If you have been in the affiliate marketing sphere for a while and unfortunately have not been making any money, you would probably be sold to the idea that all good niches are taken. You have been told that the weight loss niche is a great market to go into only to find that competition is fierce. Talk less of the fitness niche… This can be so sad that you do not have anywhere to look!

Take heart and thank God you are here. I am going to share with you some untapped niche markets that will give you great niche ideas. A niche can be broad or narrow or even require a certain angle to approach it. This is what I am going to be talking about here. I will show you untapped niche markets in 2018 and also give you great niche ideas to approach each market.

Untouched Niche Markets 2018

Just so that we are on the same wavelength, think untouched to mean low competition, unpopular, no saturation as is with other niches.

If you are looking for niche market ideas in 2018 start with the below mainly for 2 reasons, one reason with a condition – the condition being, the second reason is valid if you are an Amazon affiliate. When you know how to build a successful affiliate website make successful Amazon affiliate websites by choosing niches that have a higher commission rate with a mix of low commission rates but with high traffic volumes.

The niches below attract a commission of 8% which is one of the highest commission rates, some niches will give you a 2% commission which is very low. For a commission this low you will need to be selling huge volumes of the products. This means you will need to be an expert in looking for low competition, high traffic keywords list and that can be hard.

Smart Technology

Smart technology and smart devices are relatively new in the market and the good thing is everybody wants to go smart. By everybody I mean people who would want to buy the smart gadgets.

You will find smart devices often controlled by voice using Alexa or other technologies out there and these are great to build an affiliate marketing website around them. So what is so great and so untouched about this niche? Here are some great niche ideas.

Think Smart Water Sprinklers

Smart Water sprinklers are the in thing right now even before 2018 for several reasons.
Great Niche IdeasThey are ripe to go after because everyone wants to save water. Not only save water, certain municipalities have water restrictions and a smart sprinkler controller makes it much easier to adhere to water restrictions in those areas.

Further some areas go to the extent of offering rebates on purchase of a smart water sprinkler device. Not only that, they are smart! You can use voice commands to control or operate it, you do not have to go out!

So if you want to win in this market look at smart devices, starting with Smart Water Sprinklers, some other products that incorporate the SMART technology are listed below.

Outdoor Power Equipment

ope nicheThis is the OPE niche. People want to go green and are do not want to use gas powered equipment where possible. Manufacturers saw a space here and took full advantage of it. You should follow suit. And here are some of the great niche ideas!

Cordless Outdoor Power Equipment like Chainsaws, Trimmers, Nail Guns, etc. You catch the drift…!

Home Security Systems

The home security market is wide open for the taking, there is diverse choice of products in this broad niche. And to let you in on another secret, it is also tied to the smart technology discussed above. People want to tune in to their smart phones to see what is happening in the yard. So a smart security device is a good niche market to go after.

Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances are like consumables, every kitchen must have them. But as a marketer you should look deeper than that… don’t only think pots, cookware, cutlery! Think Smart and new technologies…

Kitchen appliances like Smart Instant Pot, Smart Sous Vide, Slow Cookers, etc… these are kitchen appliances in case you are wondering what Sous Vide is… I know I was when I first saw it. Do you know how to find such weird profitable niches? Go to Amazon.com and play around the categories and go narrow in each category, you will come across things Sous Vide, slow cookers niche, etc…

There is also mention of new technologies… air fryer! That’s another niche I never knew existed until I played around Amazon Kitchen appliances category. You must agree these are some great niche ideas in truly untapped markets. Kitchen Appliances, air fryers in particular, should be on the top of your list of untouched niche markets in 2018 because new products and technologies emerge more often.

Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners have been there since long back and it may seem it does not qualify as an untapped niche market. But I disagree… Have a look at the robotic vacuum cleaner niche especially Smart ones i.e. the ones that are Wi-Fi enabled.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaners is great niche to go after more so that these items are not cheap. You can find units going for $800.00. And as an affiliate market we thank that in terms of commission. How much commission is that when you sell such a unit?!

Well we could go on and on in our search for untapped profitable niche markets. The above 5 should give you enough to go round especially that they are profitable niches with low competition, so you are bound to make some money. For the whole year you may not run out of great niche ideas within the same markets.

Affiliate Marketing Hurdles

However, I must add, as much as these are great niche ideas and profitable niches with low competition in 2018, there might be a few stumbling blocks especially when you are not yet a seasoned affiliate marketer. I am talking about setting up a review website, writing content and uploading it, getting traffic to your website and making sales.

These I know are some of the worst stumbling blocks an internet marketer can come across in their career. Further if you want to start fast you might have to spend more money than normal – read this article here, How Much Money Do You Need To Start Affiliate Marketing?

That being said, making money on the internet requires some elbow grease contrary to what some people say, the same is true with using the affiliate marketing model. So if you do not have the basics, there will be some learning curve. If you have the basics you will just need to rinse and repeat until setting up a review website, writing content and uploading it, getting traffic, etc. becomes second nature.



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