We are a digital marketing services company. We do digital marketing for business owners and assist with online marketing to increase business growth, attract new customers, improve brand popularity and more.

Perhaps you are wondering;

if your business can benefit from digital marketing or how to digitally market your business?…

And a quick answer is yes, your business can benefit and we have the best marketing strategies for startups, operating local businesses as well as online businesses. Here is a sample of the kind of businesses we assist with our services;

No two businesses can be marketed the same way! Are you asking yourself;

As a business owner you may not be sure if you need to use digital marketing and are probably wondering;
  • Should I hire a digital marketing agency?
  • Can I hire a digital marketing agency for my business?
  • Benefits of outsourcing digital marketing?
  • When to hire a digital marketing agency?…
If you have decided to hire a digital marketing agency you may still have a few questions;
  • How to choose a digital marketing agency?
  • What to ask a digital marketing agency?
  • How to evaluate digital marketing agency?
  • Where to find digital marketers?…

If the above are what you are wondering about we will attempt to help you and clear the fog regarding using digital marketing for your business.

Digital Marketing For Business Growth

Digital marketing objective is simple – to find or be found by potential customers as well as to increase your brand awareness. Though “digital” kind of includes everything that is digital and not limited to internet alone we will be focusing on how to use the internet to grow your customer base as a business.

We will not be talking about digital boards, sms texting, etc. That is to say all these other forms of digital marketing that do not involve the use of internet.

Who Can Benefit From Digital Marketing?

When we speak of the internet, where most people have access to it via their smartphones and computers, people use it to find products and services. When someone has a toothache they Google for a 24hr Dentist clinic in their area, when someone wants a haircut they search for a barber shop near them, etc.

So it is important to understand the importance of digital marketing for business owners, that you can get these people knocking at your office. As an added advantage, digital marketing is cost effective in the long run, is measurable with in-depth analytics, has higher revenue returns and can command super-targeted traffic.

Though digital marketing for business will vary from business to business, one thing is for sure if your business falls in any of these surely you will appreciate the importance of digital marketing for small business.

Small Businesses and Startups

Niche Businesses

Locally Exclusive Businesses

Online Businesses

At VirincSolutions we are uniquely well versed in both national and global SEO because of our strong background in affiliate marketing. We are able to help any business falling in any of the categories above but do not hesitate to get in touch with us even if your business is not in any of the above categories.

Local Businesses That Can Benefit From Digital Marketing

Here are examples of local businesses that should surely be using digital marketing because they can benefit immensely for it.

With the following examples you are going to find out how local businesses can benefit from digital marketing, why local businesses need marketing and why digital marketing is important in 2019. First there was a time where you could access the internet on a computer at work or home. Now there are smartphones and internet is accessible everywhere you are and search engines have localized searches. The searches are not only localized but they are also influenced by the proximity of the business offering what you are looking for.

Medical Professionals

Medical professionals are health practitioners and professionals who provide some type of healthcare service including but not limited to;

Medical Doctors
Social Workers

A professional in any of these fields running a local business can benefit hugely from using the internet to market their services.

Legal Professionals

The Legal professionals category covers lawyers, advocates and attorneys who may be practising in their speciality areas including but not limited to;

General Practice
Personal Injury
Estate Planning
Medical Malpractice

The field of law is diverse and broad and a savvy digital marketing company can target specific people seeking legal help very easily and dominate competition.

Professional Services

There are other types of professional services that also specialize or provide specific niche services that can be delivered to the local community;

Financial Planner
Investment Manager
IT Consultant
Management Consultant

These professionals can attract more new customers to their businesses with the use of internet than with traditional marketing to increase their bottom line.

Maintenance Professionals

Maintenance professionals is a wide area for installation, maintenance, renovations and repair. These include but not limited to areas of;

Security Alarm Systems
Air Conditioning
Appliance Repair

Skilled trade services have a wide opportunity in the internet sphere to dominate their local areas by using the internet. These services are high in demand and consumers are using their smartphones looking for urgent help.

Local Services

Another huge area of local business opprotunities is the local services as opposed to the above. Here we are talking about the following types services;

Pest Control
Care Of Trees And Shrubbery
Care of Lawns
Cleaning Services
Snow Removal
Car Wash

These types of local businesses are in huge demand the same as the installation, maintenance, renovations and repair services category. With the right marketing services you can tap into this market.

Real Estate

Real Estate is one business sell property or services based on location, property type and coupled with other services around real estate;

Real Estate Agent
Mortgage Broker
Foreclosure Specialist
Real estate Manager
Real estate consultant
Real Estate Lawyer
Home Inspector
Leasing Consultant

Pet Services

Pet services field alone is huge on its own. There are so many different types of pet services such that the list is endless some very tightly niched;

Pet sitter
Pet Training
Pet Finding
Pet Boarding
Pet Grooming
Pet Bakery
Pet Travel
Dog Daycare
Dog Training
Dog Walker
Equine Massage


If you are in the restaurant business, there are different types of restaurant that you can run as a local business and appeal to a segment of the community;

Fast Food Restaurant
Home Delivery Restaurant
Mobile Restaurant
Food Truck
Drive-In Restaurant
Drive-Thru Restaurant
Pop-Up Restaurant
Buffet Restaurant

A local business has a number of advantages that a global and national business may not have. The nature of a local business may be such that it is highly niched operating in a specific field. This on its own eliminates a lot of competition and since the keywords used looking for such businesses are quite specific it makes digital marketing yield good desired results.

As an example say you own a plumbing company in Darwin, Australia and someone near you has a broken pipe at home then they do a Google search for “plumber in Darwin” or “Plumber near me”. Google will display plumbing companies in Darwin nearest to the person’s location (before they can list a global company opering in the US and if you have robust marketing strategies you should occupy those top ranking positions.

We will illustrate this as we look at different businesses and what you can do as a business owner and also if you want to engage companies with digital marketing services for small business, you will know what to ask them, understnd their localized or small town marketing strategies.

When To Hire A Marketing Agency

Ideally you should hire a marketing agency if you are not using the internet to boost your business or if your online marketing efforts are not bearing any fruit. In the latter you should however, make sure you hire an agency that can deliver desired results.

If you are a startup or new business it would be a good idea to engage a marketing firm immediately or hire digital marketing employee.

Can I hire a digital marketing agency for my business?

If the budget is tight make efforts to at least learn the basics such that you can do it yourself as a business owner. You may not be able to engage the services of a digital marketing firm because of budget constraint but as a business owner it is paramount that you participate in this trend and get your share. Almost any business can benefit from using the internet, the challenge is how to do it.

Being aware of the opportunity the internet has for businesses, you can learn the skills of how to market your business online, hire an in-house employee or engage a digital marketing agency. That is about 3 choices you have because you cannot really ignore the opportunities presented by the internet in this day and era.

So what will be your choice?

Whatever you choice may be, what is important is as people search online for products and services that you offer you must be there in front of them as a choice to them. If not your competitors will beat you to the game. As an affiliate marketer or an eCommerce store owner or drop-shipper you probably know this. You know the importance of digital marketing in eCommerce especially search engine optimization for the website.

Should I hire a digital marketing agency?

There are several benefits of hiring digital marketing agency. Firstly you would have outsourced all related task to online marketing thus freeing your time to do the things you are an expert at. Secondly you will be able to know, from monthly, reporting how your marketing efforts are progressing. If you are doing this by yourself you may overlook the importance of reports or have times when you postpone looking at them.

So when you hire an agency they should produce monthly reports as part of their service. In most cases businesses that fall on the way side are small local businesses, they do not understand the importance of digital marketing for small business. And when they do they run off to buying ads like Google Ads or use social media especially Facebook.

This is done without any congruency and if there are no reports they end up loosing money and time. It is not wrong to do it and is encouraged. The issue is how to do it for best results! One of the disadvantages of digital marketing is exactly that, using it without a proper strategy.

Where to find digital marketers?

The best way to find a digital marketer is to them online. There are a number of digital marketers online and most probably in your local area. A prerequisite is to find them in the same way they say they would help you get found online especially for an agency. Look them up online and do your due diligence.

To avoid wasting money and time rather find an affordable digital marketing agency with marketing solutions for small business owners. Find out if they are well versed in online marketing strategies for small businesses that serve the local community. Remember that marketing strategies are different for different markets.

Benefits of outsourcing digital marketing?

Advantages of digital marketing for small businesses are very many as long as the agency engaged knows what they are doing. At VirincSolutions, we believe we are one of the best online marketing companies for small business, but as mentioned above we said we must show you that we walk the talk. We will be demonstrating this with case studies.

When you use our services you will reap the benefits of hiring digital marketing agency have small business marketing strategies that work. Period! First and foremost we understand the importance of website in digital marketing and that is always our starting point. If you do not have one, you must have it. If you do we look at it and fine tune it to give you the best shot at harnessing the power of the internet.

Having said that we are a digital marketing agency for local businesses and we can help you if you are in any of the following businesses. What is important to note is that companies looking for digital marketing services must understand that some business types can gain more than others in the internet sphere. Even the marketing strategies differ. An agency should know that they cannot market gas or filling station the same way they would a restaurant!

How to evaluate digital marketing agency?

Before we digress too much since this is about the kind of businesses we can assist with our services, we ran this website, VirincSolutions, on Ubersuggest and this is what we got. And it was a pleasant surprise that we are getting visits from at least 336 organic search keywords, this is just an indication and not 100% accurate. At least the tool tells you if your going or coming. If you want to see the screenshot, it is at the bottom of the page so that we do not delay you from what you came here for. You came to know the businesses we serve isn’t it?

Like I said we digress a bit, let’s get back to what this page is about – businesses we serve. But first things first and let’s predict the future. We are going to be listing out the type of businesses that can benefit from

How To Choose The Best Digital Marketing Services Agency

If you do not know how to choose a digital marketing agency, the first thing to consider is do they practice what they preach?

As a digital marketing services company we must walk the talk. That is our challenge otherwise how can we convince you that we can improve your business performance and increase website traffic with our services.

So we will want to develop your confidence in us by showing our capabilities area by area and focusing on business type by business type. We will create case studies based on location and business type at the same time sharing helpful small business strategy examples. And there is no better place to start than home and with the type of business we are in. We will also be sharing digital marketing benefits for business, any kind of business!

We will share with you as a potential customer or anyone who would be reading the case study such that if you would be interested in local search marketing services, ecommerce marketing solutions in dropshipping especially, etc. you can confidently consider us. We believe with the strong background of SEO in affiliate markeking we are up for the challenge.

As an example what we are putting together now, this very article we are writing might as well be a case study. Why because we write it to attract organic traffic. Most probably you are here after performing a search and clicked on our link. That is simply what we are saying to you, if you have a business online and wondering how to increase website traffic, we can help.

Here is how to find the best digital marketing agency.

See what advertising and digital marketing they provide

Do they have customized Strategies To Improve Business Performance

A well rounded digital marketing service provider should be able to tailor make a marketing strategy for a business but not a have a one size fits all strategy. Obviously a digital marketing strategy for new business will not be the same as that of an existing company even if they are in the same niche.

How to market a Real Estate Agent would not be the same as marketing Home Repair special though they may be dealing with homes. Even similarly different when digitally marketing a law firm as opposed to a restaurant.

When Consulting Find Out If They Know How To Digitally Market Your Business

Again, watch out for template compaigns – the everybody gets the same kind of style. Yes every business needs a website, needs social media presence, needs this and that bt the issue is where will the
However, there will be a lot of similarities with any strategy. Standard questions will be asked and common issues will be solved almost in a similar manner. If asked if you have a website and you don’t, one has to be created for your business. If it already existing it must be audited to see if there are any issued to be fixed.

Yet on the whole no strategies should be the same because a lot of parameters come into play – your location, competitors, services and/or products provided, nature of your customers plus more. All these will influence the advertising and marketing strategy to be emplyed.



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