How To Plan An Affiliate Marketing Website

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Today we will be looking at how to do plan an affiliate marketing website.

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Planning of website is important and essential. The planning should achieve at least 2 main purposes.

  1. The website must be appealing and user-friendly to the end-user by way of navigation, ability to find other relevant content on the website.
  2. The website must be spider or bot-friendly to the search engines such that it can be easily spider-ed for quick indexing and at the same time it must be associated to the intended niche.
website planning steps

How To Plan A Website Structure

The above is a version of the broad concept of Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short. SEO is not only for search engines otherwise your efforts will be futile. SEO encompasses user-experience as well.

So optimize your website by planning its structure before posting any content. The plan of the website should accommodate and be able to accept future content for expansion.

To demonstrate this planning, we look at the general and broad keywords we collected in the previous lesson. The website is best planned on a spreadsheet or a mind map software like MindMaple.

Below are 2 examples in both Excel spreadsheet and MindMaple.

Planning A Website Using Excel
Website Planning - Spreadsheet

Planning A Website Using MindMaple
Website Planning - MindMaple

However, to make this exercise quick we have followed the categorization at and added our mix for uniqueness and variation.

When you plan a website you have the following as your tools/features to help structure it for better SEO. The following are important in your website planning because they provide space where you can place or put your keywords.

  • Using Pages
  • Using Posts
  • Using Categories
  • Using Tags
  • Using Menus
  • MetaData
  • Images
  • SEO Plugins




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