As an affiliate marketer you will want to target profitable niche markets with low competition and that is not as easy as it sounds. Learning how to build a successful affiliate marketing website and finding a lucrative market that is not yet saturated or highly competitive is a skill that can be learned.

Where To Find Great Niche Ideas

However, with our product review articles, you do not have to worry about that because our articles tap into highly profitable proven niche markets. It is simple tells us what is selling like hot cakes all we have to do is compile a profitable niches list and check competition against each.

After we have established if a niche is profitable and with low competition we attack it! Simply a profitable niche is a niche that is selling on Did you know that has a bestsellers section! That is where we find these profitable often untapped niche markets.

How To Choose A Niche For Affiliate Marketing

The Amazon best seller section is ideal for great niche ideas if you are not sure which niche to go into. As an exercise go to and choose any category, then narrow down into much narrower categories.

Example Of How To Choose A Great Niche

If you want to uncover profitable niches with low competition this would be a great method to use. For example, go to Home, Garden, Pets & Tools department,

Home, Garden, Pets & Tools

Inside this category go further down to Power & Hand Tools,

Power & Hand Tools

then go to Power Tools.

Profitable Niche Markets

Power Tools is a nice broad niche to go into. It will display several narrow niches that you can explore further. Go further down to Nailers & Staplers,

Nailers & Staplers Niche

Then choose either Nailers or Staplers… Let’s choose Nailers;

Nailers Profitable Niche

Now, another interesting thing happens. Nailers can be broken down further to Brad Nailers, Finish Nailers, Framing Nailers, Pinners, Roofing Nailers, Siding Nailers. More sub-niches to choose from and the further you drill down the more likely you will have a very successful affiliate website, taking other things into consideration of course. Say we click on Framing Nailers…

Framing Nailers Niche

At this stage it seems Framing Nailers cannot be broken down any further here, so it might be a good time to look at its best sellers list and select or simply choose the first 10 appearing on the page. Ideally start with 10 but aim for 30 products. That is to say plan your affiliate website to have a t least 30 product reviews but start with 10 and build up to 30.

The same if you went Pressure Washers route and you can dissect it further into Gas or Electric Pressure Washers. You can write a complete review blog about Gas Pressure Washers or Electric Pressure Washers.

Did you notice that these units cost anything from $100 to more than a grand? And Amazon offers an 8% commission on them. Which means you can get a commission of $24 on a $300 sale. The example method shown above will uncover best niches to make money! You can also discover untouched niche markets in 2018 using this method.

Niche Research That Uncovers Untapped Niche Markets

In our niche research we target narrow untapped profitable niche markets like that. If you do not want to go through the hassle of researching a niche our PLR Niche Article packs are the best option to use. Another good thing about these packs is that they do not go all over, they focus on products that are closely related. If it is gas pressure washers, they will all be gas pressure washer reviews!

If you still want to do it on your own to learn this skill, another way to do it is do a Profitable Niches 2018 list according to Amazon, remember Amazon is the best place to start when doing niche research even if you are not an Amazon Associate. This will mean you might have to look at different categories for diversity.

To create this list, go to best sellers in any category, drill down and list the niches down. From this list you can now narrow it down to top 10 profitable niches. As you trim down this top 10 be on the lookout for any weird profitable niches because they also can be cash cows.

Example Of Weird Profitable Niches

An example of such a niche, log breakers. How often do you hear of log breakers, well it is not that weird but… When you have these 10, you can now choose which one to write on or schedule all of them as niches to do at later stage. Or if we have articles on anyone of them purchase them!

Another technique is, if you know trends you can also make an Untouched Niche Markets 2018 list. To give you a few a ideas with the introduction of Amazon Alexa, SmartThings, etc. for Smart Devices, cordless power tools, home security systems (e.g. video doorbell), etc you will be sure to find untouched niche markets in 2018.

Don’t be surprised to find a few PLR articles along those lines on our site. If you do, grab them running and you will be sure to make it in 2018. If you know how to make an affiliate website with WordPress it should be a breeze!

PLR articles are a way to speed up your affiliate marking earnings because they save you time. With affiliate marketing, as one of the best ways to make money from home, time is of the essence

Also note that our tight niche packs are not only good product review articles they come with bonuses that will make it easy for you to succeed in 2018. Each pack comes with complete research done for you. You get the articles and each article comes with URLs to the product being reviewed and keywords. You do not have to search for the product to learn more about it, you will have its URL there for you to just copy and paste on your browser.

Not only that, every purchase comes with at least a copy Best SEO Practices Part 1 eBook worth $47.00. This eBook is gold. It will tell you how to do internal SEO on your website and individual posts. When you follow it you might be surprised that you do not need to buy external backlinks or use services that sell PBN links as is a perceived norm. How much do backlinks cost? Or the PBN services? You will pay through the nose.

Often, when people consider starting an affiliate marketing business they shy away because they think affiliate marketing set up costs and other on-going costs involve buying links. They could not be more wrong! The way we do affiliate marketing, there is no need to buy backlinks. However, you can buy PLR articles if writing content is a challenge for you or want to move fast.



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