Are you a blogger looking for niche ideas for blogging? Let us explore the camping niche together and find out if we cannot come up with any camping niche market ideas for blogging. It might also turn out that to be one of the best niche for amazon affiliate marketing since we will be using to research it!

Camping as a niche is very broad such that it can never be exhausted and as a blogger or affiliate marketer you can find some untapped niche markets inside the broader niche itself. If you have no idea where to start with camping niche, the best place to start is because there have all products related to camping categorized under this niche. The category is also sub-divided into sub categories to breakdown even further.

Camping Niche Market Ideas

There are so many camping niche market ideas such that if you are researching this niche you can never run out of ideas. Even if there were over a thousand affiliate marketers attacking this niche they will never exhaust it. The possibilities are that endless.

We will demonstrate this by way of examples and as one of the niche ideas, we are going to choose tents as a micro niche inside the bigger niche. It will also turn out that tents can also be a big niche in its own right. We are going to uncover

Camping Tents Search Volume

Let us see why we say this is one of the best niches to go after.

1. Let us go to bestsellers at Amazon.

Camping Niche Research

At this stage you can choose any category but for the purposes of this example we wanted a camping niche, and specifically we will start with tents. Let us see how we arrive at tents.

So we are at BestSellers page and there are so many categories (niches, you call it). Then let’s go to Sports & Outdoors, though we know where we are going just assume you are just searching for a niche and Sports & Outdoors category intrigued you.

2. Let’s Go One Level Deeper

Deeper Camping Niche Research

Under Sports & Outdoors 3 more categories come-up. The reason we use BestSellers page is because it it much easier to see sub-categories and at the same time you can quickly see the price value, number of reviews of best sellers on the page. This will help you make a quick decision whether to dig deeper or start there. In this case let us go deeper and select Outdoor Recreation.

3. Another Level Deeper

Selecting Camping products

When you look at the Outdoor Recreation page it is a lot more all over the place. There is trackers, water bottles, clothes, etc. I will say it not well themed though this is all about camping. It is normally better to start with a tightly themed affiliate website – a micro niche site especially that it is that this niche is huge and scaling up will not be problem. You do not want to start all over the place. Let us go deeper and click on Camping & Hiking.

4. Again, One More Level

Camping Niche Products

Again more sub-categories are revealed and as you can see even more best niches for affiliate marketing that you can choose in 2020 are in display. At this point you can go with any niche (but for our purposes we have tents in mind!). It is still a bit all over the place but now there is more on water bottles, then a few hand-warmer products, hammocks (this could be a good micro niche as well), flashlights, etc. Let’s click on Tents & Shelters to go narrower.

5. Let’s Click On Tents On This Level

Camping Niche Research - Tents and Shelters

Under the Tents & Shelters, there are even more sub-categories. A quick scan shows a few more tents becoming more prominent at with a reasonable price range of from $50 up. Price can also be used to determine the niche you want to go into. This is not to say that all best niches for affiliate marketing should be above $50, even much lower can be fine because another determining factor of a profitable niche is search volume.

There are still some products that when reviewed they will still our initial affiliate website a bit here and there, for better results let’s simply hone in on tents!

6. Now We Are Micro Niched To Camping Tents

Finding Best Selling Tents
Best Selling Tents on Amazon
Best Seller Tents -
Amazon BestSellers - Tents

When we come to the tents category which appears to be one of last subcategories under Sports & Outdoors main category, so we are really narrow into the niche. Here is where we can start planning out the website after looking at a few pointers;

Price – Pricing seems good since we have products at $40 going up to $150 and surely there would be other tents costing more than that as we will show below. At this price range chances are this niche has high demand products to sell. (The quickest way to find top affiliate products to promote is using Commission Wizard from Digital Worth.)

Keywords – With a quick scan, it is easy to find low hanging fruit niche keywords. You will find these from;

1. Brands – brand names like Coleman, Bessport, Hewolf, etc. Chances are keywords like coleman tents, ALPS Mountaineering tent won’t be that difficult to rank for. See screen shot below for to see the search volume from UberSuggest tool.

Tent Brand Keyword Search Volume

2. Feature Keywords – High demand products to sell are not only determined by the specific search term for the product, you can use feature keywords to get to the same products that are in demand. Usually high demand products are highly competitive. So when you use feature keywords you are likely to find less competition.

In the screenshot below, labelled 2, you see “tent with easy setup”. Some searchers instead of searching using brand name to search, they use search phrases describing what they want. In the image below, the top part is from UberSuggest and there are two interesting things to note. The actual “tent with easy setup” keyowrd shows 0 searches but when you go down a similar term, “tent easy setup”, has about 1900 searches a month. So a slight variation is all it takes at times to land a winner!

Below the UberSuggest section is a screenshot from Google search showing what the AutoSuggestion tool displays. There are 4 autosuggested keywords and it is normally assumed that the top term in the autosuggested would have a higher search volume compared to other in the list. And see where “tent easy setup” is, which is reported to have 1600 searches a month. So that being said it would be a good estimate and assumption that the keyword “tent with easy setup” is a ow hanging fruit.

Low Competition Tent Keywords

Let us look at another amazing keyword which is even better than the above. It also does not have a lot of guessing – “tent with screen room”. On UberSuggest Tool it shows it is being searched for 2400 times a month. At the bottom look at other related keywords, all low competion of 36 according to UberSuggest Tool scale.

Hopefully at this point it is clear how easy it to create a low competition high traffic keywords list from a niche that at the start seemed too competitive. With ease you now have the following very easy to rank for keywords;

Low competition high traffic keyword
Tent With Screen Room Related Keywords
But this is not all and you should not stop here there is still more potential. Also it not all about finding low competition high traffic keywords, you also need to plan your site for better theming, navigation, etc. So let’s go deeper into dissecting this camping tents niche.

3. Type kind of Keywords – As you scan through the bestsellers list from Amazon, it is clear that there are different types of tents, some not only for camping but bleeding into equally lucrative niches like hiking, backpacking, etc. We will explore this, but for now let’s look at the different types of tents. The number 3 label shows “Pop Up” tent – which is another keyword.

Yet again we get a pleasant surprise… “Pop Up tent” has a monthly search volume of 60,500 (add that to 90,500 for camping tent!). Not only that the tool shows that there are 419 suggested keywords, 2,459 related keywords, 33 questions around “pop up tent”, etc. This alone shows how much content and the number of articles this keyword alone can have, almost infinite. At the same time look at the initial shown keywords’ search volume and competition!

Pop Up tent Keyword search volumes

Also label number 9 shows “Cabin Tent” – that is another keyword! A quick search on Google gives more variations which will even be less competitive; “cabin tent with porch”, “cabin tent with screen porch”, “cabin tent with stove”, “cabin tent 6 person”. UbberSuggest shows a search volume of 14,800 with SEO diffculty of 53.

And if you are also after high ticket local niches there are keywords like cabin tent yosemite (1,600 searches with SEO difficulty of 23), tent cabin in yosemite ((1,600 searches with SEO difficulty of 15), etc.

4. Number of People Keywords – Possibilities are never ending! You do not only have different types of tents but also the number of people a tent can accommodate. Some consumers will search for “2 person tent” not using a brand name… Again look at how to find your niche easy it is to find a niche in 2020. Some of these data was not easily available some years back… UberSuggest Tool was not like this, it was heavily improved in 2019.

2-Person Tent Keyword Search Volume

That is just about 2 person tent, what about 3, 4, or more… I can bet that in this category on number-person tent, there is one that is even much lower in competition.

5, 6, 7. Related Niches – Ranking for a particular keyword or how a website is themed to become an authority is not only about providing content of closely related products. Variation will make the website and content even more relevant and authoritative. The main theme of the affiliate website we are talking about is camping tents and from the bestsellers we are able to pick related niches e.g. Hiking, backpacking, expeditions, etc. This gives you the opportunity to target even more keywords and find the hottest affiliate products.

We started off with camping tents, but now see how many affiliate marketing niches there are! If you want to become one of the most successful affiliate marketers follow this niche market strategy. Some of the most successful affiliate marketers (and popular) such that they produced courses and also showing their affiliate websites as examples are Jim and Ricky from Income School, Andrew and Sarah from Digital Worth.

The methods we show here can be easily incorporated with the strategies they teach because it not only about how to find profitable niches but also about how you should go about planning the website, writing content, what to write about first etc.




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