Affiliate Marketing Tips For Beginners – If you are a beginner, try by all means to avoid the pitfalls normally experienced in affiliate marketing. The one that tops the list is haste. Haste is in many facets. Below we will explore these facets to ad more light to show what we mean.

Affiliate Marketing Tips In 2018

Like explained above, haste is in many forms and it is a real killer to an affiliate marketing career. Haste can quickly turn the tables for you. Suddenly affiliate marketing can siphon money from you instead of you making money from it.

There are many areas you can find yourself loosing money and not get your return on investment, ROI. As you will find below you waste or spend a lot of money on the latest software that will supposedly help you automate certain activities, etc.

Haste To Make Money Fast

make moeny fast online
People want to make money quickly and fast and hope they will be able to do that with affiliate marketing. And they come into the field of affiliate marketing with haste,that is, hastily wanting to make money. This is a pitfall. Avoid it!

If you are looking for how to make extra money fast, affiliate marketing may not be the immediate answer to that!

The best solution is to take time to learn the basics needed to be successful at affiliate marketing like e.g. you need to know how to build your own affiliate website. If you already have a set of basic skills and wondering where to start, start with markets with low competition see this section Untouched Niche Markets 2018, click!

Haste For Content

Another haste is in the form of having content on your website.content writing services Generally content for an affiliate website is a challenge and beginners are prone to be swallowed by this hurdle. As a beginner you are more likely to buy software that spins articles, that syndicates content or scrapes content, that creates affiliate websites (e-commerce websites) with the click of a button.

This is essentially looking for shortcut to have content. And also believing massive content on your website can make you money. Not really, even 5 pieces of content (articles) on a well built website can make you sales.

Shortcuts normally end up as long-cuts and a waste of time. Here are 3 best ways to get content;

Good Quality PLR Articles

The best shortcut to content for your affiliate website is buying quality PLR review articles in the niche you have quality PLR Articles The challenge here is, it is difficult to find PLR articles in profitable niches with low competition.

Most PLR articles are on common or broad niches. The trick is to find low competition niches in 2018. You will be surprised to know that there are still untouched niche markets in 2018!

When you use PLR article packs, you cannot just paste the PLR content as is on your website and expect results. You need to modify it even slightly to target the keywords you want. If you are using good quality product review articles, this should not be hard nor take your time.

Outsource Article Writing

If you do not want to use PLR article packs, another option is to outsource content writing.article writing services Though there are several article writing services the challenge is to find a good writer. Or if you do, they are expensive.

One of the best places to look for article ghost writers are and Between the two I recommend more because at least you get to review an article and reject it if you do not like it. You can leave instructions how you would like the article written.

These are some of the few places you can get articles written for you under $5.00. When you start out do not go for pricier article reviews!

Buy Ready Made Affiliate Websites

The third option, which is the most expensive of the above is to look for niche website for sale. The best place to find these websites especially done for you Amazon affiliate sites is

With these sites you can buy either start up sites with at least 5 product review articles or established websites with traffic or sales that are already making sales. After purchasing these sites you add more content to them using either (or both) of the above methods.

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The above does not imply you have to buy PLR articles or outsource them, this depends on how fast you want to move and how much you are willing to spend. It does not mean affiliate marketing is expensive as a business model, see How Much Money Do You Need To Start Affiliate Marketing?, to see the minimal amount you need to start a business.

Haste For Traffic

Another hurdle that for affiliate marketing beginners is traffic. When you build an affiliate website you need traffic to your site to make commissions. But remember, this should not be any traffic, it should be targeted traffic.

So, normally there is a misconception here!send traffic to website In desperation to get traffic to your website, a newbie might end up buying traffic from traffic service websites. These will normally sell say 1,000 visits for $2.50. As much as this can be tempting, this traffic is useless because it is not targeted traffic.

There are several more examples but in the interest of giving you the shortest way to being a successful affiliate marketer, especially for a beginner, avoid all forms of purchased traffic including Google, Bing, etc Advertising.

Programs like Google Adwords can give you really targeted traffic but at what cost. Most of the time you will end up paying more than what you make from a commission. Paid advertising strategy should be used much later well you have mastered the basics.

As a beginner you might also be sold on the idea that buying links for backlinking will improve your rankings and hence receive targeted traffic. Not necessarily though it appears to be true most the time, this is normally temporary. When you buy PBN links or any other form of backlinking you risk penalties from search engines. Besides buying backlinks is also expensive.

When you already know how to build an affiliate website using WordPress, the best way to get targeted traffic to your affiliate website is good SEO practices coupled with quality content that gives value to your readers.

Affiliate Marketing Success Tips

Here is a summary of affiliate marketing tips discussed above especially for beginners.
Affiliate Marketing Success Tips

  1. Do not be hasty and want results quickly
  2. Avoid buying software that speeds up everything from content creation, backlinks, traffic, etc.
  3. Buy quality good product review PLR articles or outsource article writing.
  4. Learn how to write a quality product review article


How To Be A Successful Affiliate Marketer Step By Step

To be a successful affiliate marketer, I do not know any better resource to start you off on a solid foundation than this 15 Day Challenge below.

Affiliate Marketing Strategies For Beginners

When you are a beginner and you want to progress faster you need to have a sound strategy to propel you towards success.Affiliate Marketing Strategies For Newbies Depending on your skills set you have to start somewhere. If you feel you have to develop your skills and perhaps have a larger learning curve here is an example strategy you can apply.

  1. Buy a unique ready made affiliate websites that are already established and making sales already. However this can be an expensive place to start.
  2. Buy quality product review articles. These could be PLR or outsourced. PLR is normally cheaper and needs to be modified a bit. At the same time even outsourced articles need to be modified somewhat.
  3. Have a few template ready made website so that you do not have to start creating the website from scratch. With wordpress you can have such a template.
  4. Have tracking on the website by installing Google Webmaster Tools, and Google Analytics.
  5. Read the data you get from the tracking software and use it to make tweaks and optimize your content.

The above is just a summary of what needs to be done and you might find that you need to learn or improve your skill set in certain areas. Looking for established affiliate websites for sale at places like or ordering done for you Amazon affiliate sites will ensure that you start making money faster. And as you start to learn new skills at least the affiliate website you purchased is making affiliate commissions. This is like a parallel approach.

If you started with 1 or not you can still incorporate point number 2 while you are learning how to write a good product review.

Affiliate Marketing Secrets

The secret to winning at affiliate marketing is discipline. Discipline overrides everything and is the cornerstone of every aspect in affiliate marketing. If you are not disciplined you will be all over the place spinning your wheels. Couple the discipline with skill and and a sound affiliate marketing plan.

There are no more affiliate marketing secrets than these 3 – Skill, Plan and Discipline.Affiliate Marketing Step by Step

Skill – Skill you develop since you need a set of skills like making an affiliate website, carrying out a niche research, learning how to write a product review article, learning and applying search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, etc. All these can be learned under 6 months with right resources.

Plan – When you have the minimal required skills set you need to have a good affiliate marketing plan. This plan should include an Affiliate Marketing Strategy Guide, well thought out goals and action plans. This affiliate marketing must be complete with templates, income goals, day-to-day activities, etc.

Discipline – Discipline will help you to keep at it, do what needs to be done on the day, perform necessary activities even if you do not feel like it. Discipline will also help you increase or develop your skills where you feel you are lacking. Some people will feel like they have to know everything before they start, this is wrong thinking because affiliate marketing is so huge you will never finish learning it. Apart from the fact that it is forever evolving, it is so diverse.

How To Do Affiliate Market Like A Pro

How To Be A Successful Affiliate Marketer
When you adhere to what has been discussed above, you will start doing affiliate marketing like a pro. If after reading this article and still wondering how to affiliate like a pro, you most likely need to read it again for everything to sink.

Everything discussed above is a foundation you need to be a successful affiliate marketer. There is no magic to it. Weigh time, cost and quality on a parallel and do not sacrifice one for the other. If you opt to buy PLR article packs make sure they are quality so that you do not waste your money. If you decide to write your own product review articles look at the time it takes you to write one and how much it would have cost you were to outsource the writing for the same quality of writing if not better.



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