device, Date, Page and Query. The totals from the previous Summary Dashboard spread over these new parameters.

As mentioned before many more different ways can be used to analyze this data depending on the factors considered. One may want to know where most visitors come from (Country & Clicks) or which device is most used (Device & Impressions), etc.

In our example we want to improve a page that has a good and relatively higher CTR. So after downloading the spreadsheet, we create a pivot table to get totals of Clicks, Impressions, etc against each URL or webpage.

Remember that in the Summary Dashboard above the totals were not broken down into individual URLs, so here we want totals for individual URLs. Further, in this grouping, individual URLs will also have the specific search queries that relate to a particular webpage. Also note that there will be totals for each webpage and individual search queries.

We will explain and show what we mean by this further down below. Let us start with Site & Webpage Performance Analysis.

Site & Webpage Performance

We are looking for a webpage that has a relatively higher CTR to analyze it further to see where else it can improved,which search terms have potential of making the webpage rank better.

On looking at the report notice that the number of clicks is 1192 instead of 1940. This is because the reports were drawn at different times, about a few weeks apart, and this should not be confusing because the objective here is to demonstrate how use such data to draw reports and make recommendations.

This image shows different figures for different URLs and at this point we are interested in a good CTR. This means we will have to scroll down the table looking at and comparing these figures until we arrive at the one we want.

Before we get to that perhaps let’s appreciate the rich data displayed, you will see what happened to the Country, Device, Date and Query parameters. Here you can see the performance of each URL; the clicks it received, the impressions, position and CTR. All these have SEO importance.

Depending on where you focus is any of the parameters can be used as the starting point. In this example we want to improve a webpage that is already showing potential by way of having a good CTR and appreciable impressions. In the screenshot that follows,we have located the URL and expanded the keyword column to see the individual keywords (queries).

URL-Keyword Analysis

Before we go any further notice how we have used splicers to have the ability to filter the table according to Device, Date (Month) and Country producing the clicks or impressions.

We have selected a URL that has a CTR of 6.5%, an average positions of 28, 900 impressions and 58 clicks.

With this we dig a little bit further, the URL has a query that generated 15 clicks from 267 impressions to produce a CTR of 6.3% at an average position of 8. We will skip the top 2 because they are time frame confined and people have already started using 2019 instead of 2018.

Position 8 is a Page 1 ranking but it is always better to be on the number spot or at least at number 2 or 3 spots. So now we have discovered a query that we can work around to further optimize the page.

As a side note, it is fitting to comment that this result shows that optimization was done well. This article was written targeting two main keywords being “great niche ideas” and “untapped niche markets”.

So since from the onset this was the target keyword, this will be the second optimization around this search term. Now say we were giving a recommendation to a client. This is what we will take into consideration;

At the time of this writing the webpage has a has about 4200 words article with images and no video. We would advice more content i.e. longer text and adding FAQ section, more images and possibly a video. Further, on writing the content other queries that appear under this URL should be included in the new content (this may not be necessary if this turned out to be any other query than the one that was originally targeted!).

After implementing these recommendations it is advisable to wait for 4 – 8 weeks to see what the improvement is. The expectation is to improve from 8th position to something better, increase in impressions.

The CTR might decrease and this should not be alarming but the clicks would be expected to increase because of improved position.

This should not be confusing because CTR is a function of Impressions and Clicks. When impressions increase at a faster rate than clicks the CTR will reduce, this might be misleading and think that the page has dropped in performance. Not necessarily!

Improvement (or not) will be clearly apparent when comparing Clicks on their own or Impressions on their own, looking at the before and after in the same time period. In this case you can determine percentage increase or decrease. See the screenshot…

This should not be confusing because CTR is a function of Impressions and Clicks and when impressions increase at a faster rate than clicks the CTR will reduce and this might be misleading and think that the page has dropped in performance. Improvement will be clearly apparent when comparing Clicks on their own or Impressions on their own, looking at the before and after in the same time period. In this case you can determine percentage increase or decrease.

Note: This screenshot is meant to show what and how the comparison works – it is not showing the actual results because at the time of this writing we have not made any changes on the webpage we have picked for this illustration. The idea is to show that there is yet another report that compares one parameter over the same time period. This concludes this demonstration which just one of the few ways we provide support and maintenance.

Let us briefly touch on one of the report that can be drawn from Google Analytics as opposed to Google Console.

Google Analytics – In-House Dashboard

As mentioned above Google Analytics shows Bounce Rate as one of its parameters. Bounce Rate basically measures or can be used to determine the amount off time website visitors spend on a webpage. The longer the better and this can positively influence ranking potential.

Further Google Analytics provides a lot more information than just Bounce Rate. This includes information about Traffic Sources, Conversions, Revenue, etc.

We present this information in a manner that it is easy to read and understand by combining charts, tables, splicers, etc. in our reports.

In this example report from Google Analytics we have made it easier to categorize traffic according to its sources. Organic Traffic is further broken down from Google Console as demonstrated above.

Paid Traffic Source is very important especially when running paid online advertising like Google Ads. You will be able to tell how much traffic is coming from online ads and determine revenue where possible.

This traffic can be compared in graphical format and show traffic behavior over time. This comparison can also be extended to comparing time periods by using splicers.

In conclusion this are some of the benefits of our Maintenance, Support and Reporting service that we provide. We do not follow a pre-made or cut’n paste style of reporting. We customize our reporting according and depending on the clients’ needs. We also create marketing strategies unique for each clients depending on their needs, behavior of the website in terms of performance, etc.

There are several more tracking tools that we use to really enhance the performance of a business website. These tracking tools include the following;

Google My Business

Google My Business is not necessarily a tracking tool but a free business website from Google. However, it has an inbuilt tracking system that complements our reporting and strategizing…

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is not a tracking tool either but makes it easier to use other Google Tools. Using Tag Manager makes tracking and other applications a bit smoother to use…

Bing Places

Bing Places is what Google My Business is. It is a FREE website from Bing as a search engine for local businesses…

Bing Webmaster Tools

In the same manner Bing Webmaster Tools is similar to Google Console. It tracks website performance on Bing search engine…


StatCounter is another tracking tool that comes with even more features to help improve website performance. One of the best features is knowing exit pages, that is it records which link a visitor clicked to leave the webpage to another page within the website or going to a different website altogether. This is very important piece of information because one can determine a lot of things about why visitors exited, where they went, which links they used to exit, etc.

More About Tracking Tools

These are some of the tools that we use for tracking to help us improve website performance in rankings and customer acquisition. However it is important to know that they do not come as a standard in our service.

We use them as and when is necessary depending on the performance of a website. In other words, they are our arsenal, our ammunition that we pull out of the shelf when need be.

We may service you as a client and never have to use any of these tools (except Google Console, this one is our springboard!). Sometimes you do not need that much ammunition to get the job done.

Normally we get to use these tools as we go along together maybe after 4 to 6 months as new opportunities arise and more stubborn search terms become more noticeable.

Also of note is that creating either or both Google My Business or Bing Places websites carry a cost but once they exist and using any of their data for reporting and strategizing carries no charge. In other words you will not be charged extra along the way just because we now have to use data to report from these platforms. The idea is to enhance performance in the most affordable way to you..

Who We Are

Why Choose VirincSolutions…

As a business you will want to know if where you are spending your money is worthwhile. The reason you have a website is to attract more customers from the internet, get known by people who would otherwise not know about you even when using traditional marketing methods.

And also to tap into this huge potential the internet bestows local businesses. If you do not have a website already see Website Design and Development in Botswana.

At VirincSolutions we understand start a website is a multi-faceted tool that is 24/7 working horse wearing the hats of a receptionist, salesperson, marketing head, catalogue, brochure, business card and more.

It is a selling tool, it is a marketing tool and equally as important it is a branding tool. It is your virtual office that should be able to receive and inform or educate your visitors (as would a receptionist), direct and sell your visitors your services and products (as would a salesperson), etc.

Not only that, a website is a marketing tool that should be able to provide your office contacts (all available contacts – telephone, email, etc.), location and directions as easily as possible.

We appreciate this and understand why it is necessary to know if your digital marketing efforts are bearing fruit. This is why we are promoting transparency in what we do and provide you with reporting that is easy to read and understand.

You do not have to be an expert in this field in order to understand our reporting because the reports cut right to the chase.

Our reports simply answer the question “what am I paying for?”. We create these reports for you to see if your website is receiving visitors and if it does is your customer base increasing. Well that is what you have to tell us.

Over 5 Years Reputation for Excellence

We have over 5 years experience providing top-quality website design and digital marketing services to local businesses. We grow together with our clients and we’re dedicated to provide the highest design standard in the field


We offer FREE hosting for 12 months… no need to be worried about payments month to month…


Our websites are responsive and mobile friendly. Customers can read them while on their mobile phones…


We design websites that can actually convert your visitors to leads and ultimately sales and revenues…


During a limited time, we will build you a Google My Business website the RIGHT way for just P3000. Contact Us to claim your local listing position…

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Sample Works

We are a Local SEO Service provider in Gaborone, Botswana offering digital marketing services and digital products at affordable prices. Here is a sample of some of the products and results of some of our services we offer to local business companies like yours…


We create websites that are highly converting visitors into customers. See your business grow today with a website we designed for you…

We deliver quickly and on time. We build beautiful, responsive and functional websites. We also help with on-page SEO and PPC management.

We do not only build beautiful and responsive websites, we also do local SEO at affordable prices…

We give you a competitive advantage because most businesses are not using digital marketing the right way…

Traditional Marketing is Too Expensive…
But There is a Better Way…

Questions & Answers

FAQ About Local SEO in Botswana

What Is Website Maintenance?
Our website maintenance is in 2 parts – technical and SEO. The techincal part deals with all things technical like updates, backups, blocking spammers and hackers, etc. SEO part deals with improving website SEO for better rankings and more website visitors to translate into more business.
What Is Included In Website Maintenance?
Our website maintenance service is defaulted into our local SEO Service, it is not a standalone service and is in 2 parts. There is the technical part and the SEO maintenance part.

Technical maintenance relates to updating WordPress and its plugins to their latest versions, website backup, making sure that there is minimal downtime, etc. Basically all things technical that would normally require web developer help.

SEO maintenance is the followup service after all basic SEO processes have been implemented. Most SEO techniques and methods do not show results straight away and at the same time they cannot be all implemented at once. Some techniques and methods need a revisit for checking effectiveness, for implementing the next phase, for tweaking etc. SEO is not a once-off but an ongoing process that needs constant monitoring especially in competetive markets.

How Much Does Monthly Website Maintenance Cost?
A website maintenance cost depends on the size of the website and competitiveness of the market. The best way to cost website maintenance is to liken it to an employee’s salary. At VirincSolutions we beleive a website is a receptionist, salesperson and marketing manager coined into one, so the cost should be based on the range and average of these 3 job portfolios.
How Much Does Website Maintenance Cost Per Year And How Does It Work?
This goes back to “how much does it cost to maintain a website monthly”? It may not be very obvious how much website maintenance costs per month as compared to calculating it over a 12-month period. This is because during the year some improvements may be made that require extra charges in addition to monthly costs. This includes situations where a new section needs to be included, or a new campaign needs to be started, etc. In our context, these fall under website maintenance because any new endevour, new marketing strategy, etc. would be influence by the results yielded by our SEO strategy.

As an example, we produce monthly or quarterly reports that show among other things which search terms people to come to the website. With this we may find a keyword (search term) that has high traffic volume (visitor potential) but not ranking very well for it such that we can receive organic traffic from it. when this happens we may propose a PPC campaign through Google Ads or Microsoft Ads. This will be a new campaign and it will add to the monthly maintenance cost.

Or we may propose a new Facebook ads campaign if we see that from one of our reports, there are visitors coming from Facebook. Our reports can reveal traffic sources i.e. where visitors are coming from in terms of platform, geo-location and whether they are using mobile or desktop. This is all useful information that can be used to adjust, customize or create new campaigns.

How Often Should A Website Have Maintenance?
A website should have maintenance as frequenty as is necessary. From the technical stand point, whenever there is an update of the CMS (Content Management System), plugins, etc. the website must be immediately updated.

When it comes to maintenance in terms of SEO, whenever there is room for improvement steps must be taken to make the website perform better. What to do on the website will be apparent when consulting the reports produced from the website.

Should I Outsource Or DIY My Website Maintenance?
This boils down to the level of confidence one has. If you know what you are doing and have time on your hands and/or low on budget rather DIY it. But if you do not have the knowledge rather outsource it. At VirincSolutions we understand cashflow constraints and that is why we have introduced monthly plans and on-going support to get better ROI.

We do not want to say “there we have implemented SEO or developed your website and here is our invoice” then go out of the door never to see us again. We understand that the reason you want a website is to increase your business and it is our duty to help you with that and at the same time you must be able to manage the cost in the event that you find it a little on the heavy side for you.

We have a flexible plans such that a Website Design & Development and Local SEO Service can be paid over a 12 month period. A Website Design & Development Service is a once off work that can be paid at once but we are willing to spread it over the 12 month period as long as the Local SEO Service is also part of the service.

We highly discourage just taking up the Web development service alone because that is when you treat your website like a brochure, it never gets updated and with time it will disappear from the search engines and the only people who can reach it are only those who know it by name. But you are not marketing to people who already know you, you want new people, new customers in order to grow.

This is not to say we will not build you a website if you do not add a Local SEO Service, no! We will and also do basic SEO on it and the SEO we implement may be enough to keep you afloat for longer if you are not in a very competitive market. And we also give you 3 months FREE Support just to make sure things are going well. The only difference is that the payment can only be split into 2 months instead of being spread over 12 months.

Why Pay For Website Maintenance?
Our maintenance service is what will make you benefit the most from your website. As mentioned before a website is ideally at least a virtual receptionist, salesperson and marketing manager bundled into one. A website without the kind of service we give would be like a redundant or lazy employee. While with our service is like breathing life into the website because we will be able to make changes to it that are inline with what reports say it is going on.

It would be a good idea to pay for website maintenance because a website, as a marketing tool, will be able to adjust and be dynamic instead of having static content. Our service includes reporting that will reveal a lot of helpful parameters whose analytic feedback is a treasure.

Here are a few examples of what our reports can help and make it worthy to pay for website maintenance.

Visitors that come to your website fall into 4 categories – organic, referral, paid and direct. Organic visitors are of the most interest to us as these can be considered free traffic and we want more organic visitors than any of the other 3 types. So our reports will divide visitors to the website into these four categories and straight away one will see where most visitors come from.

Then since we want to increase organic visitors the reports have more data that can be used to see how to increase organic traffic. For starters the report will reveal search terms that searchers use that have made the website (in fact webpage) to appear in the search engine results page (SERPs). This is called impressions. This is important information because any search term that produces an impression means the webpage has a chance to rank well for it. It means the search engines have found the website relevant to the search term. And if the search term is worthy efforts can be made to improve the webpage for that search term.

As another example, the report have a tendency to reveal search terms that would not have been discovered with normal keyword research. So when this happens there is opportunity to expand content and target more people…

There is a lot that gets revealed by our reporting system and this can help us really turn the website into a virtual office online.

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