Are you a seasoned or fairly acquainted with affiliate marketing but seem to be struggling to make a successful websites? Today you will be pleased to know that you can purchase an established website for sale with traffic in the evergreen baby niche. If you have been looking for turnkey websites for sale, this might just be a good choice for you!

This is a start-up website created on Jun-17 and is 100% ready go as an Affiliate website. It was created over 8 months back and it has gained 2.8K clicks. The screenshot below show clicks in the last 3 months.

established blogs for sale

The above image shows that 1,744 clicks were realized from 24-Dec-2017 to 19-Mar-2018.

Are You Looking For Profitable Websites For Sale

This is a sale of a potentially profitable website. It is a nearly 7-month old affiliate website to make commissions through the Amazon Affiliate Program and other similar affiliate programs. It is targeting the RED HOT baby niche. This is a start-up site that is already indexed, with over 2.69K clicks, 42.1K impressions and average Click Through Rate (CTR) 6.4%.

It is being picked up by search engines (impressions) from over 900 keywords. It has several page 1 rankings with some of those keywords above the fold. It also has several Page 2 and 3 rankings.

The product reviews are also 100% unique and the website is NOT software generated. The entire site has been set up from scratch and just needs to strengthened with more content and good SEO practices.

The site has been optimized for SEO with interlinking pages, alt tags on the images etc… Currently it has a total of 35 posts 19 of which are already published and indexed. The other 16 are already in the site as drafts and just need a bit of tweaking and optimizing before being published.

Why Buy This Established Website For Sale With Traffic

This website is a winner. There are several reasons why you should buy this website.
baby stroller niche

  1. It is well researched and targeting a RED HOT baby niche targeting strollers, breast pumps, high chairs, etc. These are evergreen products and are not seasonal. This alone makes it a profitable niche to go after.
  2. The website promotes red hot products in the baby niche category at Most of these sewing machines sell anything from over $100 to $1,500 and this will give you a handsome commission. There are some luxury strollers like the Stokke that cost over $1,000.
  3. The content on the website is unique and well optimized with a fairly good Click Through Rate (CTR) of 6.4%. This CTR can be improved and even result into sales.
  4. The website is built on solid white SEO without any external backlinks. The fact that it can rank high with such impressions with no external backlinks shows that the website is well optimized.
  5. The website contains only a small amount content and more content needs to be added. It already has 16 draft articles that do not require a lot of tweaking before publishing.
  6. Another important thing is that this is not software driven or created with a click of a button. You are getting a real Amazon Affiliate Site that you can trust and rely on.

Website Performance

website with traffic showing performance
When looking for established blogs for sale it is important to know what to look for to make some calculated investment decisions. This niche website for sale in particular has made only one sale which may seem like a disadvantage. However, making sales is not the only parameter to look at when valuing and considering a ready made websites for sale to purchase.

Other parameters that measure the performance of a website that are also worth looking at are Traffic (from number of clicks), Impressions, Rankings and Click Through Rate (CTR). Below is a brief description of the performance of the website and let us look at them individually!


Below is a screenshot from Google Search Console showing traffic over a period of 3 months.
established website with traffic - showing clicks
These are organic traffic clicks from Google Search Engine. Though this traffic is not converting as desired it, and you are looking for websites for sale that make money, other methods can be employed to make money from this traffic.

As an example, Google Adsense can be introduced on the website to increase chances of making revenue. Another alternative is to add more product reviews from other affiliate programs other than Or have a price comparison chart, etc.


Impressions are a good measure of performance of a website because they show if the affiliate website is making impressions in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). When a website shows impressions it means it is being picked up for a certain keyword. At this point the position is irrelevant though key as well. Let us take a look at how it has been performing impressions-wise since its inception.
established website with impressions

What is worth noting is the behavior of this website over time. The impressions show an upward climb, showing that everyday it is being impressed more than the previous day. This increase in impressions can be due to being picked up for more keywords, or recurring keywords being searched more, etc.

What is interesting about this website is that it has never been updated since December 2017 around Christmas time and 3 months later it is still growing strong!

Rankings Or Position

Position is another parameter to gauge the performance of a website. However, this one is a tricky one because it takes an average of the day from several keywords and how individual pages ranked for them. The screenshot below, showing position from Jun 1, 2017 to Mar 19, 2018, shows a somewhat steady position.
established website showing positions

It is tricky because the impressions show an upward climb and one can expect the same in the behavior of the average position. However, average position is influenced by at least two factors being position of old keywords and position of emerging keywords.
established website keywords with good rankings
Normally emerging keywords will be deeper in SERPs (maybe position 50, 100 or worse) while old keywords might have modest positions like 1, 5, 7, 33, etc.

Then the new and old positions tend to dilute each other such that the trend is all over going up and down. It tends to smoothen out with more keywords being picked up. This is evident in the screenshot above.

The screenshot on the left shows that the website is ranking on the first page for about 25 keywords at the time of this writing. It also shows over 950 keywords that make this website to have impressions on the SERPs.

When you refer to the attached screenshot on the left you will see how this website is ranking. You will notice that it ranks in the first page for at least 25 keywords.

The 25th keyword ranks number 6, it actually ranks on page 1 for over 60 keywords, second page ranking for over 45 keywords, third page rankings for over 55 keywords, etc. One can uncover a lot of low competition niche markets using this list of over 900 keywords.

Click Through Performance

The website has a CTR of 6.4%. as it can be seen below. It can be improved by using meta tags and more.
CTR of established website with traffic


Since its inception it has recorded three sales only shown below. The most interesting sale is the purchase of a $1,198.55 Stokke stroller. This is also what makes this website interesting because if one can take time to optimize it a few sales of maybe 10 will make you realize ROI in no time. Currently it has article reviews for high priced strollers.
established website with sales

Who Is This Ready Made Amazon Affiliate Website For?

This site is for anyone who wants a 100% custom built, unique ready made website for a RED HOT product that you can promote as an Amazon affiliate. If you are looking for untouched niche markets in 2018, luxury strollers that are promoted on this website should be in your list.

You could add Adsense to the site or other affiliate products. If you are in the market for established websites for sale with profits this one is not far from it. Look at how one sale yielded $50 in commissions.

Where Does The Traffic Come From?

This established websites for sale has traffic already. The traffic comes solely from search engines like,, etc. However the screenshots above are reporting on Google Search traffic only.

Why Is This Ready Made Website For Sale?

I created a lot of websites around Jun-Aug period last year preparing to make commissions in the December period. Unfortunately, I got overwhelmed and this is one of the websites that were left behind.

I have a large portfolio of Amazon sites and more to build and it is not realistic that I will be able to put time into each one. So I decided to offer the chance to someone else to own a professional Amazon site you can actually make money from.

The website needs a few tweaks to make sales, since it is already ranking and receiving traffic, unfortunately I do not have enough time to give it due attention.




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