Formulating A Solid SEO Strategy For Your Site And Business

Formulating A Solid SEO Strategy For Your Site And Business

A detailed plan to increase a website’s search engine rankings in order to garner more organic traffic is known as an SEO strategy. Technical SEO, content planning, on-page SEO, link development, and user experience should all be incorporated into this strategy. Simply said, SEO strategy is all about providing searchers with the most relevant and valuable information possible. Let’s talk about formulating a solid SEO strategy for your site and business

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Putting It All Together For A Solid SEO Strategy

In previous blog posts I’ve shared quite a bit of information with you about coming up with a solid SEO strategy that can boost your rankings and the traffic Google and the other search engines send your way. By the way, I haven’t spelled this out yet, but Google is what you want to focus on. It is your best shot at traffic and if you optimize well for Google it will work well for the rest of them too. You will learn a way of putting it all together and formulating a solid SEO strategy for your site and your business.

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Start By Setting A Goal

Creating an effective SEO strategy

A strong SEO strategy for you means more sales and more customers. To do this you need to come up with the right mix of on-site and off-site tactics.

The first step of any good strategy is to set a goal of what you want to accomplish. Without a goal, you won’t know if you’re succeeding. You also can’t gauge what it will take to reach your goal. Decide how much search engine traffic you want from your content by the end of the month or the quarter. Then get to work. Start by taking a guess at how much you need to publish to reach that goal.

Determine Your Topics And Your Publishing Schedule

Next, it’s time to make a list of topics that you want to write or record about and come up with a publishing schedule. This doesn’t have to be set in stone, but you’re much more likely to get it down if it’s on the calendar. Commit and do your best to stick to it. Then it’s time to start writing.

Find Your Keywords

Do your research and find the keyword that you think will give you good results. There’s no way to know for sure if they will work for you until you try. The good news is that you can tweak and change, or simply create more content based on other keywords. Remember, you want to rank for keywords that indicate that people are looking for what you have to offer.

Publish And Monitor Rankings

Publish as you go along and keep an eye on rankings and traffic. Make a spreadsheet of your keywords and look at the rankings – using an incognito web browser – once a week or so. Install Google Analytics and keep an eye on the traffic you have coming in through search.

Work On Social Signals And Incoming Links

Each time you publish a new piece of content, spend some time to share it on social media. Get the ball rolling and share it around. If you have an email list, email them about it on a weekly basis. The more your content is seen, the higher the chances someone will naturally link to it.

Rinse And Repeat

Keep writing and recording. Keep publishing. And keep sharing both old and new content on social media. You’re in this for the long haul.

Track, Test, And Adjust As Needed

Last but not least, take some time to stop every once in a while and examine your data. Is your SEO strategy working? Is it working as well as you’d like? If not, what could you try to do differently. Maybe it’s publishing less frequently, but writing longer blog posts instead. Maybe it’s using more social media friendly images. Or less. Maybe it’s taking the time to create five new pinnable images each week. Keep learning about SEO and tweak your strategy as you learn and try more techniques.



User Behavior And What It Has To Do With SEO Rankings

User Behavior And What It Has To Do With SEO Rankings

User Behavior and Keyword Choices

The best SEO campaign and high rankings won’t help you if you don’t take user behavior and preferences into consideration. It starts with things as simple as what keywords and phrases you choose to rank for.

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If you pick something that your ideal customers and client aren’t looking for or the phrase, your content, and your offer don’t match, that keyword ranking is doing you no good. You will learn about user behavior and what it has to do with SEO rankings.

Avoid Low Bounce Rates

But it goes much deeper than that. What the search engines – Google in particular – want to see is that when someone clicks on a high ranking search result matters. They want someone to click on that link, go to your site and spend some time there consuming your content.

What they don’t want to see are low clicks (in comparison to other search results on that same page), or worse have someone click through to your site, hit the back button, and then go look at a different site. Read Why You Need A Solid SEO Strategy And A Way To Measure Results.

Create Content With Target Audience In Mind

User Behavior and Rankings

If you’re looking at a list of keywords that you want to create content around, ask yourself if a particular search term matches your audience and the content you share.

What does that mean for you as a content provider? Always create your content for your target audience first. If you’re looking at a list of keywords that you want to create content around, ask yourself if a particular search term matches your audience and the content you share. If so, go ahead, if not, move on to a better keyword choice.

Write A Compelling Title

Then sit down and write your content for your readers first. Then, when it’s written and polished, go back and look at the title. Are you using the keyword in the title? If not, can you rework it and still have a compelling title. See Keywords – A Glimpse Into What Your Target Audience Wants And Needs.

Remember this will be the headline that shows on social media and in the search results. The same goes for metadata like the description and the URL. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, go do a google search and look at what those individual search results look like.

How The Small Guy Can Win – Relevancy Matters | Putting It All Together – A Solid SEO Strategy For Your Site And Business

Use Target Keywords Enough Times

Last but not least scan through the content and ensure that you’re using the keyword once or twice in the content and also related words and phrases. Search engines are smart and these latent semantic keywords help them determine what your content is about. Also see Boost Your Authority And Make Sure Google And Your Users Take You Seriously.

With well-written, targeted content you will ensure that your audience clicks and sticks, which will help you move up in the search engine rankings. Not sure if that’s the kind of content you’re creating? Ask your readers if this is what they were looking for. If it isn’t, they will tell you.



How The Small Guy Can Win – Relevancy Matters

How The Small Guy Can Win – Relevancy Matters

Large websites (think Wikipedia) and those that have been around for a long time, often have a leg up in the competition for the top search result spots in your favorite search engines. That doesn’t mean you don’t have a shot though. You will understand how the small guy can win and that relevancy matters.

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In an effort to bring their customers – the people that type in the search – the best results possible, search engines like Google are weighing relevancy quite heavily. And that’s what you can use to your advantage even as a small guy. Here’s how:

Be Specific – Go After The Long Tail And Niche Down

Don’t go after a top keyword for your niche. Let’s say you’re selling blue widgets. Don’t go after the term “blue widgets”. Yes, it gets the highest search volume, but not everyone searching will be ready to buy blue widgets from you. Maybe they are looking for blue widget images because they are curious what they look like. Maybe they are looking for instructions on making their own blue widgets, or they want to find someone who can manufacture a lot of these blue widgets for their own shop.

Read Why You Need A Solid SEO Strategy And A Way To Measure Results | Keywords – A Glimpse Into What Your Target Audience Wants And Needs

Instead, go after the long tail. Use key phrases like “where to buy blue widgets online” or “best place to buy blue widgets in Springfield”. Even better, find a way to set yourself apart from the competition by becoming the place that sells blue widgets for bicycles. Make yourself the expert

Stay On Topic

Create Relevant Content

If you are going to be ranking for something for your SEO content, or pages, you need to have something that real customers are looking for.

Relevancy is all about staying on topic. A small website dedicated to share great content exclusively on one topic will rank higher than larger sites that share everything. That’s why despite its huge authority, Wikipedia doesn’t rank for everything. Even though there’s a page on just about everything on that site.

See Boost Your Authority And Make Sure Google And Your Users Take You Seriously

Let’s say you decide to build a site about gardening. Pick a niche within that and stick to it. That’s how you may become one of the authority sites about something like rose gardening, or building a year-round herb garden.

Each time you work on a new piece of content ask yourself if it is on topic. Don’t try to be everything to everyone. Relevancy matters.

Read Let’s Talk About User Behavior And What It Has To Do With SEO Rankings

Go Local Where It Makes Sense

I touched on this earlier, but it’s an important topic, so let’s dive a little deeper. Where it makes sense, it can be very beneficial to make your content local. Instead of becoming one more seller of yellow widgets online, you could become the seller of yellow widgets for your state or your town and rake in the profits.

Of course this doesn’t make sense for everyone. But let’s say you are great at email marketing. Instead of putting up yet another site and offer yet another course to everyone in the English speaking world on the topic, go after the small businesses in your area.

See Putting It All Together – A Solid SEO Strategy For Your Site And Business

Become the expert for email marketing in Springfield. Not only will it be much easier to rank for this longer tail keyword, it also opens up all sorts of new options for local marketing. And don’t forget about higher priced products and services that you can offer locally like in-person workshops and consultations.



Boost Your Authority For Google And Your Audience

Boost Your Authority For Google And Your Audience

As soon as you start to learn about search engine optimization, you’ll hear about site authority. Usually right after you learn about keywords. And for good reasons. It is one of the big factors of how well you will rank for anything on your entire site. Let’s look at what you can do to boost your website’s authority and to make sure Google and your users take you seriously.

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Internal And External Links

The most basic sign of authority is the one that was first implemented in the birth days of Google. The idea was that as people find high-quality and helpful content and link to it the cream will rise to the top.

While things have changed since then and a lot of safety measures are in place so you can’t scam your way to the top by buying links, your site authority is still largely determined by the quality of natural, high quality incoming links.

Read – Let’s Talk About User Behavior And What It Has To Do With SEO Rankings

How do you get those? By sharing great content and getting the ball rolling by telling your target audience about it. How do you do that? Social media is a great option, which also brings us to my next point.

Social Signals

Boost Search Engine

What you can do to boost your website’s authority and to make sure Google and your users take you seriously.

Once you start to get the ball rolling on social media sites, others will start to share your content. Guess what. That gives you incoming links and it sends what are called “social signals”. As your post about your latest blog post or article get shared around and liked, your content and with it your site gain authority. This will build over time, as will the last thing we’ll talk about.

Also see – Keywords – A Glimpse Into What Your Target Audience Wants And Needs | How The Small Guy Can Win – Relevancy Matters

Website Age

Age will also help you as time goes on. The best time to have registered a domain was ten years ago. The next best time is today. Get started, get high quality content up, start sharing it with the right audience and your authority will start to grow as time goes by. Don’t obsess or worry over the age factor. It is what it is. Building search engine traffic takes time and not just because of the age factor.

Instead, continue to work on your site, knowing that ranking will become easier as time goes by. This is in part because of your website’s age and authority, but also because you have more content on your site that will rank for a variety of keywords, and as you grow your audience they will help you spread the word, creating more social signals and incoming links for you.

Go to Why You Need A Solid SEO Strategy And A Way To Measure Results | Putting It All Together – A Solid SEO Strategy For Your Site And Business

This is not an extensive list of what improves site authority. There are lots of different factors involved in it in addition to this. Search engines are deliberately vague about what moves the needle at any given time. That said, these are the ones that are most in your control and what I have found to help most.



Keywords – A Glimpse Into What Your Target Audience Wants And Needs

Keywords – A Glimpse Into What Your Target Audience Wants And Needs

While keyword-driven marketing (also known as “keyword-targeted marketing”) is an important component of search engine optimization (SEO), we must also recognize that in order to succeed, companies must have a clear idea of who their target customers are and how to place their businesses on the SERPs in front of them. If you don’t comprehend exactly who you’re trying to attract with your SEO efforts, you will be unable to put together a strategy that provides qualified traffic and leads.

Let’s talk about keywords – a glimpse into what your target audience wants and needs. These are the words your target audience types into their favorite search engine (think Google), to look for more information on topics you can help them with. It’s the cornerstone of any SEO strategy.

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Keywords and Key Phrases

Before we go any further, I think it is important to note that we’re not talking about single words here. You’re not going to rank for “butter” for example, even if you are a dairy farmer and that’s what your customers are looking for. Instead, what you want to go after are longer key phrases that give you a good indication of what your people are looking for.

Also read Boost Your Authority And Make Sure Google And Your Users Take You Seriously.

For example, let’s say you are a small dairy farmer who sells fresh milk at the farmers market and you’ve been hearing people say they are interested in figuring out how to make butter. A key phrase you may want to look at for a blog post or informative article could be “how to make butter at home with fresh milk” or something along those lines.

How do I know what keywords to target?

There are a number of ways to choose your keywords and a few that stand above the rest.

If I’m blogging about SEO and trying to find people interested in a training program or a short guide to help them find out what their customers and readers are looking for, I may use a phrase like “best way to find targeted keywords” or even “how to discover what people are searching for online.”

See Why You Need A Solid SEO Strategy And A Way To Measure Results | How The Small Guy Can Win – Relevancy Matters

How To Find These Keywords

The next question is of course where you find those keywords. How can you find out what your target audience is typing into their favorite search engine?

It starts with a guess. I hope you know enough about your topic and niche of choice to come up with a list of several words and phrases that you think your readers may be using. From there you have options. One of your best and free tools is Google.

Read Putting It All Together – A Solid SEO Strategy For Your Site And Business

Start to enter one of your keywords and see what the autofill options are. Play with different terms and start making a list. Once you have that list, search each term and scroll down to the bottom of the first search results page. You will see a list of related searches. Add those to your list of keywords and key phrases and choose several that make sense for you and the type of content you want to create.

See Let’s Talk About User Behavior And What It Has To Do With SEO Rankings

Another option is to use a keyword tool. If you use Google AdWords, or have at least an AdWords account, you can use Google’s free tool which gives you quite a bit of information on search volume and the likes. Other paid keyword tools are also available.



Why You Need A Solid SEO Strategy And A Way To Measure Results

Why You Need A Solid SEO Strategy And A Way To Measure Results

It is often sais you can improve something if you have the ability to measure it. It is no different in SEO. Search engine optimization (SEO) professionals focus on everything from search rankings and conversions to lost links and other factors to demonstrate the value of SEO. Success in search engine optimization (SEO), client retention, and your overall value all rely on measurement of your work and the continuous refinement of your methods. Additionally, it allows you to adjust your priorities as something doesn’t work.

Let’s look at why you need a solid SEO strategy and a way to measure results

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You Need A Solid SEO Strategy To Win With SEO

Trying to get traffic to your website without a solid plan is a bit like driving around with a vague destination in mind, but no directions on how to get there. You may eventually make your way to where you want to be, but it will take a lot longer and require more effort than if you had your route mapped out. Learn why you need a solid SEO strategy and a way to measure results.

Craft A Solid SEO Strategy

SEO strategies are put in place for the purposes of improving your ranking with major search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask and many more.

Build A Solid SEO Strategy

The same holds true with website traffic in general, and search engine optimization in particular. With a solid strategy, you will have a goal in mind, and a plan for what to do to get there. Even if you’re new to SEO and you don’t quite understand what it will take to get a certain keyword ranking, or even what a realistic keyword goal is for you, it’s good to have a plan. You can always tweak and adjust both your plan and your strategy as you go along.

When you have a workable strategy with defined goals, and a way to track the results you are getting over time, it becomes easy to determine if your strategy is working. Without either of those, you’re guessing at best, and that’s not a good business practice. Search engine optimization takes time and effort. And if you’re hiring someone to help you, it can involve quite a bit of money.

Visit Boost Your Authority And Make Sure Google And Your Users Take You Seriously | How The Small Guy Can Win – Relevancy Matters

Where To Start With SEO Strategy

So where do you start? Learn the basics of how SEO works. Set up a good Website Analytics system so you can start to measure what traffic you’re getting now and where new traffic is coming from. Google Analytics is a great system that will grow with you. Install it, look through the reports, start to learn to use it and expand your knowledge as you go along.

See Putting It All Together – A Solid SEO Strategy For Your Site And Business.

Steps To Formulate Strategy

Your next step will be to formulate a strategy. This should be a five-step process that includes:

  1. Determine your ideal target audience.
  2. Figure out what they are looking for and what keywords and key phrases they use.
  3. Generate high-value content around those terms.
  4. Implement on page and on site optimization.
  5. Track results and adjust as needed.

More reading Keywords – A Glimpse Into What Your Target Audience Wants And Needs | Let’s Talk About User Behavior And What It Has To Do With SEO Rankings

From there you can expand on what’s working, identify more audiences, more terms, and create more content, and slow down on what isn’t working. One important thing to keep in mind is that search engine optimization takes time and that you’re building your site’s reputation with the big search engines over time. Don’t give up on your strategy too soon and whatever you do, don’t throw in the towel.




Building A Video Promotion Strategy On YouTube

A good video could be the difference maker that sends your sales funnel into overdrive. The internet is constantly changing, especially when it comes to video content. Video is constantly changing as well. New technology comes out regularly, and if you don’t join the masses you might be left out. To keep ahead of the pack you need new and innovative ways to use your videos. How can you accomplish this? By getting your hands dirty.

A Video Promotion Strategy That Brings Results

One of the fastest and easiest ways to land on top of the search results is through keyword targeted video submissions. In my opinion the easiest way to submit video is with YouTube. The search engines love YouTube, and using this as a strategy is a better way to landing on the top page of Google.

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Working the YouTube submission process is can be simple if you know what you are doing. You simply target a set of keywords, add a description and submit your video. The keywords will help the search engines to relate your video to other existing videos from other users. This way your video can come up as suggested against other popular videos. How many of your videos can be chosen is determined by how well optimized they are such that they can be seen as related to these other popular videos.

There are several reasons why this is so effective. The first reason is that it’s truly free. You can submit thousands and thousands of videos without spending a dime. That’s if you follow their submission instructions. This isn’t the time to mess around submitting to hundreds of sites. Those that get ranked will have a very high cost of time. The better you are with the submission process you can submit to only the most important sites, and still get ranked. It’s also possible to submit as many times as you like, and in a matter of minutes when using an app.

What does all of this have to do with sales? This is very important. When you get ranked by the search engines you’re making headway with your traffic. That leads to your list increasing or more people coming across your local business. Then your list leads can lead to more sales.

Getting Started With Video Marketing

How do I get started? Well simply create a Youtube channe with your GMail email address and upload your first video to your new account. You can start by leaving the default settings as they are but be sure to change them later as you get more acquinted with the process. Youtube is a great place to get started if you’re new to video marketing.

How do I build my base?

At the beginning it is very difficult to build your base with Youtube, in other words having a sizeable number of subscribers on your channel. It can take months to get to 100 subscribers. However, this should not deter you or make you change your mind about your video promotion strategy. There are ways around this delay and also note that it is not necessarily only the subscribers that will increase traffic to your local business website.

Keeping in mind that we want to use video increase traffic and sales, we cannot focus on your subscriber base alone since it takes time to build it. Besides, subscribers have their role and chances are most sales will not come from them. Depending on the type of your local business you might find that new customers are people who watched one of your videos for the first time. These people may choose to subscribe.

In video marketing, especially with Youtube, the major role of subscribers is to boost views and watch time. With Youtube, number of views and longer watch time help with the Youtube video ranking high and getting suggested on related or similar videos. So that is basically the major role of subscribers and if you have good content you will probably have loyal subscribers who will be watching each and every video you produce.

So to build your base, it is a good idea to do some advertising to drive traffic to the video in order to increase views and watch time and in the process get some sales.

How To Build Video Promotion Strategy

Above we talked about building your base by doing advertising that drives traffic to your video(s). To build your promotion strategy, it is best to use different platforms. The top platforms should be Youtube itself and a blog on your website. The next platforms to use are social media networks followed by pay per click platforms.

The process is you create a video and post it to Youtube then embed it on your website. This is done by creating a blog article and embed the video on the article. The next step would be to promote the video by participating in Youtube advertising to send people either to the video directly on your Youtube channel or to the article that has the video embedded on it. Doing it this way you will killing two birds with one stone. That is, you will increase views and gain subscribers.



Adopt A Video Marketing Strategy To Grow Your Business

You should consider using video marketing in your marketing efforts as this has proved to be a great way to reach more people. The Internet has evolved to the point where it is used for more than just entertainment. Video marketing can be used to help the local community by bringing in visitors, increasing sales and growing businesses. This is an essential strategy to grow your business.

Video marketing can bring in more traffic to your website. Video marketing is known to be a useful tool for companies that want to raise awareness of their brand or product. There are many services that can help you produce your video. Many of the popular services can provide you with a video for a particular product, but you should consider which service will provide you with the best quality for your video.

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They should convey the exact message you want in your video. A good video will stand out among the mass of others and will deliver the right message to the right people. However, the video must also have good optimization to perform even better. When you have the right message in your video it will provide more traffic to your website, bring in more leads and generate more sales.

This strategy is very effective when used with other techniques like content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, online advertising, etc. There more techniques you use along with video marketing the better. It is a very effective way of getting the word out on your brand and will bring more sales. You should consider making the videos available on social media channels like on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

These social media sites are free to join and they are great for marketing your business. Once you do these things, you should combine this strategy with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics to increase the chances of your website and video rank high in the search engines. This will bring in even more traffic and a higher rank and this will ultimately increase your sales. There are many ways of marketing your business and using video marketing along with the other techniques to increase your traffic and improve profits.

Video marketing should be used to bring traffic to your site and bring leads into your business. You should consider producing videos that include FAQs, tips, tutorials, reviews, testimonials and educational content. This content should be produced in a simple way so that the audience will understand and could pass it on to their friends. A video can be as simple to produce as turning an article (existing or new) into video.

The technical aspect of the videos should be as simple as possible while still be effective. You should make sure that the sound quality is very good and the content should be kept short so that the audience could watch the whole video. As mentioned above, you should also consider combining it with other different techniques like SEO to push your videos to the top of the SERPs. This is because this will help in increasing your traffic and your brand.

Using YouTube videos is a good way of bringing traffic to your site because YouTube is the biggest video sharing site and has over millions users. It is not just good for promoting your business but also for getting the visibility that you want. This can be achieved by publishing videos on main platforms like YouTube, DailyMotion, and Google Video. You should take note that if you publish your videos elsewhere, you should consider submitting them to these main sites as well.

If you are doing video marketing for your brand or your website, you should consider setting up your own blog and publishing the videos there. This way, you can control everything and publish only what you want to publish and you can keep all of the files and content on your blog.

All in all, video marketing is a good way of promoting your business and of bringing in more traffic. It is a strategy worth considering when you are looking for an effective way of promoting your business.



4 Steps to Experiencing Video Marketing Benefits

The Internet is a global place and with video marketing your brand is bound to be known all over the world. The message must be tailored to the audience of the place you are targeting. While reaching people you must appeal to their emotions and inspire them to buy. You must target those people who are interested in your product. And above all else you must have a very targeted message. That means the video marketing campaign must be targeted to the specific needs of the market you are in.

Video marketing is effective in large part because it is relatively cheaper than most marketing channels. It is easy to do. And it can reach a large number of people easily. People love watching and they love stories. So a simple video with a message can spread fast. That is the reason why YouTube is visited by millions of people each day. Videos can even be used to your advantage.

You can insert a message into the video and then upload it to sites like YouTube, DailyMotion or Vimeo. This will make your video appear as a pre-recorded message which you can give to people yourself when they visit your website. Then you will earn more by taking advantage of their time by telling your story to them and guiding them to your product. It is easy to get started. You do not need expensive equipment. You do not need to go to fancy places. All you need is a camera and time. Or an online app.

Here are the steps to follow to become a successful video marketer:

Step 1: Choose a niche. This is important because a video is nothing more than a story or script. It tells the audience how to do something. So, choose a niche that can be easily understood by your target audience. People can understand and get your message much better if it is told in a video. A good niche is one that they can relate to, so any home business owner can speak about the ins and outs of running a home based business, any teacher can teach about class attendance and work ethics.

The best thing about choosing a niche is that the audience is already thinking like that. Any business owner can easily talk about the benefits of joining a business, anyone in government can speak about tax incentives or political games. For the best results a chosen niche has to be similar to the products and services you sell. So if you are promoting an online business you would have a better chance of attracting customers who are more aligned to the type of your online business.

Step 2: Shoot a video. The first thing that you have to do is to shoot a video. This is the easiest part because you only need to take pictures and the script. If you have a script, make sure it is clear and full of good ideas so your audience does not have any issue when they watch your video. You can either tape your voice or record your voice using a microphone. You can also read the script as well. It all boils down to your choice. Once you have a video, you can edit it and upload it.

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Step 3: Promote your video. Here comes the part where you promote your video. First thing in your promotional plan should be to add your video to your website. Uploading it to YouTube or other video sharing sites is also a good thing to do. In addition, you can even add your video to your blog or spread it on other social networking sites. Remember, your videos do carry huge weight. Another thing, you have to have good keywords and attention grabbing titles to get the best results.

Step 4: Profit! Finally, you have to make money from your video. The main source of money comes from the ads you place on your video. This will vary depending on what kind of keywords you use. There is also a good chance that you will be given revenue sharing offers to place on your video. For the most part, your videos can earn you money directly on your business or participating in revenue sharing offers.

All in all, these 4 simple steps are to follow when you are starting up a business online.



The Importance Of Video Marketing To Your Business

Are you already using video marketing as one of your online advertising strategies? In this article you are going to find out why the importance of video marketing to your business should not be ignored. You are also going to learn why video marketing is so powerful as a way to drive traffic to your business website.

Video marketing is the perfect strategy to use to grow your local business. With the right message and well designed campaigns your local business can grow in no time. This is because video marketing is effective in targeting the audiences more attuned to your products and services. This is also the reason why video marketing is the most cost effective marketing strategy to get your message across to the widest audience.

What Is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is a marketing method that uses video as a marketing tool to promote your business. It uses videos to deliver messages to potential customers. You may also choose to allow customers to comment on your videos and to provide feedback so you can improve upon your marketing strategy or what you are offering.

The videos should always provide value to the viewer so that they gain some from them. This way they keep on watching and in the process learning more about your business. See – Building A Video Promotion Strategy On YouTube

Why Video Marketing Is So Powerful?

It is a highly targeted marketing strategy. Videos are easily sharable because they can be sent via email, shared via social media sites and embedded on websites. Videos allow you to give your message at different stages of the marketing process. Videos also allow you to personalize your marketing message by featuring you and your business. This enhances brand loyalty and builds trust.

Video Marketing is a proven strategy to build your business online and gain the most ROI. If you’re planning to implement video marketing as your marketing strategy you should know why it is the most effective marketing tool so you can achieve your business goals.

The Impact Of Video Marketing

YouTube is now considered the second most visited website on the internet after Google. YouTube has become one of the most visited sites with over 2 billion videos viewed on their platform every day. YouTube has become a staple for those that want to learn new skills, learn new products or even just relax and entertain themselves.

Videos can be a very effective form of marketing as it allows you to personalize your marketing message to your clientele. It also gives you the opportunity to keep them entertained for longer periods of time.

Benefits Of Video Marketing For Small Businesses

The benefits of video marketing for business are endless. YouTube has shown to be very effective in marketing. This is because you can showcase your business in an entertaining way without having to sell or sound salesy.

This can allow your business to reach thousands of people with a simple click. You can also get paid for each one that watches your videos. Videos are can be simple to do with the right tools and don’t have to be Hollywood style let alone quality.

The role and importance of video content on social media can no longer be ignored. You can have a few seconds video to more than an hour long video content on social media to attract even more potential customers to your local business. There are different types of video content that you can use.

Using Video To Explain Your Services Or Demo Products

You can use videos to promote your business in a variety of ways. These can include using YouTube, your website or both. You can provide information on your product, service or business in a video. The video can include tips or techniques to help the client. These videos can help the client understand the product or service more thoroughly. It can also show the client how to properly use the product.

You can also show the client how to solve common problems that they may be experiencing with your product or service. They can also be used to demonstrate how your product or service works and demonstrate its use. The videos can also be used as a guide on how to use your product.

Use Video To Get Clicks To Your Offer

The main goal of a video is to get the visitors to click to the next step. This is the primary goal of a video. If the video doesn’t lead to another step like clicking to your website, you’ve failed to maximize the use of video.

Most businesses use video to get their message across because it allows the client to get the picture quickly and succinctly. This allows the business to get the sales message to its audience quickly without going into lengthy detail.

Video is one of the newest trends to hit the internet. The internet as a whole is being saturated with video because video makes the internet tick. In fact there are many video sites on the internet today and millions of visitors a day go to these sites. This is why you need to be using video as one of you marketing strategies, if you are not already.

Use Video To Directly Sell Your Service or Product

Video can be used in many ways other than just to get a message across to the internet user. Video can be used to sell your product or service. You can use a video to demonstrate how your product works and how it’s use will help the customer. This will get the visitor to buy from you without going into too much detail.

The visitor can see and hear how your product will help them with their needs. The video can also be used to teach your clients how to use your product or service. Video will show your product in use.

Other Ways Video Marketing Can Used

  • Testimonials – When videos are put up on sites such as YouTube you can get a testimonial from a satisfied customer.
  • Reviews – You can also get a reviews on your product or service on other sites. These reviews can be from customers or just about anyone. This is very good marketing for you because you can get a large amount of targeted traffic on these sites.
  • Sales Presentations – You can also use videos to provide a sales presentation. In this use, you present your product or service for sale. You can present it and provide the link to your sales page. These pages can then redirect to your site if the visitor clicks or goes to the link.
  • Instructional – The instructional use of videos are the most commonly found uses of videos on the internet today. Instructional videos are used to teach clients on how to use a product or service. They are also used to explain the use of the product or service for how it will help the customer. It is to teach your clients as well as teach them to teach others.
  • Training – You can also use the video as a training tool. The training videos can be used to teach clients on how to effectively use the product or service. This is another way to train clients on how to use your product or service. The service or product can be for sale on your site also.
  • Demonstrations – You can also use videos to show (demo) clients how to use your product or service. Demonstrations are used to help explain the use of the product or service to clients. This is the most commonly found use of videos on the internet today.

Tips On Creating Your Own Videos

It is very important to have the right video templates that you can use. These can be found at video production websites. Most of these sites have lots of video templates you can use.

It is very important that you study the fonts and the titles used in your video. The font choices will make a major difference to your video being viewed and your traffic peak and trough levels.

You need to use the right keyword phrases in your title and video tags. This will help boost your website viewing. Videos are very important for you to gain traffic. They are the most common method of driving traffic to your website.

You should have a good video description. This will help boost your website viewing. You can use the same tag, title and description for each video.

If you have done the work to make the right keywords, tags and title you should see your traffic levels increase. Traffic viewing levels will rise and trough levels will be very high. The traffic levels will go up and all of this will happen fairly quickly if done in the right way. You can also use a good video as a response tool.

As demonstrated, videos can be another source of traffic to your site. When you have a well optimized video it has higher potential of showing up when people type into YouTube looking for a solution to a problem. So go ahead and use video marketing as one of your strategies to increase traffic your website and sales.



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