When it comes to building a website, just the idea of the task is daunting to most people, especially if they are not programmers or designers. Fortunately, there are software tools available to help you build your website even if you are not proficient in coding language. Below are just seven of those tools that might be of use to you today.

Coding? Help!

Not everyone wants to be a coder, designer or programmer. All those lines of code give them the creeps. Instead, they like to see the streamlined images and grammatically correct content that spits out on the other end. If you are novice, there are tools to assist with building a simple website that don’t require a PhD.

These website builder tools come equipped to provide the latest in HTML coding as well as the latest advances in web design. Depending on the purpose of your site, the design that fits with your business vision, and whether you are going to add e-commerce or not, there are a variety of options.

Seven Useful Web Builder Tools

1. Weebly.com – This site builder is easy to use for website creators with no experience. It provides a responsive design across devices so you are only creating one site. The drop-and-drag feature makes it quick and seamless to add content, change themes and get an e-commerce store up and running on your site.

2. Squarespace.com – Also a popular site building tool, it offers a free trial but is paid software. Like Weebly, it provides responsive design templates and is adaptable for a variety of use. You can create a blog, full website, online store and more. Works for both novices and programmers.

3. Wix.com – This software tool, like Squarespace, is an HTML5-based tool. You can create stunning websites in very little time. Choose the type of website you want to create and then begin customizing and designing it. Several options are available in the free version, but more flexibility is allowed with the paid one.

4. Homestead.com – This is a paid service that ranges from less than $10 a month to $60. You are provided with toll-free support. You can set up and customize your site quickly. There are thousands of templates to choose from. A shopping cart on your site will cost you extra, though.

5. Yola.com – This site-building tool is easy to use. Great for those new to site building with no coding experience. You’ll like the graphics tools but probably not the storage. To get unlimited storage, you’ll need the gold membership which is about $17 per month.

6. GoDaddy.com – Just about everyone has heard of this tool. You can choose from about 300 themes, and hosting features are also available. Use it to create blogs, websites and e-commerce stores.

7. Webflow.com – This software builder comes with hosting, design tools and content management system all in one. And, you don’t need to know a word of code to do it.

Need help getting that first website up and running? Try a website builder software tool.

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What is the single most important thing to do beyond creating a website? It’s testing it. There are any number of ways that a website can be tested to ensure that you are doing what you can to reach your target audience, enhance sales and provide your readers with what they need to stay loyal to you.


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7 Software Tools for Building a Website?

When it comes to building a website, just the idea of the task is daunting to most people, especially if they are not programmers or designers. Fortunately, there are software tools available to help you build your website even if you are not proficient in coding language

Pros and Cons – Building Website from Scratch?

You also learn something new. The brain is always in need of new neural pathways to keep it active and strong. What you learn about HTML and other coding languages can benefit the creation of future websites and blogs. If you develop a genuine interest, there are classes, books and more in-depth tutorials for additional knowledge gathering.


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