This is a basic niche product research with a bit of keyword research. It is the first and the basic start point of identifying top selling products at per category. These top selling products may be the bestsellers in that category, be new releases that are already experiencing significant sales, be products with a lot of reviews or be products scoring high in ratings, mainly 4/5 or better.

Our Manual Amazon Niche Product Finder Method

An example of how to find a niche for affiliate marketing using as your niche research tool click here! In that illustration you will see an in depth explanation of how to choose good niche markets.

We do not use any Amazon Niche product finder tool or software and you really do not need it especially when you are starting out – or ever!

Typically our niche research services process is manual, fast, accurate and almost all of the time it is able to pick profitable niches with low competition.

Indicators We Use When Picking Amazon Niche Products

As we follow that process we end up identifying profitable and highly sought after products that you can build an affiliate website around. We choose at least 10 products that fit the above criteria mentioned above, i.e.;

  • Bestsellers in the category
  • Best New Releases in the category
  • Products with significant positive reviews
  • Products scoring 4/5 or better (in some cases 3/5)

Why Do We Show And Expose Our Niche Research And Yet Sell Them

Each Niche Product Research Package has an in-depth method of how and which products were picked. Though it may be surprising why we expose the niches and not make them a mystery package, we do it for 2 reasons. The first is because our Amazon Niche Research Packets are meant to save you time but if you have time (an maybe no budget) you can follow our method to have your own products.

The second is for transparency purposes since we do not offer refunds on any of Our Services And Products. So we want you to know exactly what you are buying and that you are buying for the sole purpose of saving time.

After selection of the 10 or so promising products, we find at least 3 general keywords in the niche. As an example we will say choose best product X in 2018, then this keyword will be accompanied by at most 8 LSI keywords that you would normally find at the bottom of the SERPs page – also called searches related to the keyword. So you will have 3 sets of this kind of keywords.

How To Pick Niche Related Keywords

Let’s illustrate this with an example and continuing from the example at Example Of How To Choose A Great Niche where we were looking at Framing Nailers.

Step 1 – Choosing The First General Keyword

We start with entering the keyword “framing nailers” in Google Search and we look at other suggested words.
Finding niche related keyword
Say we choose “best framing nailers”

Step 2 – Looking for LSIs Chosen Keyword

After selecting best framing nailers” as the main keyword we look at the bottom of the page for related keywords.
Picking related keywords
From these related keywords we can pick all of them as supporting keywords to use when writing an article. We also choose a second keyword from this list of LSI keywords. The more fitting choice would be “framing nailer buying guide” though also arbitrary and repeat the same process.

So in the end you will have a niche research pack comprising 10x Products, 3 Main keywords with up to 8 related keywords. That is about 12 to 24 keywords and 10 products. We then include a brief write up of how you should use it in accordance with our Search Engine Optimization tips.

This pack is $7. However there could be an option to upgrade!

With some Niche Research Packets there is option to add an additional $10 as an upgrade to include a ready made wordpress template. This is an option to buy the pack with a ready made wordpress template for $17. This ready made wordpress template comes complete with carefully selected plugins, a good theme, and standard pages like Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Affiliate Disclaimer, etc. It is a great option if you do not have time to create an affiliate wordpress site from scratch.

So each niche research will be unique as to having an option for a pre-made wordpress template or not!



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