A good video could be the difference maker that sends your sales funnel into overdrive. The internet is constantly changing, especially when it comes to video content. Video is constantly changing as well. New technology comes out regularly, and if you don’t join the masses you might be left out. To keep ahead of the pack you need new and innovative ways to use your videos. How can you accomplish this? By getting your hands dirty.

A Video Promotion Strategy That Brings Results

One of the fastest and easiest ways to land on top of the search results is through keyword targeted video submissions. In my opinion the easiest way to submit video is with YouTube. The search engines love YouTube, and using this as a strategy is a better way to landing on the top page of Google.

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Working the YouTube submission process is can be simple if you know what you are doing. You simply target a set of keywords, add a description and submit your video. The keywords will help the search engines to relate your video to other existing videos from other users. This way your video can come up as suggested against other popular videos. How many of your videos can be chosen is determined by how well optimized they are such that they can be seen as related to these other popular videos.

There are several reasons why this is so effective. The first reason is that it’s truly free. You can submit thousands and thousands of videos without spending a dime. That’s if you follow their submission instructions. This isn’t the time to mess around submitting to hundreds of sites. Those that get ranked will have a very high cost of time. The better you are with the submission process you can submit to only the most important sites, and still get ranked. It’s also possible to submit as many times as you like, and in a matter of minutes when using an app.

What does all of this have to do with sales? This is very important. When you get ranked by the search engines you’re making headway with your traffic. That leads to your list increasing or more people coming across your local business. Then your list leads can lead to more sales.

Getting Started With Video Marketing

How do I get started? Well simply create a Youtube channe with your GMail email address and upload your first video to your new account. You can start by leaving the default settings as they are but be sure to change them later as you get more acquinted with the process. Youtube is a great place to get started if you’re new to video marketing.

How do I build my base?

At the beginning it is very difficult to build your base with Youtube, in other words having a sizeable number of subscribers on your channel. It can take months to get to 100 subscribers. However, this should not deter you or make you change your mind about your video promotion strategy. There are ways around this delay and also note that it is not necessarily only the subscribers that will increase traffic to your local business website.

Keeping in mind that we want to use video increase traffic and sales, we cannot focus on your subscriber base alone since it takes time to build it. Besides, subscribers have their role and chances are most sales will not come from them. Depending on the type of your local business you might find that new customers are people who watched one of your videos for the first time. These people may choose to subscribe.

In video marketing, especially with Youtube, the major role of subscribers is to boost views and watch time. With Youtube, number of views and longer watch time help with the Youtube video ranking high and getting suggested on related or similar videos. So that is basically the major role of subscribers and if you have good content you will probably have loyal subscribers who will be watching each and every video you produce.

So to build your base, it is a good idea to do some advertising to drive traffic to the video in order to increase views and watch time and in the process get some sales.

How To Build Video Promotion Strategy

Above we talked about building your base by doing advertising that drives traffic to your video(s). To build your promotion strategy, it is best to use different platforms. The top platforms should be Youtube itself and a blog on your website. The next platforms to use are social media networks followed by pay per click platforms.

The process is you create a video and post it to Youtube then embed it on your website. This is done by creating a blog article and embed the video on the article. The next step would be to promote the video by participating in Youtube advertising to send people either to the video directly on your Youtube channel or to the article that has the video embedded on it. Doing it this way you will killing two birds with one stone. That is, you will increase views and gain subscribers.



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